Increasing Your Salary By $5,000, $10,000, Or Even $20,000 Is SOOO Possible! Here’s how…

An action-packed course which walks you through the salary negotiation process step-by-step and helps you achieve a winner mindset and the exact words you need to use to raise your salary

NOW is the time to learn how you can raise your salary significantly and change your life for good.

It can be done! Join those who mastered negotiation skills and increased salary by $5,000, $10,000 or $25,000… Join those who negotiated insane bonus schemes, premium benefits, flexible hours or additional days off.

Learn how you can work and talk your way to a (much) better tomorrow… and develop a winning mindset (which most people lack, but almost everybody has the possibility to develop).


And yes, this is completely doable even if:

  • You never negotiated anything in your life before!
  • You never stood up for anything before.
  • You areрtotally introvert.
  • You haven’t been in the company for a long time.
  • You don’t have tons of professional experience.
  • the ‘Economy is bad…’

What if I told you, you too can easily RAISE YOUR SALARY by following a few fairly simple steps (which of course, take work and practice)!

Well, you are probably wondering: “Who the hell are you?”

Fair enough…

We are those, who’ve done it repeatedly!

We are Martin and Ana, co-founders of Cleverism.

Both of us grew up in a lower middle class family. Our parents did not have well-paying jobs (Ana’s parents: sales clerk, truck driver; Martin’s parents: secretary, crane operator) and hence could not really teach us how to negotiate our salary successfully.

They provided us with love and ethical values (love people, love education, being honest, thinking long-term, working hard), but were not able to teach us anything about earning a higher salary.

We both raised our salaries significantly. Martin did this mainly by changing jobs strategically, while Ana was working herself up.

Martin is someone who managed to get from a salary of $50k to $170k within five years (and on the side both of us started Cleverism). And after successfully doing so, Martin helped numerous other people achieve equivalent results…

But let’s go back to basics for a sec and focus on Martin’s story.

Before making a CHANGE and getting this salary increase which probably appears somewhat surreal for the most of you… I was right where you are right now.

I finished good schools with honors (even hacked myself into Harvard University). Tried hard and anticipated a very bright future…

I will just say things didn’t turn out exactly as I expected… I did find a CHALLENGING JOB but…

…with a salary BARELY EXCEEDING my monthly costs in an expensive city (Frankfurt, Germany).

I can’t say I wasn’t enjoying the work I was working in one of top consulting companies working on corporate transaction (aka due diligence and financial modelling), but I felt as if I was working FOR a little more than for FREE.


… DEMOTIVATED, hoping things will finally CHANGE FOR ME.

I felt as if I somehow owed this company for giving me a job.

And over time, I constantly strived to live up to someone’s expectations, working my ass off and performing above average…

Without ever actually considering I COULD BE ASKING FOR MORE…

Does this sound familiar?

Then, something happened. An unexpected medical issue made me rethink everything I’ve been doing and everything I thought I knew.


Working to barely survive… Long hours…

…no time or money for enjoyment of any kind…

… Overachieving and over thinking…

…Stressed out at home, stressed out with friends, stressed out at work…

…Buying a ‘budget’ cheese (And I love cheese!).

What was I doing?..

Something had to change or I would burst.

And right there, I finally considered asking for MORE of life.

I knew I was worth more than what they gave me but I also knew my negotiation skills were POOR, to say the least.

I needed to work on them and I dedicated weeks and months to this goal.

Just like many of you, I wasn’t exactly an extrovert and I rarely stood up for myself… But I realized this may not have to be decisive if I truly dedicate to practicing my negotiation skills.

And so, I tried… and I failed…And failed again.

But ultimately, I SUCCEEDED.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: I decided NOT TO SETTLE and haven’t settled ever since.

“It took me a while to change my mindset and (partially) let go of my fear… I am not much of a goal-getter but this course absolutely helped me get there. Systematical explanation that what I want is completely justified helped me to a ‘winner mindset’ and a raise of 5%. The best part is that I don’t think I’m stopping here…”
Bart C.

Following my first successes, I continued sharing what I learned; with many, many people via Cleverism (which I co-founded).

Apart from that, I also helped numerous friends, family and colleges on their way to a higher salary.

