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Think of every software you use, the apps for your ride home, the spreadsheet for your finances, or the business tools you use to plot your graphs. They’re all built with code. Much of what’s valuable in the world today are lines of code.

And this gets truer by the day. The more the world turns to data, and the closer we get to a fully digitized society, codes will power just about everything – our devices, autonomous vehicles, the electricity to our homes. Our lives and our businesses.

That’s why careers in programming are in such high demand. Programmers make anywhere from $41,000 to $99,000 per annum in the US. There’s just so much to build to make tomorrow a reality.

And when we talk about coding and programming, nothing comes quite close to the scalable and straightforward language that is Python. Many of today’s applications are built on Python. It’s used in a wide variety of fields including web development, game development, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Entry-level Python developers make $74,000 per annum. It’s a highly-sought after skill set and if you’re reading this, you probably already knew that.

Whether you’re a basement coder, or a complete beginner seeking a career change, learning Python would give you an edge, opening up new possibilities for you to be considered for jobs in web and software development, data science, and artificial intelligence – among others.

Python is also one of the easier programming languages to master. Its syntax is simple and logical, which makes it easier to learn, and easier for others to understand your lines of code. And when in doubt, you’ll have access to its massive community for support.

If you’re keen on taking on the challenge, we’ve put together a list of our favourite Python courses on the internet.

Some of these are perfect for complete beginners, and others will focus on its use in artificial intelligence and data analysis.

We’re hoping it’ll give you an idea of what’s available out there and at different price points to help you level-up in Python.

So, without further ado, here’s our list of eight courses in Python to build data products:


If you’re commencing your Python journey from square one, the Python Programming MADE EASY course on Udemy might be perfect for you.

This highly-rated course by expert programmer Cher Hin Chong is designed to help beginners master the essential concepts of Python programming.

It’s suitable for complete beginners or those who want to refresh their knowledge in Python, as the hands-on course will feature step-by-step direction to code in Python, with extensive commentary on the syntax and idea behind each line of code. Learn key concepts such as string manipulation & typecasting, data structures, operators, conditionals and loops.

Python Programming MADE EASY costs $18.99, with over 2 hours of on-demand video.

What the reviews are saying:

“It is a excellent course for laying out the basics of Python. It is like having a reference book beside you to support early coding ventures. You can quickly refresh your memory to help you build for further learning. Ideal first course for learning. Well Done.” – Steve Turner

“I am a Java developer. I found that this course has inspired me to want to learn Python despite myself being a Java fan. I would say that the uniqueness in its way of presentation is simply amazing.” – Kevin Crawford


Another great course for beginners is QuickStart’s introductory Python programming class.

This 2-day course is designed to teach you the basics of programming in Python, including performing and declaring tasks on simple data types, building basic applications, managing and organizing directories, and composing loops and conditions.

The course’s big selling point is its ideal setting, which is not far from an actual classroom.

QuickStart’s renowned virtual classrooms feature live instructors that will guide you through course materials, review your assignments, and answer questions in real-time – ensuring better recall and familiarization with the concepts explored in the course.

Quickstart’s Python Programming: Introduction costs $1,525 per virtual seat, with a course certificate awarded to you upon completion.


For a more affordable Python programming course, check out UK-based John Academy’s Complete Python 3 Course. The diploma-level course features three modules designed to take you from beginner to advanced levels of coding.

The beginner modules will teach you basic programming concepts such as data types & inference, constant L & R values, pointers & array indexing, and control statements. The intermediate modules explore concepts like variables, basic Python syntax, strings, tuples, and object initialization.

The final modules will take you into advanced Python territory, where you’ll learn how to use regex, introspection & lambda functions, how to work with APIs, and implement algorithms.

The Complete Python 3 Course is certified by the UK’s learning and training accreditation body, CPD Qualifications Standards and costs £12, with an additional required £39 for a hardcopy certificate and £24 for a PDF certificate.


Another excellent course from Udemy comes in the form of the Zero to Mastery program designed by former software developer, Andrei Neagoie.

This course aims to give you sufficient knowledge and hands-on experiences to be a Python developer, including 12 real-world projects to boost your programming portfolio.

Learn all things Python like object-oriented & functional programming, error handling, regex, scripting, automation and even machine learning and data science.

As the name of the course would suggest, it’s suitable for complete beginners who are starting from ground zero, with a comprehensive introduction of key Python theories and concepts before diving into the more practical aspects of the lessons.

Lifetime access for the course costs the standard Udemy fee of $18.99, featuring 30-hours of on-demand video, 48 articles and 20 downloadable resources to maximize learning retention.

