Many people around the world always have a notion that if you work hard enough, you will be rewarded well and get everything you ever desire.

However, that’s not the way it often works. It has been observed times and again that those who work the hardest get the least money, and those who “slack” are blessed with loads of cash.

Have you ever felt that some special people just have unique ways and gifts of attracting money into their lives? Perhaps you have gone as far as envisioning them having an unfair advantage in life because they have some kind of Midas touch, green thumb, or are maybe just plain lucky?

Although you have the right reasons to think of some mystical force at work, I will like to be the bearer of the good news you will read in the very next statement: IT IS NOT SOME MYSTICAL FORCE! IN FACT, ANYBODY CAN DO IT. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS START APPLYING SOME SIMPLE STEPS AND SIT BACK TO WATCH THE SUCCESS YOU WANT!

Within a few minutes, I will be revealing some important secrets in this short post. I’m going to share with you seven (7) simple and easy ways to quickly attract huge wealth to your life.

The best thing is to start today.

No matter your work ethic, class or employment status, here are some proven ideas on how to attract more money into your life.

These practices are so easy that you will regret not utilizing them sooner. Are you ready for the ride? What are you waiting for?


“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” – Henry Ford

Your mindset can determine a whole lot about your life.

This could, in fact, be the most challenging aspect of knowing how to attract more money into your life.

Learning how to reset your mindset and transforming it into one that welcomes prosperity is key to your success in life.

This is not difficult to do, but it usually requires a lot of commitment, effort and quite an amount of determination to think only about the positive aspects of life.

However, with constant practice, you will definitely grow accustomed to it. It is important you always remember that you deserve financial stability, wealth and comfort.

This is perhaps the most important thing.

The harder and more frequently you work at this, the more efficient these practices will be.

Learning to change your mindset is important. If you want to learn how to always have a positive mindset, you can check out this youtube video:


“If you would take, you must first give, this is the beginning of intelligence.” – Lao Tzu

If you want to receive wealth, you must first learn how to give out wealth. Providence has a way or repaying you much more when you show an act of kindness by giving.

This might sound quite funny, but it’s so true!

Learn to share what you have with others.

The act of giving can be likened to the theory of enlightened self-interest. If you are kind to others, share what you have (even in the simplest ways), and don’t cling to money, you will open the door and receive more blessings.

According to the money habits that separate the rich from the poor, Jim Rohn gives some secrets to prosperity and he acknowledged the fact that charity will help you attract money faster. You show charity by giving back to the community and helping those who need assistance.

Jim suggests that about 10 percent of your after-tax income should be set aside and contributed to this cause.

Start learning to give at an early stage when the amounts are small so that it will be easier to give large sums of money (still 10 percent or more) later.

If you develop the habit before the big money comes your way, it becomes easier to give.

The more you give, the more you will get. This doesn’t mean however that you go beyond your limits or sorely miss whatever amount you gave away.

If you won’t go hungry and someone needs it more, don’t cling to it, give it out.

The act of holding on tight to your money places more emphasis on the not-having-of money and will taint your ability to attract money.

That’s how the Law of Attraction works. Give with a good heart, and you will receive.


View your paycheck as a means to an end.

You have to learn to take control of money and stop serving it. If you have this servitude towards money, it begins to dominate you and you tend not to have it or be able to attract it.

This, in fact, is one of the biggest giveaways of a poverty mentality. Seeing money as an end in itself is a negative perspective towards money.

Most people view money as a master, something they have to work for to enable them to pay bills, keep up with debt and make ends meet.

If you continue with such kind of thinking, money will ways be just that to you. To attract wealth in your life you will have to take control of money. As Dave Ramsey famously said: “if you don’t tell every dollar where to go it will tell you where to go.”

Money can either be manipulated to work for you or it will work against you.

Once you begin to see money as a tool which is under your control and is to be used for your benefit, then you are already on track to attract wealth in your life. If you want to get back into the driver’s seat of your finances, and drive towards wealth and success, set a budget, plan financial goals and tell your money what to do.