Over time, I carefully summed their experiences and made sure to utilize them to further improve my tactics.

All of this came together and I created the ULTIMATE, foolproof Course which EFFICIENTLY guides you through the exhausting and stressful salary negotiation process…

But before we get to the actual means which can help you get where you want, I’d like you to rethink some things you may think you already know.


So, let’s not talk about MONEY as money for now and let’s start by focusing on things that matter.

Ever wondered…


If the answer is ‘nothing much’, lucky you!

Please jump out of this conversation here, close this page and go enjoy your life.

Unfortunately, this wouldn’t be the answer of an average employee in the current economy. And it wasn’t my answer before I started working on my negotiation skills…

Check out some of the answers my friends and colleagues provided, when asked this exact question recently:

I could pay off my remaining student debt in two years!
Anna R.
I could start saving for something bigger… like a car or a house.
Rob J.
I could start investing into my daughter’s education fond… It’s really bothering me I am not putting money aside for that yet.
Tania A.
Finally get to Southeast Asia? You know that has been my dream since forever and I really feel I’ll die before I save enough money to do a quality round trip there…
Peter S.
I guess I could then hope to get enough money to get my own business running… I think my idea is great but I just don’t have enough money to get things going there.
Ashi M.
Truth be told, I would be happier going to work. I would feel that it’s actually worth it and that I’m appreciated. Right now, with this salary… I feel extremely underappreciated and I’m tired of it.
Daniel D.
I don’t know… Not worry anymore? I’m sick of worrying about money every frickin’ day… It’s exhausting. I guess I would just relax for a while knowing I’m good.
Adrianna N.

Rings a bell?

I can imagine it does.

So many things you could do with an additional $5,000…

A relief you’d feel.

And actually: This sum is NOT GROUNDBREAKING at all!

Yet, everybody agreed this additional money would make a MASSIVE CHANGE for both, lifestyle and life quality.

So, I decided to pursue this matter further.

Logically, the next question had to be…


I won’t copy those answers here…


‘Not really’…

‘No, why would I?’…

They were all no’s, except one vague yes.

‘Vague yes’ because a guy himself admitted he didn’t really believe it can happen, thus his ‘negotiations ‘ended in a poor attempt.


These answers got me thinking…

They all said it would be a MASSIVE CHANGE…

They all agreed it’s IMPORTANT and in my head, that would imply that it’s very much worth fighting for.

So even more logically, my next question was…


Well, I did get some clarity by asking this but those answers sure as hell didn’t make me happy!

And that’s an understatement. I mean, just look at this:

Dude, I accepted the price they offered on a Turkish bazaar and you basically have to bargain there. I am a definition of a non-negotiator!”
Josh L.
I was afraid what would happen…
Tania A.
This is not the best time for the company. The sale decreased in comparison to the last year, so… I mean, if I already haven’t then, I may as well skip it now.
Jan M.
We have a fixed salary and you get a chance of increase once per year, based on your performance. That’s it.
Sonia W.
I can’t be that arrogant… Not my style. I really don’t like greedy people and don’t want to be considered one.
Elizaveta V.
I wouldn’t know what to say… I am average and pretty sure they could replace me easily.
Tom R.

Again, I presume at least one of these answers resonates with you.

TO SUM UP: Lack of bargaining skills, FEAR, self-doubt, (presumed) average performance and my personal favorite, company is not doing ‘so well’.

All of these are understandable but what got me the most was that subtle undertone implying that there is actually NOTHING THAT CAN BE DONE ABOUT ANY OF THESE.

How did we get to this?

When did…

… We start believing we are GOOD IF we are ABOVE $0 at the end of the month?

…We start believing that it is normal to reconsider over and over again whether you can afford a weekend away with the whole family?

…We start accepting CHOOSING BETWEEN TWO NECESSARY THINGS is necessary?

How did they actually convince us that we are WORTH THAT LITTLE, hence, that we are COMPLETELY POWERLESS to change it?

But who was it actually? WHO made us believe these things?


Yes, parents told us we should be modest and hard-working.

Friends would tell us we are lucky to have a job.

Media has been bombarding us for years about the POOR STATE ECONOMY is in.