What the reviews are saying:

“To be extremely honest, this is the best Python course one could find online. Thanks to Andrei Neagoie, he’s a phenomenal instructor and his way of teaching is amazing. I highly recommend this course to anyone, no matter whether they’re starting as a developer or have some prior knowledge of Python. This course covers every topic in an understandable way and includes a lot of additional features. This course helped me a lot……!!!!!” – Gautam

“This is the best Python course on Udemy for a beginner, hands down. I’ve taken several Python courses, and they do go into depth and provide you with exercises, but here he tackles most Python career branches and helps you build a project for each branch. The prof provides easy-to-understand reasoning behind every topic, so you not only learn how to do something, but why you do it. He also explains what happens behind the scenes, what do machines do. If you are new to Python, this is the course to take. And then you can select the branch you like the most and take a specialized course on that section.” – Evgueni Vassiliev


The comprehensive Python Programming Bundle on e-courses4you features over 80 hours of course video content, covering programming fundamentals and the more complex concepts to suit students of every level.

Among the myriad of courses included in the bundle, you’ll learn about object-oriented programming fundamentals, web programming with Python, advanced scalable web dev with Flask, using Django from scratch, and running machine learning with Python.

Taught by industry experts, the e-courses4you bundle costs £1,249 and will give you unlimited access to course materials for 12-months.


If you’re further along in your Python and programming training, you can take your skillset to the next level with Udacity’s AI Programming with Python.

Taught by industry heavyweights, the course will cover the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence such as its tools, the mathematical concepts behind programming, and how to use neural networks.

You’ll get acquainted with programming tools like Jupyter Notebooks, NumPy, and Anaconda. You’ll also learn how to use linear algebra and calculus to train neural networks.

As mentioned, this course isn’t one for beginners – you’d actually need some basic knowledge in algebra and any programming language for it to be worth your time.

The one advantage of this course is the access you’ll get with Udacity’s technical mentorship and personal career coaching & career services to really maximize your learning potential and credentials.

Access to AI Programming with Python costs $1,017 for 3-months, or $399 monthly.

What the reviews are saying:

“Great program. It’s clear, meaningful and cuts out a lot of noise when compared to other training programs. Also, I’m studying at one of the most elite tech universities in the world, and I can say that these modules are a far better source of knowledge (better structures, better content and far more practical in terms of delivery methods). The only thing I’d recommend is to have the option to be able to download a digital PDF of all the content for future references. I’m very grateful for Udacity and it’s brilliant Nanodegrees!” – Matt P.

“This Program exceeded my expectations. The course material taught in this program is first class, beginner friendly and ready-to-use. I have completed the first three modules in this program and feeling pretty confident about what I have learnt. Previously I used to have a lot of confusion about Data Structures in Python but after completing the Intro to Python module I am pretty confident about how and when to use the data structures. I am looking forward to complete this program and gain new skills.” – Ravi Teja N.


Moving forward into more advanced territory, this Ed2Go course is great if you want to learn how to analyze Python data using NumPy and Pandas to run scientific computations.

Python Data Analysis with NumPy and Pandas will skip the customary introductory programming concepts so you’ll need some previous programming experience to take it. You’ll learn how to work with Jupyter Notebook, how to initialize and index NumPy arrays, and how to analyze data with pandas and use matplotlib within the library.

The course features 28-hours of course time and costs $119.


Master machine learning and deep learning with Python with this Udemy course hosted by AI expert turned educator, Frank Kane. This hands-on course is perfect if you’re interested in data science, Tensorflow, AI and neural networks.

You’ll need some prior coding experience and high school math knowledge for it to be worthwhile.

Featuring 14-hours of on-demand video content, discover real-world techniques used by machine learning professionals in the tech industry.

You’ll learn about data visualization in Python with MatPlotLib and Seaborn, sentiment analysis, image recognition and classification, regression analysis, ensemble learning, hyperparameter tuning, and much more.

Machine Learning, Data Science and Deep Learning with Python is one of the best-rated course on Udemy for machine learning, with instructor, Frank Kane, commended for his ability to turn complex theories into digestible lesson materials.

The course is $13.99, which comes with full lifetime access and a certificate upon completion.

What the reviews are saying:

“Very practical course with great exercises that will serve you for long time as a solid basis to jump start your analysis and boost the progress in the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Many thanks!” – Alex Maistrou

“The course is very carefully designed. It has covered all the needed topics for Machine Learning, Data Science and Deep Learning from a practical perspective. I appreciate Mr. Frank Kane and team for their incredible and genuine efforts. Another major point I want to highlight is that I was exposed to lot of useful websites and useful resources during the course. The exercises given made sure it covered all the aspects taught during the session. Altogether it was a great experience. Hopefully, I could take this wonderful learning experience for the betterment of my research and definitely to the society where I live in.” – Sini Raj Pulari

Top 8 Python Courses to Build Data Products using Artificial Intelligence

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