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Drawing has undeniable expressive and creative value when it comes to translating and analyzing the world around us. For centuries this visual tool has served as a primary means of communication, enabling us to visualize and develop our perceptions and ideas.

Visualization forms a fundamental component of design thinking, allowing us to unlock the creative areas of our brain and to think in non-verbal ways. Being able to think visually doesn’t require a fancy art degree or years of practicing artistic skills. All you need is to master some basic elements that will allow you to imagine people, spaces, situations, and actions or movements – the basic building blocks of visualization. Images as a means of communication are also important to transcend the barriers implemented by language, enhancing our ability to communicate our ideas across the globe.

We have put together some of the most highly rated drawing courses for you to start turning your ideas into reality. So, what are you waiting for? Join one of the following online drawing courses and turn your great ideas into a marketable product today!


Ed2Go is offering you the perfect opportunity to kick off your drawing skills journey with this Drawing for the Absolute Beginner course where you will establish a solid understanding of the drawing basics needed to start putting your ideas on paper.

Some of the skills you will gain include different drawing styles, becoming familiar with different types of paper, the basic principles of perspective, rendering techniques, and so much more!

The course runs for the duration of 6 weeks with 2 lessons per week. You will be led by an awesome instructor, Chad Walker, who has years of drawing experience. He is the conceptual designer and artist for several award-winning games and teaches a variety of art courses in his spare time. There is no one better to begin learning the drawing fundamentals with.

There are no prerequisites required to enroll for this course, and all who are looking to gain an understanding of the basics of drawing are encouraged to join. Be sure to check out this incredible opportunity by following the link below.

What the reviews are saying:

“Just wanted to say thanks for the instruction. Your guidance in the past 12 lessons was a great start. I also realize that there is much more study and practice required on my part. I have seen a great improvement in my drawing by simply implementing many of your suggestions. Thanks again for taking the time to transfer your knowledge.” – Anonymous

“I would like to thank you and your staff for taking the time to assist us with our projects. It helps to be able to use Flickr and MySpace to post work, then get tips and pointers from others as well as the staff. I have been drawing since I could hold a crayon, but never had any formal training. After this class, I understand why I draw certain ways and can now make better progress with my pictures. I truly enjoyed this class. Thank you again for all your help.” – Anonymous


There are a variety of digital tools that can be used to bring your ideas to life such as, Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, just to name a few. These tools all feature the Pen tool, which can be tricky to master. Luckily for you, this essential skills course will cover everything you need to know about this versatile tool.

Over the duration of this course, you will learn skills in Pen tool that include drawing shapes and illustrations, designing custom paths, drawing artistic effects, and so much more. Using the Pen tool properly will save you so much time and effort in the long run when creating digital designs.

The course has been divided into 20 modules covering close to 13 hours of course content. Upon enrollment you will have unlimited access to all course content anywhere, anytime, allowing you to learn at your own pace. All content has been written and designed by industry experts, providing you with the best learning experience out there.

Click on the course link below for more information on this incredible offer.


Designed and created by Brent Eviston, this Art & Science of Drawing course allows you to learn the essential skills of drawing through carefully instructed videos without requiring any previous drawing knowledge or experience.

Brent has been teaching drawing for over 20 years now and has a passion for this subject. This unique program includes a lifetime of drawing and teaching experience, ensuring that you learn from one of the best.

The course covers over 4 hours of on-demand video content that will introduce you to fundamental drawing skills while you engage in recommended practice to put your skills to the test. You will also gain deeper insights into the drawing process as well as some tools and techniques to aid you along the way.

This is currently one of the bestselling courses on Udemy, with over 39,800 students enrolled. You will have full lifetime access to all course content upon enrolment which includes a bonus drawing demonstration that will allow you to apply your new drawing skills to a variety of different subject matter. Don’t miss out and enroll today!

What the reviews are saying:

“I was a person who had nevere picked up a pencil before this course and in just 5 days of practising I noticed a very big difference in my capability to draw even the simplest shapes. Brent is an awesome instructor and before him I thought that drawing is a talent that I don’t have, but after his instructions I am now sure that even though I won’t become a master artist, I will deffinetely be able to draw some simple drawings. Highly recommend the course for beginners and even intermidiates.” – Vasil Milchev

“This course is very detailed and has so much to offer! I learned many things about the drawing process that I never knew. The way Mr. Eviston explains all the concepts is clear and concise, which makes them very easy to understand. I can see that the instructor is very knowledgeable about the subject; when I saw his drawings, I knew that the knowledge he offers definitely works. I highly recommend this course to beginners because it sets you on the right path in drawing and ensures that your drawing process is right from the first line or shape you put on the paper. I am taking other courses in the Art and Science of Drawing series, and I have no doubts that they will be amazing. Thank you, Mr. Eviston!” – Polina Tykhova


Putting new ideas into a visual format requires drawing from scratch and ensuring there is sufficient detail to convey a message. This Diploma in Sketch Drawing offered by John Academy will teach you all the knowledge and skills needed to do just that.