If you want to know more about becoming the boss to money, you can read this powerful and beneficial post on 6 ways to quit being a slave to your paycheck.


“There is nothing that wastes the body like worry.” – Mohandas Gandhi

According to the Law of Attraction, you will create what you focus your thoughts on. This means if you keep on worrying and focusing on the negative aspects of life, you may bring those negative, undesirable things into existence in your life.

If you continue telling yourself how miserable you are for a long enough time, you will truly become miserable. Lack of money will ever be your song if you constantly trouble yourself with worrying about when your next paycheck will come.

This law is not saying you should ignore your problems (if you do, how can you solve them?) by sweeping them under the rug, it is, however, emphasizing the need of being in control so that your problems don’t consume you.

On the flip-side, however, if you keep on telling yourself and affirming that you are rich, you will become rich. In order to learn how to make the law of attraction work for you, you can check out this youtube video on positive affirmations. It will really change your life!


Your imagination is powerful. It can literally open doors you never thought possible to open before. In fact, imagination is the basis for the powerful law known as the law of attraction.

To attract money, you must visualize your financial goals and meditate on them. Visualization and meditation will make your goals much more clear and makes them become so much easier to achieve. When you take a look into how you want your finance to be, you will come back to reality motivated, giving you the required vigor to open the doors to your success.

If you want to be successful, you must be a dreamer. Successful people were in every sense dreamers.

They started out as dreamers and lived to manifest their dreams. If you want to really see the power of visualization, you can start off simple by envisioning yourself wearing items of clothing that are a bit out of budget or picture yourself owning a great Business.

If you can imagine something, you can make it manifest! In fact, visualization is one of the most powerful talents our spirits have. You have to tap into this talent and use it to your benefit!

Imagination is so powerful and hence, you have to keep on envisioning yourself being successful because you get just what you envision whether good or bad.

To start off with some powerful creative visualization pointers, you can watch this youtube video by the Founder of Mindvalley – Vishen Lakhiani as he walks you through four simple steps to hone on your visualization skills.


When you solve people’s problem, you will also solve yours too by attracting to yourself more money. If you begin a business, it has to solve a problem or problems before it can be successful.

In fact, almost every successful business is built around solving a problem. If there’s no problem to solve, you can create one (winks). Attracting wealth into your life can become super easy if you become someone who solves problems.

When you begin to solve problems, you will quickly become the first pick when people are seeking a solution to certain problems.

The best part of the story is that you get to negotiate the best deal on your own terms.

Therefore, if you plan to start up your own business or partner with someone, it is important to ask what problems your business will solve. To know more about solving problems, you can see this article on how you can find problems to solve.


When you have so many skills, people will naturally run to you with their money.

Think about it, if the first thing you do when someone hands you 100,000 dollars is to buy a new car or lavish it or some other luxury item, then you are absolutely not living with a mindset that will attract wealth.

To attract more wealth, you must build your skills with what little money you have now. The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself. You can invest in yourself by broadening the horizon of your knowledge, developing new skills, and increasing your awareness of a variety of topics.

Doing this increases your ability and confidence, and puts you in a position to make more money.

Investing in yourself will help you to become a better and wiser investor. Great investments in your life include books, programs, seminars, and education.

No matter the level of turbulence in the economy, it is impossible to take away the investments you have made in knowledge and skills. This is perhaps the only ingredient that many people lack. Stocks can go bad, the housing market may collapse, but your real worth remains the same and ever increases.

Have you ever noticed how some millionaires lose it all only to earn it back in record time? Do you also remember people who couldn’t recover from their loss?

The people who had it all back – and more, were able to achieve that feat because they invested in their ability to make money. When you invest in yourself, you become a better problem solver – the secret to being successful in business.


Congratulations! If you have read this through, you will have discovered how to attract large sums of money into your life.

Never think of yourself as a pauper or an average person, you are born to be great and have greatness within you!

Remember, you attract what you think!

I really do hope these tips helped. Go make that money! See you at the top!

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