Yet, at this point, I will have to disappoint you and it’ll be rough:


You decided to accept their beliefs and teachings as your own and allowed to be tricked into having this VICTIM MINDSET.

But all is not lost… You can still change this and START WINNING.

And I think you will be very motivated to learn how, after realizing just how much you are losing by not negotiating salary RIGHT NOW.

All the things you could do and buy… Still a bit abstract…

Let’s get down to the real talk…


The problem is, that you continue perceiving a salary increase as SOMETHING HYPOTHETICAL.

Something that just isn’t there… Would be nice to get, but can live without.

And since there are SO MANY HARDSHIPS on the way to get it… You may as well skip the hassle.

But I want you to look at this matter from an entirely different perspective now.

What if I told you that by not getting those additional $5’000 per year, you are MISSING OUT ON A CHANCE TO BECOME A MILLIONAIRE?

Not tomorrow but over your whole career span…

Don’t believe me? Check out this equation:

$5,000 X 40 = $?

You are thinking: “What the hell? It’s 200’000. Big deal.”

But you still don’t get it…

SMART SAVING or a few wise INVESTMENTS here and there can SKYROCKET YOUR INCOME and by the time you reach retirement… you could easily be a Millionaire!

Let me explain this on my example:

Q: What does $5,000 really mean over a 10-year period?

After the initial salary raise, I put this additional $5,000 directly into a savings account, hence, I earned 2.5 percent interest on it per year.

This is $35,000 after 10 years in interest earnings!

I remember that you can invest money differently! If you take a slightly bigger risk, you can easily get a 7.5 percent return and after some years would have more than $45,000 from the INTERESTS ONLY.

And let’s remember that these numbers don’t even include additional pay raises which usually follow over the course of years (Critical: your salary development is very much path-dependent; the more you earn now, the more your absolute salary raise will be for your next job).

NOTE: Each additional pay raise will be a percentage increase on the already elevated income level.

One-time salary increase of $5,000 invested and compounded after 40 years: $1,221,503.79.

Generated with Avocode.

The thing is that we just don’t think of it that way… We don’t consider the LONG-TERM PERSPECTIVE.

And giving up a bag or a trip we don’t have in the first place is not so hard. That is why we tend to give up on it easily but the truth is…

Every Day You Don’t Negotiate, You Lose Money.

And now think of all the things you could do with $1 million:

  • Buy a HOUSE…IN CASH. The home you’ve been dreaming about? It can easily become REALITY. Decorate it the way you want, get a fireplace, private cinema or a pool… Common on, these things are not impossible! You create your reality and building a HOME is a big part of it…
  • Repay the STUDENT LOAN. Can you feel the relief?
    I know how it feels and believe me, it’s even better than anything you ever imagined… Getting your salary in the full amount without 40% of it being withdrawn immediately? PRICELESS.
  • Get a JAGUAR (A CAR, not an animal). Can you feel the air on your face while driving 250 km/h into the sunset with your favorite album on? A car has a price… But the feeling is PRICELESS.
  • TRAVEL around the world… Go the road less traveled, if that’s what you desire.
    Climb mountains, visit temples, party hard and do all of that stress free (because “even if,…”, you are covered)
  • Take the WHOLE FAMILY on a trip around the world! This has been my dream since forever… Not a trip around the world with all of them, but consistent travels with members of my family, sometimes my kids, sometimes my parents, sometimes everyone… Aren’t those the best moments in the world?
  • Be IN PEACE and feel SECURE. You know this bad feeling in your stomach when you become aware of an extra cost you didn’t anticipate? The feeling of being powerless and vulnerable… The feeling that you are unable to provide something for someone you love? Why not have it the other way around? Why not be IN PEACE, SECURE, IN CONTROL?


Now, it’s a bag. In a few years, it could be your kid’s tuition fee or a house…


You lose the RESPECT of your boss and colleagues.

You pass on the opportunity to feel APPRECIATED and SIGNIFICANT.

You also give up on other things you could negotiate, like: better benefits, flexible hours, work from home, fully paid educational leave, promotion, fantastic bonus scheme, a parking spot, paid courses etc.

