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Human resources management forms a core component of every business and has become a fast-moving field with loads of details to manage.

This strategic approach was designed to effectively manage people in a company or organization and plays an important role in maximizing employee performance.

These professionals are at the front line of recruiting, screening, interviewing and hiring workers. Their main objective is to create a competitive advantage for the business.

HR will also be in charge of employee retention, making sure that the company holds onto the talented employees they hire. Having to recruit and train new employees is an expensive process, that can easily be avoided by keeping the suitable candidates found.

As a Human Resources Manager, your primary concern is the management of people within organizations, with a focus on the business’s policies and systems. You will also be in charge of overseeing the design of employee-benefits, training and development, performance appraisal, and reward management.

As you can see, the role of an HR Manager is crucial to the business operations and is a discipline that requires a particular skillset. These days, you can learn the skills needed to become an HR Manager from the comfort of your own home.

There are thousands of incredible online learning platforms for you to gain this knowledge. We have put together some of the top online courses for you to start learning about human resources management.


This impressive Human Resources Bundle offered by E-courses 4 you, is made up of 14 detailed courses to ensure that you get the most comprehensive HR learning experience possible.

HR’s assist in managing the performance of a business in many ways. Managing performance is only one of the major roles that HR assist in a business setting.

Other responsibilities and skills you will learn through this course include providing guidance with employment legislation, managing staff fairly, helping to avoid employment tribunals, employee management, training employees, and so many more exciting topics.

The course comes with full lifetime access, with access anywhere, any time! Your training is guaranteed to be as fast and effective as possible, and all content was written and designed by leading industry experts.

Throughout the course, you will be able to track your progress with E-courses 4 you’s very own Learning Management System with unlimited support from their competent and friendly staff. And of course, you will be able to learn at your own pace and leisure.


Join this incredible HR Fundamentals course on Udemy today to learn Human Resource Management as the key to developing any business or organization.

This course will not only teach you the core HR roles and responsibilities but will also cover how to develop a general understanding of the Human Resources function, and how to apply key HR concepts and principles in the workplace.

You will gain deep insights into the HR profession and each topic covered serves as a building block in order for you to gain a holistic understanding of Human Resources Management. The course has been carefully constructed to help you develop your knowledge, using all previous lessons as a foundation for the next one.

So, whether you are new to Human Resources or are interested in learning about the function or need to establish a more robust HR department, then this is the perfect course to give you the overview necessary to meet this goal.

What the reviews are saying:

“This course was very informative. I learned so much about human resources, its changes over the years with titles and the way it has evolved into multiple functions. The course has quite a bit information and I feel it can actually be done in two courses. I will probably review again, even though I took notes. The instructor was excellent and explained everything by giving definitions and short summaries on the topics. Thank you.” – Vivien Jackson

“I was always interested in Human Resources but was always to take a step towards having a career in it because I thought it did not have much of a scope. This course cleared me of that misconception. I can now clearly see the multiple applications of HR principles in everyday workspace. Thank you.” – Rajeshwari Muddala


John Academy recognizes that HR departments form the backbone of all organizations and are offering you the opportunity to gain these incredible skills through their Human Resources Management Diploma course.

Throughout this course, you will gain the skills that are utilized by experienced HR managers. You will learn how to deal with employee relation issues such as team performance evaluation, selection, recruitment including issues that arise after the hiring and how to deal with them. You will also know about the implications the daily responsibilities of people in the HR department.

This is the perfect course for anyone interested in knowing about human resources management, as well as for Human Resources Management officers who want to learn more about their department.


This Human Resources Professional course was designed and created to help prepare you for a career in human resources.

Over the duration of this 6 month long course, you will explore the foundational aspects of HR, including human resource laws, hiring disciplines, and labor relations. You will also learn industry-recognized practices that align with the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI) and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

By the end of this course, you will be adequately equipped to start your career in this ever growing field. You will also be prepared enough to sit the HRCI’s Professional in Human Resources (PHR) certification exam. This PHR certification recognizes that an individual holds the knowledge and experience needed to excel in human resource management.

Your instructor is Anna Smith, who has worked in the field of human resources for over 30 years and has taught at a university level for over 20 years. You will be gaining first-hand knowledge from an experienced professional in her field.


Lorman is an online learning platform that has been in the industry for over 33 years and has over 1.4 million customers worth of experience providing continuing education. They have a passion for providing world-class training in order to help you succeed in business as a professional. This Human Resources course is no exception.

