They say you never realize what you have until you lose it. If you can recall all those long summer vacations you’ve spent playing with your friends each day all day long, or how you used to visit your grandparents and go with your family on the beach each weekend, you probably can relate to the statement.

All those summer holidays that seemed endless – even got you bored at some point (you actually can have too much fun) sadly came to an end once you were done with your studies. Then came this period of your life where you actually get to act like an adult and go to work every day.

Usually it’s interesting, but on summer days, this doesn’t make you much satisfied. You would rather be joining your friends on tropical destinations, getting yourself tanned and having no worries. Do not despair anymore, as there is a way for you to enjoy the summer season even if you are stuck at work!

Here are the 15 things that don’t require much of your effort but can help you a lot enjoy your working hours this summer.


1. Get up early

The first thing you should do is make yourself get up early. The sun rises earlier during the summer so there is no reason for you not to follow it and do the same. By getting up before you actually need to, you grant yourself much needed time to enjoy the weather and get the feeling that you are on vacation.

Use these hours to do something you usually do on summer holidays – read a book while you are tanning at your balcony, go for a swim in the nearest sports center or just enjoy peaceful morning with your favorite ice coffee.

2. Eat fresh

On your way back from work, make sure you stop by the green market and buy all the fresh fruits and vegetables you can get. Treat yourself by using the ultimate summer gift and eat completely fresh ingredients.

Every day, dedicate one period of time to prepare fresh salads and juices you would usually eat or drink on a day by the beach. Bring these meals to work and enjoy your lunch break as if you were eating at the beach restaurant.

Your body will be grateful to you, as you will feel light and fresh, but most importantly, it is your mind that will be thanking you for bringing summer feel to a daily activity.

3. Go for a walk

Go for a walk. As much as you can, whenever you can. In the morning, in the evening, when you go to work, when you return from work. Make sure you feel the summer breeze and you soak in the atmosphere that you can later adjust to your office.

It has been proven that walking helps you feel better in your own skin and also be more productive at the work. Bear this in mind the next time you are wondering whether you should go for a walk or stay in.

It’s nice to go with some of your friends outdoors and chat about stuff that is not related to work. These types of conversation help you relax and clear your mind from all the worries. From time to time, it’s good to change your company though.

Another example of a highly recommended company is yourself. Go alone for a walk from and dare to be alone with your thoughts. You will feel much more energized and focused on your goal. Use this time to remember why you’ve started this job in the first place and what you want to achieve.

It will help you feel more motivated and empowered while staying in the office.

4. Become active

We all love summer because we get active and it results with all of us looking amazing by the end of it. Even though you are stuck in your office during the day, there’s no reason for you not to become sporty.

Use a couple of days during the week to do some sports activity. It can be anything – from going for a run, hitting up the gym (we recommend the outdoors one if you have it anywhere near you) or organizing some sports plays with your friends.

The ultimate thing for you to do during the summer is actually going swimming. You can choose your local poolside or drive yourself to the nearest lake (or seaside – if you are lucky to live near one) for a swim.

This will definitely help you feel like you are enjoying your summer and not missing out anything. On the contrary, you’ve managed to enjoy hot days by the water and also crash your career goals.

5. Dress accordingly

Don’t you love how summer makes you dress like it’s flower parade or you’re a living walking palm tree? Jokes on the side, the good news is that you can still keep those patterns, even though you’re going to work – you’ll just need a small adjustment.

More and more designers and fashion stores are adapting to a global trend of working during the summer (you’re not alone!) and therefore are producing clothes that are suitable for work, but still have exotic and tropical patterns.

So don’t be afraid to awaken summer fashion setter in you, people from your work environment will start to feel better too!

6. Bring some flowers

By this, we don’t only mean you, but also believe that it can be very useful and have a positive impact on you if you bring flowers to your office.

They say dogs are human’s best friend, but right after them are plants. Not only that they look nice, but also impact positively on our health and well-being. It’s not a coincidence that people who take care after plants live longer and more fulfilling lives.

In accordance with summer, we advise you to find your favorite flowers in the garden or in garden centers and find a new home for them – your office.

Your work environment will get a complete transformation and you’ll start to feel better in no time. Be prepared for the compliments you’ll get from your co-workers, as well as the fact that soon everybody will bring their own flower pot to the work.

If you are allergic to flowers or some specific herbs, try avoiding them and finding the suitable one. If you are not certain about the choice, don’t hesitate to ask people who study plants and are familiar with that.

7. Organize your office

Maybe you can’t be exactly at the beach right now, but you can bring the beach to your office. Whether you already have some interesting sea souvenirs or you’re about to haunt them in the stores, you’ll enjoy re-organizing your workplace!

Start with adding something that reminds you of summer holidays, and then continue with whatever makes you feel like you are on vacation and the work you do is completely your choice.

You can change wallpaper on your work computer and set a beautiful picture of the ocean and if your work environment allows you, play some music that reminds you of the summer while working.

8. Bring in that summer scent

It may sound weird, but when we say “summer scent”, you probably feel it in your nose. Whichever smell that is – the smell of the ocean, smell of the beach, fresh fruits, coconut or maybe even something else, there is a high chance you will find that odor in the supermarket or some specialized shop.

If you can’t afford to go swimming right now, at least you can afford to trick your senses into believing that you are. What a wonderful thing is to finish a report you’ve been assigned while sensing a compelling coconut aroma!

9. Outdoor breaks

Since your body is craving that summer sunshine and warm feeling on your skin, you should take every chance you get to experience it. Have you thought of moving your lunch break to the park near your office?

