We all have different things that worry us – from family, job, education up to all the personal matters that bother us.

However, there is one thing we have to admit we all have in common – no matter the age, experience or skills. That one thing is called getting a new job.

In our pursuit of finding a new opportunity for us (preferably the best one on the market), there are some important steps and milestones we need to complete in order to get where we want.

The first step is writing and sending an outstanding CV.

So how should you do it?

That is the most stressful part and the part we are going to help you with!

You are a salesperson, so you are completely aware of the ways to take your sales skills and invest them in the process of creating your CV, as although it sounds harsh – this is the ultimate way to sell yourself as the best candidate to the company.

Without further ado, we will focus now on the instructions and guide you on your way from no CV to the best possible one! You can expect that we cover the following topics:

  • What are the things your CV needs to have
  • DON’T Dos that will help you avoid common mistakes and stand out amongst all the candidates
  • Visual representation – yes, your CV needs to catch HR’s eyes first
  • Content readability

We’ll explore each of this topic with great details until it becomes completely known to you what you should do, when and how.

We will even give you a special tool you can use to generate your CV, guaranteeing that all of the things mentioned above are followed.

So, we advise you to sit tight, take notes and enjoy the process of making the best cv ever that will let know every HR in the world that you are the best sales associate out there.

Let’s begin this journey of finding you a perfect teaching job!

Sales Associate Resume Example


Sales Associate Resume Sample


Do you see what we did here? We have two different CVs for two different positions. Yer, they have one thing in common. Can you imagine what?

It’s that they show you the most important information in a best-stylized way just by throwing your eyes on it.

We want to do the san with your CV, so let’s dig into the guide!

These two resumes contain different information but have at least one thing in common.

Let’s go, your perfect resume is waiting to be written!


Personal information – such a wide concept.

You are aware of your personal information and what does that mean but of course you don’t know which information actually to include and show in your CV.

There are some strict guidelines, and we’re gonna teach you now how to write personal info section in the right way:

  • Υour name – it is important for them to know who you are and how to call so make sure you write your full name and surname correctly: and remember to always EXCLUDE nicknames, as it is unprofessional
  • Your field of expertise – this is where you are supposed to write your profession, to let them know your qualifications; TIP if the job opening is for the Junior Sales Associate, then your profession should be Junior Sales Associate
  • Your contact information – a phone number that is valid and in use
  • You e-mail address – first round of applications usually goes through e-mail so make sure you write down the valid e-mail address

Additional things you need to consider>

  • A professional photo of you – (depending on the country so DO check what is expected from a candidate in the country you are applying for a job) – a portrait of you, with a one-color background
  • Your address – for some jobs it is necessary for people to live in a specific area, so if asked in the application, you should add your address to your CV
  • Your social media profile – really questionable, a there should be a line between personal and professional life, at least on social media. The only social media profile we advise you to link is your profile on LinkedIn as it is a platform for professionals and a longer version of your CV.

The most common mistakes and the correct versions:

Personal Info

https://www.linkedin.com/in /alexa-richardson
+ 1 030-586-9339

Personal Info

https://www.linkedin.com/in/ alexa-richardson-998345/


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How to sum up your entire life in 5 sentences?

Difficult, but not impossible, especially if you follow our guide on writing the summary section!

First thing you have to bear in your mind that this is a summary of your professional life – exclude any stories about your family or other parts of personal life.

This is your 5 sentences to shine, so you’ve gotta use them wisely!

Let’s take a look at this example and compare two summaries of the same CV:


Εxperienced sales person with a career in the business development department for the past 10 years. Throughout this period, I have got to know and develop my own sales process, which enabled me to have a closing rate higher than 95%. I don’t find sales only as a job, but my life mission to connect people with products and services that will make their lives better. Currently, I am looking for a new job – a new opportunity to bring people what they need in life while I push my own limits and continue to improve.


I’ve been working in sales for the past 10 years. Now it is time for me to change the job. I’m looking for a dynamic position where I could work with a lot of clients and have a good salary.


To be honest, we don’t have to say which one is good and which one is a bad example. You see it by yourself.

The sad truth is that people usually send CVs with a summary similar to the one in the right box, as they are either unfamiliar with the correct way or just don’t know from where to start.

That’s why we will guide you know and teach how to do it exactly!

Bear in mind these simple rules:

  • Focus on your strengths – it might be your years of experience, fresh energy of a recent graduate, or anything else you believe should be the first thing HR reads about you
  • Knowledge and skills – experience is nothing if you didn’t learn anything from it, so make sure that you highlight your main learnings in the sales area
  • Achievements – don’t brag about everything you’ve done in your life, but do mention key achievements (and let them be measurable and based on facts)
  • Current status – where you are right now, why you are looking for a new job and how is the job you are applying for relevant for your longterm ambitions and goals

Now that you know main rules, it’s time you get familiar with main mistakes, so you avoid them!


