Every beginning is difficult, especially when you’re a young person who wants to start his/her own business. It is challenging, difficult, time and money consuming and you’ll probably ask yourself if it’s even worth it.

The biggest companies in the world started as small start-ups and thanks to the continuous work and dedication, they have developed their businesses and built strong and solid companies.

However, they did make mistakes along the way, and they probably still do.

It’s important to know that even though you will surely make mistakes, learning from those mistakes will make your business grow stronger and you’ll see the results very quickly.

While some of the mistakes are expected, and you can fix them, some of them can be a disaster for your business.

In this blog, we are going to talk about the most serious mistakes that could cost you your business and what you should do to avoid that scenario.


1. Not Having a Clear Vision

A lot of people are interested in being entrepreneurs only for the money, and they don’t actually care about their brand and their mission.

They don’t have the desire to make a difference, and the customers can feel that.

That’s why those businesses are most likely to fail pretty quickly.

If you start with a vague idea and you’re planning to “wing it” along the way, your business will fail.

While trusting your gut should be a part of your journey, you should have everything planned before even starting.

Of course, it’s normal to change some plans and adapt as your business grows, following the market and the experience of the customers, but even then you need to know exactly what you want/need to change and most importantly why you want to do it.

What to do instead:

Before starting and investing your money, you should have a clear idea of the purpose of your business.

The first thing you should think about is doing market research and figuring out if the idea you have is needed on the market.

As you can see, you need to know for which age, gender, occupation, and similar, you want your product/service to be for in order to adjust it to that criteria.

In the sea of competitors, you need to make clear what makes your business different from the rest and why the customers should trust you.

When you have everything figured out, it will be much easier to organize and start your business because you will know what to do exactly, in order to reach your goals.

2. Lack of Organization

In the beginning, it can be really difficult to get all of the things done.

New entrepreneurs face a lot of paperwork and things that need to be arranged before starting and then even more tasks once your business needs to start developing.

A lot of entrepreneurs think that the organization is useless because you can’t plan everything ahead, or they simply don’t care enough and find schedules and lists as a waste of time.

This can be a huge mistake, especially in the beginning.

What to do instead:

You will have a lot of things happening at the same time, and all of them will be important and urgent to solve.

That’s why making a “to do” list and prioritizing your tasks will be of great help.

Firstly because your mind will find it easier to focus and secondly because you’ll subconsciously feel more confident as soon as you see the list getting shorter.

3. Lack of Motivation

This usually happens when new entrepreneurs see how much things they have to get done and how much it costs starting the business, so once they start and put the product/service out there, they don’t get the feedback and income they had expected.

When this happens, a majority of them give up on their business and therefore, all of the money they invested never comes back to them. Lack of motivation causes lack of patience and what could’ve become a great business, gets closed and forgotten.

What to do instead:

You need to know that everything, including new business, needs time to grow.

Of course, we can see some examples of businesses exploding right away because they got lucky, but it’s usually not the case.

What you should do is work hard on your goal, always keep in mind why you’re doing it, and stay motivated.

New entrepreneurs are usually young and full of energy and new ideas.

Even though you may not have the experience, your ideas are new, and if you work hard and smart, your business will grow. Know your values and your story and most importantly, have patience.

4. Thinking that Marketing Isn’t Important

Almost every new entrepreneur wants to save as much money as possible because they usually don’t have a lot to work with anyway.

That’s when a lot of people starts cutting down from some aspects in order to invest that money into something they think it’s more important.

What usually suffers is marketing.

The majority thinks that the product/service will speak for itself and that they don’t need to be present online and market themselves to other people.

This is one of the biggest mistakes that can cause your business to fail.

What to do instead:

Even though the quality of the product is the most important thing that quality won’t be able to sell it without marketing. Even though your funds may be limited, you need to make sure that you have a website that can inform customers about the products you offer.

The best way to market your business nowadays is social media.

With the right amount of marketing, people will become curious and want to try out the product.

Now there comes the importance of quality that will make your customers satisfied and then they will recommend your product to their friends by sharing your online presence with them.

That’s how your business will gain customers and grow.