This course entails sketch drawing and how to start a sketch from scratch. Over 5 detailed modules, you will learn the various methods and techniques used by successful artists as you figure out which methods work best for you and your drawing style.

Learners of all academic backgrounds are welcome to join and there are no prerequisites required to enroll for this course. Get your creative juices flowing and enhance your drawing skills by enrolling for this awesome course today!


Regardless of your age or drawing skill level, this Drawing for Beginners -1 course is the perfect place to start learning the ins and outs of this fundamental visualization skill.

You will be taught by industry expert Puño, an experienced illustrator and educator, who has created a fun and playful way for you to learn the basics of drawing. Each concept is accompanied with interactive and dynamic exercises designed to help you fully understand the thought process behind the concepts.

The course covers 4 units of in-depth course content and culminates in a small final project for you to showcase your new-found skills set. The course is structured in a flexible manner, allowing you to create your own timetable while enjoying working from home without a set schedule. All audio instructions are given in Spanish however, accurately translated English subtitles are provided and all other content is provided in English.

The only requirements to partake in this course are some basic stationary such as pencils, paper, colored markers, etc. and a positive attitude. Join over 71,100 students today as you enroll for this all-inclusive course.

What the reviews are saying:

“This is definitely a fun course to get your drawing. Puño gives some very easy to follow exercises that will get you out of a creative block. I enjoyed the classes and the various techniques explored.” – Candace W

“I recommend this course. It is good and fun! And it is made really well ????” – Woody Aguirre

“I was a little worried I’d have a hard time keeping up with the content because of the subtitles, but I found that they made it EASIER to understand because I had to pay such close attention. I never realized how much I zone out when listening in English. The course is well-designed and easy to follow – can’t wait to try out some of the techniques and exercises with my high school students.” – Jessestargardner


Looking to create drawings that will stand out professionally? Then look no further than this Ultimate Drawing Course being offered on Udemy.

This drawing course will show you everything you need to create professional drawings while enhancing your drawing skills each step of the way. You will go from drawing stick figures to creating advanced art with a much deeper understanding of drawing.

You will learn skills such as line fundamentals, shape and form, creating texture, still life drawings, and so much more! You will also have the opportunity to put your skills to the test over a variety of projects aimed at developing your skills to create stunning designs and illustrations.

The course covers 11 hours of detailed video content, all of which you will have full lifetime access to upon enrolment. You will also have access to 5 articles and other downloadable resources to supplement your learning.

Be sure to check out this incredible opportunity on Udemy.

What the reviews are saying:

“This course gives you a well-paced and detailed review of the basics of drawing. Great for beginners or if you just need to refresh your skills. Instruction is very relaxed and clear. Doing every assignment will help you get the most out of each lecture.” – Michelle Y

“I had a great learning experience throughout the course and it was worth doing this tutorial during the lock-down. A total change in viewing the object with details and drawing them in a much improved way than earlier. A nice and fun-learning course to do especially for the beginners.” – Sushmita Kumari


Take a tour in the world of functional drawing through this exciting Visual Thinking course led by information designer and artist Catherine Madden.

This course aims to bring you a comprehensive guide on how to draw in ways that will enable you to communicate your ideas faster, clearer and stronger. The course runs for an hour, over which you will learn skills such as, two-factor bar charts, charts that tell a story, visual possibilities, and more! By the end of the course you will engage in a class project that will put your skills to the test.

The skills gained will not only help you to organize your ideas but will also help you to communicate complex concepts in a simpler and easier to understand way, as well as aiding in expanding your brainstorming process. This is the perfect class for anyone looking to learn functional drawing techniques. Don’t miss out and join Catherine on Skill Share today!

What the reviews are saying:

“This was an excellent course. It was well presented with clear sound and video. easy relatable but still meaningful steps and an achievable but challenging project. I found it helped me change the way I approached some data representing tasks on my do list. The list of resource is very useful too. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone looking to represent data meaningfully.” –
Carolyn Burgess

“A fun instructional class to follow. Great ideas, good examples, and great resources that the instructor gets inspiration from. Time well spent on visual thinking. Excellent Audio / Video production. Split screen was interesting – a nice change of pace.” – John M.

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