YOU CAN NEGOTIATE ANYTHING you want and you could have all of those things.

However, in order to do so, you would have to be prepared to give up some of your beliefs and misconceptions up.

Are you ready to RETHINK your BELIEFS?


So, why is it that people don’t negotiate their salary?

Answers I got were seemingly very different, but I soon realized actual motives can be grouped into more or less, 4 types of excuses.


I can’t really negotiate.

I can’t, I don’t know how; I’m an introvert blah, blah, blah.

Perhaps the most common and well…the simplest one.

I can’t do it. I am not good at it. And THAT’S IT, right?


As with everything else in life, there is almost always a way to upscale, improve and learn something you didn’t know before.

So, why is it that so many people don’t even try to work on their negotiating skills?

Because it is not the lack of salary negotiating skills that stops them, but rather FEAR of what would happen if they gave it a try.

And while some decide to face this fear and aim high, others decide to excuse themselves by blaming it on the lack of salary negotiating skills.

And believe me on this one… WE ALL HAVE similar fears, worries and doubts… Even TOP-PERFORMERS AND THE BEST NEGOTIATORS.

A DECISION to overcome fear is the only differentiating factor between winners and losers.

Those people who ‘make it happen’… Those people who ‘ask for more’…

They’re not rude. They’re not greedy. They are polite and assertive in their request to be treated fairly.

Most importantly, they use the RIGHT PHRASES AND STRATEGIES when negotiating.

And this could easily be you… Salary negotiation skills can be learned.

You just need to let go of your fear and start believing you DESERVE MORE.


There is no way my company would/can give me a salary raise.

And then we have this GEM.

My question to you: HOW DO YOU KNOW?

Your colleagues told you ‘No way’ or is it just your subjective feeling?

Your company has fixed salaries?

Yes, companies nowadays often have fixed salaries but what your boss isn’t telling you is, is that they ALWAYS have some room for potential adjustments.

So, what they have is usually a fixed salary range for a certain position, and there is a difference.

Finally, if there is absolutely no room for negotiations about money (at this point), why not negotiate OTHER THINGS (flexible hours, home office etc.)?

Such things can also make your LIFE EASIER and are usually worth fighting for…

You are not good enough to even ask for it?

AND who on earth told you that?

There is one thing I REALLY NEED you to understand: Your market worth is an objective value!

It’s not about whether you can still upscale your game in some aspects of your work or whether somebody else can do something better.

It’s about knowing the market value of the work you are performing and the value you bring to the company.

  • Are you staying late hours?
  • Are you contributing to the overall business?
  • Are you making your bosses life easier?
  • Do you think your presence and performance is generally cherished?

If you go home at 5pm and basically linger around the workplace, trying to do as little as possible, this may not be the right page for you.

BUT if you contribute more than an average person, are willing to work hard, learn and develop…You should be paid the amount you deserve!


They will start looking for a replacement immediately and ditch you?

I have NEWS for you: It doesn’t work that way.

The trick is: You are MORE IRREPLACEABLE than you think…

Or let’s put it differently: Replacing you is NOT CHEAP!

The total cost of hiring one new employee could be as high as $5,000 in a professional or manufacturing industry and even more, depending on the industry and seniority level.

Even hiring a new employee in a services-related industry typically costs more than $1,000.

And that is just the cost of hiring!

Consider training and paperwork, potential relocation package and your company has already spent over $10,000 just to hire you!


So, yes, of course you are replaceable. Everybody is, but…

If you have a substantiated request for a reasonable raise of, let’s say $5’000 on one side, and a cost of more than $10’000 to JUST REPLACE that ‘daring’ person on the other…

AND: bear in mind that such replacement also includes losses for the time this other person is learning about the job + THE RISK this other person may leave or just isn’t good enough etc.

Try being in your boss’s shoes for a minute…

Sheds a different light to the whole story, right?


I don’t want to appear greedy (and I am afraid of the potential negative consequences of asking for a raise)

And then, there are those who are afraid of being perceived greedy, arrogant, uncooperative, a bad person etc.

Look, I feel you.

We all care how people perceive our actions… It’s HUMAN.

But let’s go back to the ‘market worth’ story.

