Definition of SAS

The SAS language can be defined as a programming language in the computing field. This language is generally used for the purpose of statistical analysis. The project was formulated under a project that was managed at the North Carolina State University. The language has an ability to read the data from databases and common spread sheets.

The output of the output of the statistical analysis performed is represented in the form of graphs. The data is given in the form of RTF, PDF, and HTML files. The compilers, under which the SAS programming language runs, can be used on a wide variety of platforms, including Linux, mainframe computers, Microsoft Windows, and a number of other UNIX.

The compilers of SAS programming language include the World Programming System and the SAS System.

History of SAS Programming Language

The road to the development of SAS programming language came in to being when Jim Goodnight, who was studying at the NCSU as a statistics graduate level student, developed a computer program for the purpose of analysing agricultural data.

Within a period of few years, the program developed by Jim Goodnight garnered the attention and loyalty of a wide variety of followers. This was accompanied with a huge expansion in the reporting as well as the data management abilities of the program. The enhancements and development in the program stretched well beyond the initial intentions and targets of Jim Goodnight.

In the year 1976, Jim Goodnight took a decision of developing, marketing and selling his product on a full time basis. The foundation of SAS Institute is attributable to this decision. Since its very inception, the company has been able to outshine other players in the industry on the basis of its Unique Selling Point (USP), which is to put ever increasing focus and attention on the users of its software.

In the present era, SAS Institute is regarded as the largest private software company throughout the world. Dr Jim Goodnight, the founder of SAS programming language, is the CEO of this company. Because of his connection with the roots of the company, Jim Goodnight stills plays an important and active role in the development of the system software for SAS.

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