The ability, within a place of business, to present yourself such that you make others comfortable around you and are taken seriously, is known as business etiquette skill.  It is, in fact, the ability to meet the explicit as well as implicit standards or expectations of individual behavior that are set in order to facilitate the interaction between people in the workplace and nurture a mutually respectful atmosphere.

Business etiquette skills include but are not limited to showing courtesy and respect towards one’s coworkers and employers. Demonstrating the self-control required for a particular job, as well as expressing one’s knowledge of various business situations without treating others with condescension, is equally important for mastering the business etiquette skills.

Why are business etiquette skills important

Business etiquettes are given so much importance for the role they play in the success of a business as well as an individual. Using your business etiquette skills, you are putting your best foot forward and obtaining the following benefits:

  • Builds healthy relationships. Since business etiquette skills entail fair and honest dealings with coworkers, employers, and customers etc., you tend to develop strong relationships on the basis of such behavior.
  • Nurtures a harmonious environment. Employees with good business etiquette skills help in fostering a good working environment by displaying courtesy and respect towards coworkers and employers. As a result of the comfort this good treatment at work provides, the productivity of teams and individuals increases.
  • Shows confidence. The way you are able to demonstrate your self-control and knowledge of various matters through good business etiquette skills, it all reflects your confidence. It exhibits you as someone who does not lose composure easily and knows when and what to say.

How to improve business etiquette skills

Following are some of the basics that will help you improve your business etiquettes as a skill:

  • Win them over through your timeliness. Since everything business related is time-bound, whether it’s a project or a meeting, always be punctual. Win over the hearts of your coworkers, employers, or customers by being punctual in everything you do, including communication. It shows your professionalism and the fact that your work is your top priority.
  • Show respect for others. Whether it’s their time or culture, you must show respect towards your coworkers, employers and customers etc. Avoiding to interrupt someone, for instance, is one way to show respect towards their time. Whereas, attempting to learn cultural differences or foreign languages is a way to show respect towards someone’s culture.
  • Dress for success. Your physical appearance is your very first chance to make an impression on someone. Being overdressed is always better than being underdressed, in case there is any uncertainty about the dress code. The efforts you make for looking presentable and professional reflects how much you take your job and the relevant people seriously.
Job profiles that require this skill