Throughout this period, I have got to know and develop my own sales process, which enabled me to have a closing rate higher than 95%.


In the past 10 years, I became really good at sales and developed my sales process, which helped me have a better closing rate.


To ensure correctly written resume, use our resume builder and let HRs see the best version of you!


First thing first – the way you write your experience should always be reverse-chronological, meaning that you always start from the latest experience you’ve had. Take a look:


The necessary information you need to include:

  • time period
  • your role
  • the company you’ve worked for

If you want somebody to read your resume, first you’ve gotta make it readable. It is important that your information is structured like the example above, so you can show your best version of yourself.

Not to scare you or anything but this is just beginning. Now it’s time to explain what you go out of these experiences, as that is what matters.

Remember, without learnings, the experience is nothing!

These are the main rules on how to write a kicking resume:

  • always rely on facts and highlight measurable actions
  • specify your area of expertise – job title doesn’t say much, you have to write down concrete tasks you’ve had while on this job
  • highlight your biggest achievements – for example, sales growth 64%, returning customers ration improved from 1 to 5, etc.
  • show your unique contribution– this is what the company will be looking for, so don’t be shy to mention your unique contribution to the companies you’ve worked previously for

Now let’s see common mistakes and how to avoid them:

Experience description examples

  • Improved the ratio of returning customers from 1 to 3
  • Organized promotional activities in 14 different facilities with a result of 20% higher sales
  • Received 3 years in a row an award “Next generation sales  killer” from the company

Experience description mistakes

  • More returning customers
  • Promotions
  • Next generation sales killer


Just a friendly reminder that you can always use our resume builder to create a perfect size and design for your CV, that every HR will love!


People often confuse education and experience section and merge them instead of specifying them. That’s wrong as there are two completely different things.

No matter how different they are, they have a similar concept, so it will be easy for you to write this down correctly!

One thing remains definitely the same – the data you should provide:

  • a lasting period of your education
  • degree
  • the university you’ve attended

still, only enlisting this information will not be enough. Let’s see how it should be done:


For our extra ambitious friends that finished more than one university, here’s the thing: mention it, as it will definitely make you stand out.

Again, in a reverse-chronological way. Starting with the latest one you have attended or finished.

Important note: if you are still a student (it happens really often that sales associates focus on work and career path a bit earlier than supposed to and find themselves still on college while looking for a new job), you have to mention it by stating “current” as the finish date.

Be prepared as this question about your current status might pop up at the interview!

We live in an age where non-formal education is taking more and more impact over the formal one.

With the internet, came the knowledge, accessibility, and a privilege people before us never had.

That’s why it’s very valuable if you’re attending any additional courses, seminars, webinars, etc. even researches, essays and extracurricular activities you took during your studies count.

A quick tip: don’t forget to mention them all!

When you get all of this into your resume, you will definitely shine on your job application, especially if you allow our Resume builder to be your personal assistant!


This is the trickiest part as you might find yourself on two possible sides:

  1. I have too many skills, I can’t write them all
  2. I can’t name even one skill, why am I even applying

Either way, it’s bad, and you need some guidance.

That’s why we have prepared this guide to help you understand which skills to put down in your CV, so you dash each HR that takes a look at it!

These are the rules you should follow:

  • Priorities on what you want to show – not every skill is relevant for the job you’re applying to
  • Specify the skill – if it’s not concrete, it’s irrelevant, and you appear like an amateur
  • Add facts and numbers – if it’s not measurable, it’s irrelevant
  • Determine the level of development of your skills – by using bars, charts, grades – it’s up to you. Our resume builder program could definitely help you out with it!
  • Go into details – only when a 5-year-old child can understand your biggest strengths is your application ready to go!

  • Organizational skills – High capacity for organizing and coordinating
  • Time management
  • Advanced communication skills


  • Organizing
  • Punctual
  • Good with people



  • Make sure you convert your CV to PDF before sending it to keep the same format and design.
  • The PDF version of your CV should be named as Your Name_Your Surname_Position you’re applying for.
  • Always have a custom CV for each job application – many people apply for a dozen different job and fail to get it, as they always send the same CV.
  • Remember that LinkedIn is a longer version of your CV and that it should be updated before sending the application. Don’t forget to include the link to your profile in your CV!
  • Ensure that the format and design of your CV support your application and contribute to HRs loving you. Success is guaranteed with our cleverism custom templates!


And, that’s a wrap! It may sound unbelievable, but right now, you have everything you need to create THE perfect CV that will help you get your dream job!

Just follow every step from the guide, and we guarantee you-you will be on your way to your new job shorter than you think it’s possible!

Don’t finish this process here when it gets most useful.

Go to our website and check out the custom CV templates made by our resume designer program, that will make you have yure desired cv in no time, better than you can imagine!

Few wish you the best of luck and can’t wait to see how many closed deals await you in the future!

Sales Associate Resume: Sample & Complete Guide

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