Living a peaceful and blissful life is everyone’s dream. When your spirit is at peace, then everything else seems to go smoothly and in prosperity.

Serene spirit leads you to life satisfaction, happiness, and comfort. It is also related to your productivity and professional success level, and no wonder that everyone is in a pursuit of spiritual calmness.

All of us encounter problems and issues which may lead us to a self-destructive state of mind. We can feel dissatisfied, depressed and unmotivated. A state which tells us there is no way out to happiness.

Seeking help is the big first step which opens the doors of various traditional and alternative approaches that could lead to the ultimate happiness and content.

From traditional psycho-therapies and counseling with licensed therapists or psychiatrists to religious contemplations and understanding the purpose of life from God, to some ultra alternative methods, such as Angel Therapy.

Before we move towards explanation of the Angel Therapy, let’s take a short look at the traditional methods.

Many different approaches to different mental states are described in books of traditional psychology and psychiatry. There are clearly defined conditions with meticulously described step by step instruction supported by specific behaviour guidelines, or in severe cases medicine (pills) on how to deal with issues that affect our daily life and make our reality seem miserable.

But, despite the psychological insight and the common sense approach, things often get tangled when the clients are halfway through the process, often making them feel trapped and hopeless!

Some of us consider themselves to be spiritual beings with strong religious beliefs. This relationship between spirituality and religion may have been rooted in us for a long period of time, inherited in early childhood, or it may have started to grow recently.

There are different religions in the world, but spirituality and the concept of faith and belief have various deeply-rooted traits. You can be a religious person, but not to believe truly in the Word of God, or you might not even visit a church but yet, to strongly believe in God’s existence.

Regardless of the type of a believer you are, healing therapies like The Angel Therapy can create a solid foundation upon which recovery can be built easily.

Some of us simply do not function well with traditional psychological approaches, so faith and belief can provide much greater success in coping with issues that make our life more relaxed.


Many people can distinguish between the body and the soul, but when it comes to the spirit, there’s often some grey area that poses lots of questions. Well, there’s a difference between the human soul and the human spirit, and you are about to find out what it is.

The easiest part to comprehend is the body. It is easy because it is physical, you can see it, touch it and you can take care of it. You have been learning everything about your outer and inner body since you were born.

Now, this is the tricky part. The distinction between the soul and the spirit. Some people don’t make the difference, others think they are the same.

Your soul consists of your mind, your will, and your emotions. It is in constant interaction with your brain and your body and together they act as a whole. The intellect, the common sense, the gut, that’s the soul.

On the other hand, the spirit is the part which confuses everybody. It is the part that controls the body and soul and belongs to the biggest depths of yourself which cannot be controlled, though they can be influenced.

It consists of your values, intuition, and conscience. This is the part that belongs to God and most believers are convinced that it is God’s sent helper to lead us through our life.

Others, on the other hand, believe that the intuition, or the spirit, is driven by supernatural powers, or angels, that invisibly steer us throughout our daily chores.


Angel Therapy is a method of spiritual healing by cooperating and talking to your guardian Angels and Archangels from the angel world that takes care of you. They are your personal guardian angels. Their role is to deliver messages which would later help you manage your life in an easier way.

Some people create excellent connections with the angels through hard work on their own. Others need help and a therapist who would show them how to make the connection with their Angels via an Angel deck of cards (something like a tarot) or other techniques we will talk about later. The connection is made not only with the Angels but with their deceased loved ones from the other side.

The founder of this therapy is Doreen Virtue. She has had these interesting experiences of talking to the Angels since she was a little girl, but because she was mocked and judged by the environment when she talked about them, she kept them inside as an intimate and personal experience. By doing so, she repressed these experiences deep inside until they found a way to become stronger and couldn’t be ignored anymore.

She had a normal life as a psychologist in the 80s. She gained a BA and an MA in counseling psychology. She also led different kinds of counseling programs. By all means, she practiced traditional psychology and never revealed what was happening deep inside of her.

Simultaneously, she had had these clairvoyant experiences and connections to Angels. At times, as she later admitted, they would appear to her in the middle of the patients’ sessions and help her to find a way to deal with some patients’ problems.

Things have changed when she had a bad experience of someone trying to steal her car. She heard some voices in her head that warned her that her car would be stolen. The same voices told her to scream later. When this happened, it turned out later that it saved her life.