If you find out you are, for whatever reason, underpaid… Isn’t it LOGICAL to ask for what you deserve?

Aren’t you only being FAIR to yourself by fighting for what you deserve?

If their goal is to pay you as little as possible without considering your hard-work, efforts and contribution – Who is being GREEDY?

If your company thinks you will settle for whatever they offer – Who is it that is ARROGANT here?

And while you dwell on these thoughts and allow your inhibitions get in your way, others are ALREADY ASKING FOR IT.


You refuse to appear greedy, arrogant or are afraid your boss will treat you differently after such a conversation.

How come you are not afraid your boss or colleagues will think you are a COWARD, WITHOUT ATTITUDE, SHY, TOO FEARFUL…WORTHLESS?

They won’t say it…Of course they wouldn’t.

But why don’t you ever think that by not fighting for what you want, you ALSO risk people thinking poorly of you?

You certainly pass on the RESPECT YOU COULD WIN by showing some attitude and owning up to the great job you are doing.

We naturally tend to think: “If I do this, this could happen…” We immediately think of all horrible things which probably would never happen. FEAR kicks in.

But for once, try thinking: “If I don’t do this, then what? Things stay the same and I stay trapped in this reality which is slowly killing me…”

And IF YOU COULD GET WHAT YOU WANT, would it be so horrible if one person would think you’re greedy?

NOT SO SURE ABOUT THAT… I don’t think you’d even care.


If I deserved one, they would give it to me

Hmm, let me think… NO.

This is not a crush-your-dreams day but I have to be firm here.

It’s a major NO.

Your boss, your company… They simply prefer to pay you the least possible.

It’s NOT PERSONAL, doesn’t mean they don’t like and certainly doesn’t mean they don’t need you.

It’s just how economy works…

They may choose to ‘REWARD’ you at some point but if that happens, you can be sure that they would, in fact, be ready to give you a lot more to keep you there and they are just going step ahead by making you feel good with a smaller number already.

You can wait and hope for a ‘SALARY ADJUSTMENT’ which would basically only adjust your income to the average market salary for such a position.

If you’re willing to wait for your company to be ‘NICE’, go right ahead, but bear in mind that THIS IS NOT YOU GETTING A RAISE.

It’s YOUR COMPANY obeying the MARKET…

Speaking of which,…

…I’d like to share a few simple truths your boss REALLY doesn’t want you to know…



The above excuses are different but they all have one thing in common: FEAR.

FEAR appears to be an overarching motive for a decision NOT TO NEGOTIATE.

The fear of being fired, replaced, being considered greedy and other negative consequences

But although I understand you have doubts and are afraid of being replaced, there is one thing you have to understand.

SALARY RAISE – major improvement for YOU, minor expense for the COMPANY

Companies do prefer to SAVE but they are also very much aware of the COMPETITIVENESS of today’s labor market.

IT IS QUITE SIMPLE REALLY: Securing good employee’s means staying competitive.

You must STOP thinking about your potential raise from your perspective and think of it from the PERSPECTIVE OF A COMPANY.

An average MEDIUM COMPANY has ANNUAL REVENUE between $10 million and $1 billion!

In other words: $5’000, $10’000 even $20’000 is nothing for an average medium, or even a small company, doing ‘well’ on today’s market.

Do you think a serious company would actually jeopardize its general competitiveness on the market for something as small as $5’000?

OF COURSE NOT: This money means nothing to them.

And if you don’t believe me, just try comparing your company’s annual revenue (or profits) with the raise you think ‘they CAN’T give you’ and rethink this through.


NOT SAYING ANYTHING, you are sure not to get anything

COMPANY’S GOAL is to make profits and that is perfectly fine.

Still, while companies hold on to this goal dearly, we, on the other hand, tend to forget what we are working for too easily…

What are you working for?


If you do ask for a salary raise, your boss may or may not agree.

Still, I would say your chances hit higher than 50 % (actually well around 80%) and even if you don’t get it right now, you are paving a road for future increases and are immediately getting RESPECT.

Not asking for it… Your chances of getting a raise are 0%.

Again, they may ‘adjust’ your salary or ‘reward’ you but trust me on this, companies usually have very clear motives for such moves and it very often means you could be asking for much, much more.

