The ability of an individual to connect and communicate with existing as well as potential customers via one or more types of electronic media is known as his digital marketing skills.

Digital marketing skills extend far beyond internet and social media marketing to encompass channels that do not require internet such as SMS, MMS, mobile apps, electronic or interactive billboards, television and radio etc. Using digital media for integrated marketing efforts to attract, engage, as well as convert customers is different from traditional marketing efforts mainly because it enables organizations to analyze in real time what marketing campaigns are effective and what is not.

Why are digital marketing skills important

Becoming an increasingly popular source of social interaction, shopping, news, and other types of entertainment, digital media has successfully exposed the consumers to more than just what you have to say about your brand. The pervasiveness of digital media has given consumers the ability to access information whenever and wherever they want.

They can conveniently find out what the media has to say about your brand or what the reviews of their friends and peers are. Therefore, digital marketing skills are invaluable for ensuring your presence on all such channels to advocate your brand and convey relevant as well as personalized messages to consumers in order to win their hearts over.

The significance of digital marketing skills, however, majorly rests in the fact that they help you monitor the effectiveness of your efforts or content etc. It enables you to analyze your campaigns in real time by monitoring what message is being viewed and how often, sales conversion, and what type of content is the most effective.

How to improve one’s digital marketing skills

For anyone who seeks to improve their digital marketing skills, following are some helpful tips:

  • Ensure a multi-channel campaign. In order to improve you digital marketing skills and have a more effective and results-driven campaign, you must ensure the development and implementation of a multi-channel digital marketing strategy. Studies have shown that consumers tend to go through six channels at least before making the final purchase decision. Therefore, the greater the number of channels; the greater opportunities for connecting and engaging with consumers.
  • Diversify the mix of channels being used. Implementing a multi-channel strategy might be delivering good results for you but using diverse channels and integrated marketing efforts will make those results even better. For instance, focusing on multiple social media websites/channels may be good but showing the same message on electronic or interactive billboards will increase the contact points such that a greater number of consumers will be reached instead of just increasing the frequency of contact with the existing ones.
  • Enhance the content. Improvement of your digital marketing skills also require a focus on the creation of epic content because despite having chosen all the right channels, your campaign may fail if your content is not engaging enough. The best way of enhancing the content is considered to be the use of videos. Whether the chosen medium is an electronic billboard or a social media website, 74% of B2C marketers have reported videos to be the most effective form of content shared.
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