The course runs for 94 minutes and will teach you how to implement the correct HR policies and training programs in order to help you steer clear of litigation. This is an excellent tool for the HR practitioner, or for companies that are considering formalizing their HR function.

The material covered explores the purpose and role of the Human Resources department, from strategic partner to achieving business objectives through talent strategies, to building and maintaining HR structure for the organization, as well as providing HR support and review for employment actions.

You will also gain insights into policies and records that are helpful in minimizing the risks from employment-related claims and lawsuits, and how these policies should be communicated with employees and reinforced through training.


Macquarie University and Coursera are offering you the opportunity to get yourself ready for the future of work in leading people and organizations to adapt, compete and succeed in a complex, global environment.

This specialization was designed and created to adequately prepare you to become an adaptable leader, ready to face the challenges of the disrupted workplace. It will equip you with the skills to lead and navigate the ever-changing global environment that we now find ourselves in.

The course covers 4 themed courses over which you will learn how to motivate staff with meaningful work (Become a Meaning Maker), better enable your organization to deliver on its strategic objectives (Know Your Organization), harness your team’s diversity and use teamwork to innovate and increase your organization’s output (Know Your People), and strengthen your personal leadership skills (Adapt Your Leadership Style).

You will also have the opportunity to put your new found skills and knowledge to the test by participating in an applied learning project after each module. So, don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity and enroll today!

What the reviews are saying:

“These courses from leading institutions all over the world, are only accessible to me through Coursera. I learn something new and fascinating every day.” – Dariya K.

“Coursera gives me the flexibility to take courses on my own time.” – Chelsea R.


This highly rated Professional Human Resources Diploma from John Academy is aimed at anyone who is a part of, or is planning to become a part of a company’s Human Resources department.

Human Resources Management form an important part of each business and are responsible for staffing/hiring, employee compensation, and benefits. This course will teach you the functions of human resources management to assess if you are ready to be a part of it.

You will gain the necessary skills, knowledge, and information about Human Resources Management, as well as learning about the implications of a different aspect of Human Resources with the daily responsibilities of people in this department.

This course is open to all learners over the age of 16 years, and requires one to have a good understanding of English, numeracy, and some ICT skills. Be sure to check out this awesome course by following the link below.


Looking to gain an introduction to the role and duties of Human Resources? Then look no further!

This Administrative Human Resources for Beginners course is one of Udemy’s bestselling courses with over 8,000 students already enrolled. The course was designed and created by Illumeo Learning and Catherine Mattice, the President of a consulting and training firm, who has been successfully providing programs in building positive workplaces since 2007.

Throughout this course, you will explore the role of human resources from administrative and compliance to strategy and business growth. You will also discover the process of recruiting great talent, from job analysis to writing interview questions and job postings, learn where to begin with an HR audit, and discover performance management process with more impact.

This is the perfect course for anyone interested in Human Resources, or anyone interested in Management or related fields.

What the reviews are saying:

“This was really a good course to attend. The videos and audios were clear and audible. In my opinion there should have been topics that will serve and help individuals who are going to start their career in HR field.” – Gokul krishna G.K.

“Firstly I want to thank that lady trainer who was conducting this course webinar.

I really loved the way webinar was conducted, learnt new things which wasn’t expecting, new strategies to be adopted,

It’s been great learning over here surely I can utilize this learning in future .thank you so much for providing such platform.” – Vishal k dube


This specialization was designed by The University of Minnesota and Coursera to provide you with a robust introduction to the key principles, policies, and practices of human resource management, with a strong focus on understanding managerial choices and constraints. You will gain deeper insights into acquiring onboard talent, managing employee performances, and rewarding employees.

The capstone project provides learners with the opportunity to apply these key principles and practice to real-world workplace scenarios. You will need to identify the key human resources challenges for a workplace – including some of the most pressing motivational, selection, performance evaluation, and reward issues. For each of these areas, you will devise a multi-step action plan for addressing challenges identified.

This is an excellent course that integrates the practical and theoretical aspects of human resources for you to be able to apply in real-world scenarios. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity and enroll today!

What the reviews are saying:

“I have just finished the specialization and I am waiting for my grade for the Capstone Project. I would like to thank you for the valuable knowledge you offer. It was a fascinating journey!!” – EM

“Awesome overview of the HR practices! I’d recommend for HR employees as well as for anyone who leads others. The course was well organized and the instructors were great, too!” – LL

Top 9 Human Resource Management Courses for Recruiters and HR Professionals