5. Not Listening to Other People’s Advice

Some people find it difficult to ask others for advice, even when it’s really important for their new business.

This can be dangerous because some things need experience in order to be done well (for example contracts and other legalities).

Some of the new entrepreneurs are too proud to ask for help, while some of them simply want to save money and don’t want to hire an advisor.

This creates bigger problems in the long run, and that’s why those businesses fail.

What to do instead:

It’s important to have in mind that good advice from experienced people can only help your business grow.

Keep in mind to also trust your gut and do your own thing, but you should never dismiss good advice that comes from people that have already built successful businesses.

The ideal solution would be to choose an advisor for a specific thing in your business.

This seems to be the most effective solution since the advisors have already perfected their area of expertise, and they can focus their talent on that.

6. Hiring Even When There’s No Need to Do It

A lot of entrepreneurs somehow feel the pressure of hiring as soon as they start with their business.

Very often they don’t even have the role for their new employees, so in the end, the entrepreneurs only lose money on positions they don’t need at that moment.

This can create a mess in business plans and bad organization since there is no actual need for them.

That’s why businesses lose money and eventually fail.

What to do instead:

It’s important to know when and if you should hire people.

If you find a hard-working person that fits your business idea and that you can rely on while growing your business, you should definitely hire him/her, and find the use for their skills.

You should also hire someone when you feel under pressure, and there’s too much job that needs to be done, and you don’t have all of the skills for it.

If your funds are limited, you can consider hiring subcontractors for a specific job that can be done quickly or hiring part-time employees that will be able to do some work for you from time to time.

7. Hiring Wrong People

Even if the entrepreneurs hire at the right moment, they often make mistakes when choosing their employees.

This happens because they don’t do research on the positions they need to fill and, therefore, they don’t really know which skills the employees should have.

Also, new entrepreneurs are usually very subjective and end up choosing the people they like and not the people they actually need for their business.

Of course, it’s important to choose employees that you’ll get along with, but they also need to have the right skills for a certain position.

What to do instead:

Before starting your search for the employees, make sure you know for which jobs you need them.

Make a plan and decide which jobs you aren’t able to do alone and hire some help.

Do research on those positions, learn which skills the right employee should have and hire the right people in order to help your business grow.

If your employees are skilled enough for the required position, and if they are hard-working professionals who care about the business as much as you do, you will notice a great change and great results on a daily basis.

8. Lack of Focus

Some entrepreneurs get too scared and start overthinking and worrying about potential failure.

That’s why they start thinking about multiple business ideas that don’t follow the original plan.

This can also happen if the income, in the beginning, was less than expected.

So, instead of focusing on the original plan and one business idea, they start bouncing around different ones and lose their energy, money and time on that.

Since they’re not focused on the right thing, the business eventually fails.

What to do instead:

Since it’s impossible to focus on million things at once, you shouldn’t change your idea and goals on a daily basis and try to start multiple different businesses just in case some of them fail.

Failing is scary, of course, but instead of wasting energy and thinking about other things, determine priorities and focus on them.

It’s not the quantity that matters, but quality, so instead of starting 20 businesses at the same time, concentrate on one and invest time, money and energy to make it successful.

Learn how to say no to the things that aren’t important for your original path and idea, and remember that you can’t please everyone.

9. Being Too Slow and Missing the Moment

One of the deadliest mistakes that cost new entrepreneurs their business is the desire to be perfect.

They spend too much time perfecting their product/service that they miss the right moment to put it on the market.

What happens, in this case, is that someone else comes up with the similar idea and presents it before them, or the market changes and the idea that could have been successful at that time becomes irrelevant.

What to do instead:

Although it’s scary to start your business and put your product out there, this is inevitable if you want your business to succeed.

Of course, your product/service should be good and done well, but it can never be perfect, you’ll always think that something is missing.

Once your product is done as you originally had planned, it’s time to allow your customers to try it out.

Only with their feedback, you’ll be able to see what’s missing and if it’s actually missing.

Don’t be too harsh on yourself and let the costumers’ feedback help you improve and grow.

10. Stop Learning

As you’d imagine, having a business means that you need to learn and grow continuously.

What some of the entrepreneurs do is that they become more than happy with the success that they think that it’s no longer necessary to do research and adjust their business to the market.

