Definition of React

React, which is also referred to as React.js or ReactJS, is a JavaScript library that provides an output for data that is presented in HTML form. It is an open source library. The views of React are generally extracted through the deployment of components that consist of additional components. These additional components are specified in terms of custom HTML tags.

React intends to develop a model for programmers in which the enclosing components are not influenced by the sub components (in other words, the data flows down). It also promises timely and efficient update of the HTML file when any changes are made in the data; a clear and evident distinction between the components present on a single page application in the modern field of computing.

The management and maintenance of React is done by Instagram as well as Facebook. In addition to that, a community of corporations and individual developers also plays a part in the maintenance of React. It has been indicated by Libscore, which is the analytics service of JavaScript; that in present time React is used in the home pages of a wide variety of organizations. Some of these include: Imgur, Netflix, Feedly, Bleacher Report, SeatGeek, HelloSign, and Airbnb.

An Analysis of React’s History

The creator and developer of React was Jordan Walke. He works at the Facebook Inc. as a software engineer. While developing React, Jordan Walke took inspiration from the HTML and XHP component framework associated with PHP. After the development of React, the first practical use of this platform was made on the newsfeed of Facebook in the year 2011.

It was then accompanied by the deployment of React on in the year 2012. The open sourcing of React was done at JSConf US in May 2013. In February 2015, React Native; which allows for the development of native Android development and iOS with React, was released at the React.js Conference of Facebook. The open sourcing of React Native, on the other hand, took place in March 2015.

The data, as of March 2016, indicates that the top most open source projects of Facebook include React and React Native. This rating has been determined on the basis of the number of stars that these projects have on GitHub. React is also observed to hold 6th rank in the most starred projects on GitHub.