The process of using a typewriter, cell phone, calculator, or a computer keyboard to write something is known as typing. Therefore, as the title suggests, the ability to type using both hands and all 10 fingers is known as 10-finger typing skills.

The use of all 10 fingers is usually taught to all trained typists in order to help them type with speed. Gradually, with practice, when they are able to type fast without having the need to look at the keyboard, they are said to have developed the two-hand touch typing skills through their muscle memory.

Why is 10-finger typing important

10-finger typing skills are an absolute necessity if you wish to seem professional to your existing or prospective employer. With the right amount of practice, 10-finger typing skills can help you type so fast that it looks and feels almost automatic. Lack of these skills will not only make you look amateur but will also slow down the communication between you and your personal computer.

10-finger typing skills are demanded by all employers for almost every job because they help you become more productive with the increased focus on work that they allow. They enable you to think better and get your thoughts and ideas down immediately before you lose them, which is what usually happens to people with slow-typing problem.

How to improve 10-finger typing skills

Following are some helpful tips for the improvement of your 10-finger typing skills:

  • Focus on the placement of your fingers. The technique with which you type always plays a great role in the improvement of your speed and accuracy. Your hand position and finger placement must be appropriate if you wish to even begin improving your 10-finger writing skills. This means that you must place your fingers on the home row keys of any keyboard other than the non-English and QWERTY ones. On a US keyboard these are A, S, D and F for the left hand or J, K, L and ; for the right one.
  • Try not to look at the keyboard. You should attempt to type using 10 fingers and without looking at the keyboard. This may cause you to make more errors initially. However, over time it will serve as an amazing trick to increase your speed and accuracy, improving your 10-finger writing skills.
  • Practice your way to perfection. It may sound cliché to many but practice does make a man perfect, especially when it comes to typing. This is because typing mostly depends upon your muscle memory and those muscles require some time to adjust to your new techniques. The more you practice, the quicker will be this entire process, helping you improve your skills.
Job profiles that require this skill