That incident made her believe unconditionally in what she had been concealing since she was a little girl and decided to reevaluate her life and values. Doubt was no more an issue. Her psychic abilities became stronger and by mixing them with the knowledge she acquired as a traditional psychological counselor, she created the Angel Therapy.


Angel Therapy is counseling per se. It is an amalgamate between traditional techniques of psychological counseling and communication with the heavenly Angels.

The ability of the people to believe in this unity is what makes this therapy special and thus successful for those who practice it.

Angel Therapy tells us the way to get in touch with our Guardian Angels and the close deceased people of ours. Angels are God’s messengers that help us heal and give us guidance on how to go through difficult times.

They love us unconditionally and give us support and help only if we ask for it. They patiently wait for the moment to be called and be given permission to help.

What everybody’s concerns are, are related to how to get in touch and how to make the connection with their guardian Angels. And this is where Angel Therapy with its therapist facilitates people to communicate with the Angels in their everyday life.

Therapists bring us to a deeper comprehension of the feeling of security and stability brought to us by Angels. The therapy helps us rediscover our life purpose and helps us clear ourselves from the negative energy around us. It raises our consciousness and fuels us with positive energy.


Angel Therapy usually begins with a prayer calling the Angel.

After that, we try to synchronize our energy with theirs so that we can hear their answers to our questions and problems.

What we know as intuition or the gut feeling, is actually the connection we create with our guardian Angels. These are the channels that they use to send us the message or better say the answers to what we have asked to be solved.

But there are other methods and techniques to connect with the Angels as well and not only through Angel therapies. We can also connect through Angel readings, Angel cards and Angel therapy courses.

The main aim of our guardian Angels is to give us a warning sign about dangerous situations or events not to fall in a trap.

To give us motivation or an inspiration to make the right choice if we find ourselves in a frustrating situation. Angels encourage us to make the right decisions and elevate our self-confidence.

“The angels always have our best interests at heart and they encourage us to make the right decisions.” Doreen Virtue.

They never get envious or vain and are always patient. They are here to protect us. Our guardian Angels give us the warnings and the chance to choose, but we also have the free will to do what we think we should and besides these signs, unfortunately, we can still choose the wrong path for us and make a mistake.

However, our Angels will never leave us and will be ready to help us any time again.


Knowing Archangels and their responsibilities or domains give us a better chance to call upon the right guardian Angel for the right problem.

The therapy begins with a prayer which starts as usual with “Please…” and ends with “Thank you for helping me…”. The moment we do this, we give them the consent to enter our life and lead us to wherever it is needed.

Let’s look at the different Archangels:

  • Archangel Michael – is the one who stands the highest with a sword in his hand. He is ready to cut off all our relationships and situations filled in with negative energy. If you are looking for strength and protection, call Archangel Michael. He will give you the courage to go further on.
  • Archangel Gabriel – is responsible to foster us to pursue our artistic and creative urges. He helps us fight against procrastination and accept criticism. If you want to use your creative skills to solve problems, call upon Archangel Gabriel.
  • Archangel Raphael – stimulates us to heal ourselves of physical, psychological, or emotional distress. He can help in healing different kinds of relationships as well.
  • Archangel Chamuel – helps in creating harmonious relationships with people. He helps us to love ourselves and show love to other people.
  • Archangel Zadkiel – gives us the skill of memorizing facts and numbers. He is also devoted to healing bad memories and teaching us how to forgive others.
  • Archangel Uriel – helps us find the peace of our soul. He teaches us how to connect human awareness and spirit around the universe. If you are looking for a clear idea and thought call upon Archangel Uriel.
  • Archangel Jophiel – is the beautiful Angel who helps us see the world and us beautifully. He gives us creativity and devotion to search beauty everywhere and find it as a part of everything.

Angel Cards 

Angel cards and their readings are there for us to give us the needed guidance in connection to the Angels we demand. They have become quite popular lately because they can give us a direct connection with the Angels and clear instruction on how to deal with our problems. They are very similar to Tarot cards.

The readings are also very similar to the Tarot cards in the way how to operate with them. You spread them on a surface and look for an answer to a certain problem or topic. You might also aim for general reading about the present or the future.

