Have you ever been in a situation when someone throws a snide comment your way or makes a witty remark, and you find yourself helpless at the other end? Later on, after a few days, you  think about what things you should have said at that time. If yes! Then, you lack the skill of quick-wittedness.

First, you should know what does quick-wittedness means? It means having or showing the ability to think and respond quickly. Quick witted people have an alert and sharp mind who have an immediate perception and understanding of the situation, and they quickly reply back with a witty answer.

Importance of Quick Wittedness

  • Quick witted people are always considered good communicators. It is a primary communication skill which helps you deal wisely with peeps around you.
  • Carrying out a business presentation requires alertness and sharpness of your mind. You can expect a sudden question anytime, and if can answer quickly, you are surely a successful business man.
  • Quick-wittedness helps you in carrying out your job interviews smoothly and confidently. Remember, such people are always confident and alert.
  • The charismatic business leaders are always quick witted. They have the ability to take control of the situation and make a rapid-fire answer.

Tips For Becoming Quick Witted

  • Timing is very crucial. You have to come up with a response as quickly as you can.
  • Try to be a good listener first. The more you have excellent listening skills, the more quick retort you make. Quick-wittedness is not something planned, so listen to the other person intently to prepare for unexpected material.
  • If you have a colleague who is always making mocking remarks, then listen to his discussion very carefully each time to be prepared to comment quickly to tackle the situation.
  • Try not be negative, rather, come up with a humorous remark to get hold of the situation in a wise manner.
  • Through positive and witty comments, you will be able to gain your employees’ and colleagues’ trust.
  • The most important tip is to boost your vocabulary. Train your brain by feeding it with more and more new words every day. This practice will make you more eloquent.
  • Maximize your communication with different people around you. Here, we are not talking about written communication. It’s the face-to-face interaction that makes you more confident, and you comprehend situations quickly.
  • The tone of your comments makes a lot of difference. It’s not always the content of your remarks that will make an impression, but the tone in which you make a comeback will make the actual difference to your witty comments. Of course, if you use the wrong tone, it will be all messed up.
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