Since the market changes all of the time, and the businesses develop and grow, this mistake is a disaster for every business that stays in the comfort zone and avoids growing more.

Those entrepreneurs stop learning how to continue growing their business and, therefore, they are destined to fail.

What to do instead:

If you want your business to be successful, you need to admit to yourself that you don’t know everything and that there’s so much more to be learned.

You shouldn’t stop learning and acquiring new knowledge every day in order to keep your business alive.

It’s inevitable that the market, the economy and the customers will change, that’s the part of every company’s growth so if you want your business to develop, you must grow your knowledge first and adjust your business path along the way in order to maintain the success.

11. Spending Too Little or Too Much

We all know that money is the biggest problem when starting your own business.

Almost no one has a lot of money to invest. What usually happens is that new entrepreneurs are afraid of losing too much cash, so they cut down their expenses, and they try to do everything by themselves in order to avoid paying for something.

This is risky because, in this way, the job isn’t done properly, and the business suffers, actually losing more money in the long run because those mistakes need to be fixed.

On the other hand, there are entrepreneurs that spend too much money on unnecessary things such as luxurious offices, expensive business trips and high-tech technology they usually don’t need.

This causes the money to disappear very quickly, and the business fails without the funds for important things.

What to do instead:

Another part of the business where it’s very important to determine the priorities and write down on a piece of paper your financial plan for every aspect of the business. What’s your budget? How are you going to provide more investments? Are certain things really necessary for your idea?

Think about these and other important questions and try to organize your budget in order to spend the right amount of money on every aspect of your business.

12. Not Caring About the Customers

Some of the new entrepreneurs are there just for the money, and it shows. They usually built a business a bit, and then sell it for a low price just to have a quick buck in their pockets.

Those people don’t really care about the business and the customers and, therefore, the customers can feel a lack of care towards them.

Not listening to the customers’ feedback is deadly for any business because those customers are the source of your future income and, in the end, they are the ones for whom you should be improving your product/service if you don’t want your business to fail in the future.

What to do instead:

Listening to your customers is really important because even if you may think that your product is great if the customers don’t like it, your business will fail because no one will buy the product.

Listen to their feedback and try to adjust the product according to that, and they will see that you care which will help them decide to buy the product.

Also, if your product is already successful, don’t forget to maintain communication with your customers and always think about potential changes on the product as the market and the customers’ taste and needs are changing.

13. Forgetting Your Private Life

Running a successful business is time-consuming, we all know that.

Some entrepreneurs fall into the trap and spend many hours during the day in their offices working non-stop, which makes them more nervous and grumpy.

Since they don’t really make breaks and always think about the work, their creativity suffers due to tiredness, which leads to a lot of non-productive hours behind the desk.

They usually burn out very quickly and give up the business.

What to do instead:

Even though you need to dedicate your time if you want your plan to succeed, it’s very important to have a balanced life.

Being behind the desk, and thinking about your work 24/7 isn’t healthy or productive since you don’t have the right perspective.

Make a schedule, make some time for your friends and family, take care of your mind and mental health because, only in this way, you will be able to be productive and work smarter, not to mention that you’ll be more creative.

Your brain, as well as nerves, need some break, and the people around you need your attention.

As soon as you and the people around you are happy, your business will grow more quickly, and your ideas will be better.


In the end, even though starting a business may seem impossible to the majority of people, and you are probably afraid to start building something on your own, it’s important to know that it’s okay to fail as long as you learn how to rise and try again.

Until you learn from the mistakes, your business won’t grow properly, and your ideas won’t come to life.

If you fail, gather your thoughts, analyze what went wrong, what could have been done differently and then start from the beginning, changing all of the things that caused the failure.

It’s important to remember that new entrepreneurs never stop learning and growing with their business while always listening to the customers’ feedback.

If you’re passionate about your idea and you care about your customers, the customers will feel that, and you’ll earn their trust.

For a strong and successful business you need strong and successful people you can trust because they can help you with their advice and support, so don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it and you can be sure that with the right organization, right people and clear idea, your business will grow more and more every day.

Top Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Make and What to Do Instead

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