It is so important to realize that you are losing more than just money with every day you continue procrastinating…


  • Future savings
  • Inner peace and tranquility
  • Secured future for you and your kids
  • The return of control over your life
  • RESPECT of your boss and colleges
  • All those things you ‘cannot afford now’


It’s about the life which could be yours if you only cared to ask for it!

Do you now GET IT?

It’s SO much riskier not to negotiate! Or…


NOW: If you finally decided to dare and go for what you think you deserve, you will want to give it your best shot!

Winner MINDSET, proven TACTICS, killer ARGUMENTS…

Are you ready to negotiate your salary NOW?


If you are ready to take CONTROL OVER YOUR LIFE and finally get paid as much as you deserve, this course can help you get there!



…Not having to think twice about things you need?

…Actually worrying about quality and performance, instead of JUST PRICE.


…being care-free and being certain about your future.

…Knowing that your debts will be repaid in a year…

…Knowing that your child will not have to worry about an insane student loan tomorrow, because you get them covered.

…Going to work knowing your job actually ‘pays off’ and enjoying the appreciation for the great work you are doing…


You can actually get the salary you deserve.

But you will have to learn HOW TO ASK for it.

And by saying that, I want to introduce you to the course which helped hundreds learn how successful salary negotiations are conducted.

Graduates, juniors, seniors, executives, TOTAL NEGOTIATION DUMMIES… They did it!

And they did it because of the fact that this course targets all categories of employees and offers TAILORED SOLUTIONS FOR EACH INDIVIDUAL CASE.

So no, you don’t have to have a specific, irreplaceable skill set or 20+ years of experience.

You just have to be WILLING TO LEARN and READY FOR A CHANGE.



  • Know how, when and where to initiate salary negotiations.
  • Determine your exact market value and value to the company.
  • Understand the process of salary determination.
  • Get the employer to consider you irreplaceable and worth the extra cost!
  • Feel better and be more confident in salary negotiations.
  • Know exactly what, how and when to say when negotiating your salary/bonuses/job perks
  • Seal the deal with killer arguments.
  • Be in control!

Sounds promising?



Generated with Avocode.

This workbook focuses on the determination of your MARKET WORTH and how this one is CRUCIAL for successful salary negotiations.

  • You will learn HOW to determine your WORTH + ALL SPECIFICS of individual determinations.
  • This way, you will know whether and exactly how underpaid you are + how to build argumentation around this information.
  • Not only this, but you will be able to calculate your exact VALUE for the company and understand YOUR PLAYGROUND.
  • And if there is none? You will learn how you can INCREASE YOUR WORTH + become IRREPLACEABLE.


Generated with Avocode.

In this workbook, we get more practical by explaining STEP-BY-STEP, how you should proceed when asking for a raise.

  • You learn how to MENTALLY PREPARE and SHINE during this conversation.
  • What comes AFTER the meeting? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered…

In short: You will get a breakdown of relevant steps of this stressful process with exact scenarios and tips which will help you PREPARE EFFICIENTLY.


Generated with Avocode.

As practical as it gets!

You will get actual WORD-BY-WORD scripts which you can and should use the next time you negotiate (and NOT JUST your salary).

Alternative scripts with versions and arguments adapted for SPECIFIC employees’ profiles (from junior to top executive).

  • You learn EXACTLY how to ask for a salary negotiation meeting.
  • You learn how to MAKE YOUR CASE and make your boss realize your value and contributions without making you look arrogant or greedy.
  • You will get word-by-word scripts to use for an amazing OPENING SPEECH.
  • You will learn how to present your salary increase suggestion or how to accept the offer from the other side. Not happy with it? You will know how to make a killer COUNTER-OFFER that actually gets accepted!
  • You will learn what to say when you get a “Let’s talk later” response… And get them very interested to TALK NOW.
  • And you still need to be mindful about your words after this stressful conversation which is why you’ll be provided with perfect “FOLLOW UP” scripts which will help you seal (and secure) the deal!

I promise you will not get lost regardless of what they throw your way, because you’ll be 100% PREPARED and SMOKING!



Generated with Avocode.

Since this is a different scenario, we focused on it separately.