Don’t worry, Angels and Archangels are going to help you and give you advice about the problem that bothers you. They will give you the right and most appropriate answer to follow.

The most popular subjects that people are interested in are as usual:

  • Love and love relationships. We want to know if our relationship is going through a rough time and how it is going to end. Maybe some of us want to know something about their future love. When, where and who?
  • Family relationships. The most complicated relationships in which we are never sure if we do the right thing especially if we are distressed about some issues are family relationships. Angels have the answers for us.
  • Career and professional development. We sometimes put a lot of time and effort into our work and we really want to know if this is the right thing to do and if it goes in the right direction. Angel cards can help a lot.
  • Welfare and health. We live in a complicated world. Everybody is obsessed with their physical and mental health and most of us can take good care of ourselves. But, sometimes people get ill and look for remedies, and don’t know where because traditional medicine is sometimes helpless.

The Archangels have mighty strengths in them which can be empowered to you”. – D. Virtue.

The Angel cards are easy to read. They carry the name of the Archangels with Archangel Michael on top of them as a leader. We have already talked about their significance and their role in people’s lives so there is no need to talk about that again in detail.

I would like to mention an example with Archangel Michael who is responsible for cutting off the negative relationships with other people. If this card appears in the reading it means that he is standing behind us and giving us the strength to free ourselves from this negative influence from bad relationships. The rest is the same for each Archangel separately.

However, the Angel card deck consists of other things as well, not just Angels. There are cards that represent Strength, Romance, Support, Forgiveness, and many more. They also give a direct message that in combination with the other cards can send the right message.


Angel Therapy courses can be organized by different groups of people who support Angel therapy. They follow the basic principles of the therapy and they believe in the Angels as God’s messengers.

They are usually psychic courses which instruct people on how to connect with their guardian Angels. It is worked upon different techniques that teach people how to feel and see their angles, how to cooperate and work with them, how to recognize them, call out their names for the relevant problem they have and ask for help.

If you think this is the way you can help yourself in everyday issues, you should try really hard, first to believe in what you are doing, and second try out different methods in learning how to communicate with the Angles.

A course like this may change your life forever. It may lead you to a new spiritual state which can bring you nothing but happiness.

Techniques like Angel numbers or automatic writing bring you to direct contact with the Archangels. Spirit guides, nature guides, or animal guides are other types of connection to the Angel world that will assist you on the way to the process of connection.

Spirit guides are the favorite ones because they may be the spirits of your loved ones who passed away, now volunteering to help you and guide you. Unlike the Angels who have never lived on the earth, spirit guides are people who have already been here and lived the life of a mortal.

There are various types of meditations in use as well. Lots of creative projects and exercises that develop your connection skills and increases the possibility of understanding your Angels are in connection to the meditations. Simply said, through these kinds of courses you will elevate your spirit to a much higher level of consciousness.


Angel Therapy is a part of the so-called New Age movement. It is a term that gathers movements that rely on religious and spiritual beliefs. They are eclectic by nature and differ among themselves in the amount of spirituality or religious elements involved in it.

The movements were especially active in the seventies and their rapid spreading was the strongest at the time. They are typical for Western Civilisations like Europe and especially the USA.

In the scholar world, they are referred to as the New Age Movement and are considered to be per se religious.

However, people involved in these practices don’t like to call themselves religious or New Age followers, but rather a spiritual way to help themselves.

It is interesting to note that Doreen Virtue, the founder of the Angel Therapy, considers herself to have been in deception all those years while following the New Age Movement. She says she was raised in heresy and after 58 years of deception she realized she was a sinner and needed a savior. Finally, she found Jesus as her Lord and Saviour and departed from the New Age.

Knowing all these facts, advantages, and disadvantages, the conclusion is that if you want to practice Angel Therapy then you have to be, or at least, consider yourself as a spiritual person.

You have to be open to the idea that there are existing Angels who would connect with you and help you with your problems. Religion is not taken for granted here. You have to be ready to go deeper into the world that, for Christians, would mean not understanding John 3:16.

However, some people don’t think about Angel Therapy rationally. They get acquainted with it and start feeling it. Just like Doreen Virtue said, they simply get a message that couldn’t have been ignored anymore. They feel selected and special. They suddenly get aware of the connection and instantly build a channel through which the connection can never be lost again.

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