It doesn’t have to be a park. Some companies have balconies where employees can spend time during the breaks and enjoy the view and fresh air. For starters, try eating outside and see how it goes. Do you get a feeling that you are on a picnic, enjoying your day?

That’s what we’re aiming for. Perfect lunch outside can help you fresh up your day, energize and get back to work ready to rock. Especially if you are eating with your colleagues and enjoying a little chit-chat.

If you want and have an ability to do that, you could actually make a picnic. Organize your colleagues, prepare some food together and bring it to work. In the lunch break, head to the nearest park, lake or wood and enjoy your meal in nature. You can put some music on and truly relax!

10. Take advantage of the summer in office

The season changed and everybody in the company feels it – most probably everybody in the company has read this article or is about to read it. The thing that you are stuck in your office doesn’t necessarily have to be bad.

When a group of people experiences a big change together, that leads to them developing similar perspective and common feeling toward the change. This can be a solid base for building relationships and strong connections among the colleagues.

Next time you start feeling like you shouldn’t be there, instead of fighting off that feeling, talk with your co-workers. Maybe some of them feel that way too, and maybe someone has already found a way to stop those kinds of thoughts and turn them into something positive.

This can help you develop a strong relationship with your co-workers and also a boss, which leads to a better atmosphere at work, which results in you and everybody else enjoying the work much more.

In the end – remember why you are there and what you want to achieve. Spending time in the office during the summer while your friends are taking it slow is something they should be jealous of, not you. You’re the one who is making progress, so use every minute you have wisely and try to learn as much as possible. It will help you kick-start your career.

11. Start a new tradition

If you are having difficulties following your daily routine at work due to the hot temperature, make some changes. Think about what you would really like to do now and connect it with your work.

The easiest way to do this by connecting with your colleagues. For example, if you are up for enjoying your Friday afternoon in a nice company, start inviting your colleagues for a round of drinks each Friday after work.

That’s a simple way to start a new tradition that could mean a lot for each of you. Instead of just running off from the work when the clock ticks 5. P.M. just lead your co-workers into switching to some other, more fun activity.

This way you are making great memories with people you see each day at the work, which makes you look at everything you do on your job more appealing.

12. Cool yourself with frozen stuff

Yes. Enjoy them. Both drinks and ice cream. And not only at home or at the bar. Enjoy them at your work!

Use mini breaks to prepare some ice cold smoothies for you and your colleagues. Don’t forget to use nature’s gift and include all the fresh fruits out there.

Better yet, instead of grabbing a coffee from a machine, prepare ice cold latte for everybody at the office. Imagine researching for a new assignment while you drink your favorite summer coffee, full of ice and all the flavors you like! Perfect!

In case you have (and you probably do) a fridge with a freezer in your office kitchen, make a good use of it this summer. Bring ice cream to your work. What says summer more than enjoying nice chocolate ice cream on a sunny day?

13. Find yourself a project

Why looking at the job during summer as something you don’t want to be a part of? If you are just not motivated to do everything you usually do during the summer season, find something that will motivate you.

Let’s turn going to job your choice and find something that will make you glad that you stayed that summer in the office working on important stuff.

Is there something you always wanted to the on the job, but never had enough time or just didn’t think the moment was right? Guess what, this moment now is the best moment ever to do that.

Think about what your company needs and how could you contribute to it. Maybe you want to come up with a work system that will enable each employee to go on a summer vacation, by next summer? Who knows, you have all the power in your hands and what you find important, you’ll make happen.

Not only that you will be super motivated to go to the office and continue your work, but also, you will impress your boss and have a chance of getting a promotion, due to this extra project you found for yourself.

14. Don’t work over-due

This is important. Unless you have to, don’t work over-due. Even if you take an extra project and become eager to work. Still, find some time to rest and enjoy the summer afternoons.

It’s all about the balance. As much as it’s important to work, it’s also really important to find some time for yourself – before work and also after work.

Heading to the office on a hot summer day is not that tough as it seems in our heads, but also there’s no reason not to use those free hours to do everything we would usually do if we were on vacation. This “me time” is necessary so we can recharge our batteries and get ready for new challenges.

15. Make weekends your vacation

Yes, it’s weekend! Even though you don’t have a full vacation, nobody prevents you from having a 2 day holiday each weekend. Actually, we are encouraging you to do so!

Studies show that people who take breaks from work regularly are not only less stressed, but also much better employees. You don’t have to be working 24/7 for somebody to notice you. It is the final thing that matters the most.

Use every weekend wisely. Whenever you are able, go somewhere for a weekend off. Sometimes it only takes us to change a location, to start to feel the change in ourselves.

If you can’t afford to leave the city that much, enjoy your free time in the city. Don’t check your e-mail, don’t return unnecessary calls and don’t stress about things that are out of your control, such as being stuck at work during summer.

Make the best out of each day and you’ll start to feel better immediately.


Whether you absolutely love your job or you’re just doing this temporarily, you’ll get the feeling of wanting to be somewhere else eventually.

Don’t let this feeling overwhelm you, because working in the summer is not that tough as it seems, and as you can notice in everything mentioned above, there are lots of interesting things you can do to make your summer more enjoyable.

And remember – it is not facts that determine the way we feel, but our reaction to the facts. So be thankful that you have an amazing job, and make it even more amazing with everything you’ve learned right now!

15 Ways to Enjoy Summer When You're Stuck at Work

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