  • You will learn how to approach salary negotiations in a SENSITIVE SETTING of job interviews and offer negotiations. Who brings up the topic of salary first, how do you reply if you want more and how do you MAKE YOUR CASE clear and attractive?
  • Don’t be afraid TO ASK TO BE PAID ADEQUATELY. I will provide exact scripts which will help you secure an AMAZING OFFER. You will never mess up your chances by saying something wrong again…
  • ARGUMENTS you can use to make sure your work in a new company is appreciated and rewarded adequately – negotiate a better salary, benefits and even, position.

You will MASTER how to raise a company’s interest and MAKE THEM WANT YOU.


Generated with Avocode.

Getting a raise will never be 100% objections free and I want you to be READY FOR EVERYTHING.

The most common objections which come up in salary negotiations and BULLETPROOF COUNTER ARGUMENTS at your fingertips.

  • They say your SALARY IS FIXED? I will teach you how to reach the HIGHEST SALARY in your salary range!
  • You haven’t been in the company for long but are killing it with your performance? I’ll show you how to make them FORGET ABOUT YOUR TENURE and focus on YOUR WORTH.
  • Economy is poor and company is struggling? Make them understand just how much they’d lose by considering NOT GIVING you a raise and do it RIGHT.
  • Now is not a good time? I promise you, you’ll never have to accept this objection again and I’ll teach you EXACTLY how you demonstrate now is the BEST TIME to have this discussion.




It’s for you if…

  • You are willing to dedicate some time to master the knowledge from the course.
  • You are opened to change your beliefs and redefine what you think is true.
  • You work in a rather typical company setting.
  • You are willing to reflect on your weaknesses and can bear some self-criticism.
  • Are already working hard and do not shy of responsibilities.
  • You can imagine and want something better for yourself.


This course is not for you, if…

  • You are after over-night results and don’t want to invest anything into yourself.
  • Insist to stick to your beliefs and excuses, thinking that reading a few pages of material is enough for a change.
  • You work as a freelancer or are self-employed.
  • Would prefer to stay average and work as little as possible.
  • You don’t really believe your life could be better and/or are ok with it staying the way it is.


Q: “But I truly, truly suck at negotiating. I can’t talk in public, I get all red and my voice gets shaky. The same thing happens when I have to talk to anyone superior. Can this course still work for me?”

A: It should work but you have to be prepared to work hard and invest energy into changing your mindset, not just learning what you should say.
I will give you tips, tricks and very, very practical advices so you will know how to proceed (so nothing like: “stay calm and relaxed”). Finally, being perfectly prepared should help lower your stress level.

So, my answer would be YES.

Q: “My boss says our salaries are non-negotiable (fixed). Can I still use this course?”

A: YES. This argument is, indeed, raised quite often.
Therefore, the matter is specifically targeted both, in terms of scripts you should use to claim your worth and contra arguments you can offer if your boss argues your salary is strictly predefined.

Q: “I want to negotiate a salary raise following my relocation to a different role. Can I use some of this for such a case too?”

A: Definitely. This topic is specifically covered by the fifth part of the course ‘Raising salary when changing jobs’, but I can vouch that you will easily be able to make use of the whole course.

Remember, this is not a one time or one situation based knowledge, you will be able to use this stuff over and over again and not even just in salary negotiations.

Q: “I work as a freelancer and want to raise my rates. Will this work?”

A: I must say NO here.
There are certainly things you can use but I would say your situation is rather specific and that you would be well advised to go for a more targeted manual or course (freelancers or self-employed specific).

Q: “Is Clever Salary Negotiation course specified for a certain market (e.g. US or Europe)?”

A: NO. It is not… You can use it regardless of the market you are working as long as you use English in your negotiations (and not even that is a must but I guess word-by-word losses some of its power when translated).

Q: “Can you guarantee I won’t get fired if I follow your instructions?”

A: How could I do that? Maybe your boss is already planning to fire you and you coming for a talk just gives him a great opportunity to raise the topic.

Still, I would say such a situation appears highly improbable? I can’t guarantee that but I can assure you that the chances of your boss firing you for simply raising the topic of a raise are very, very slim.

Q: “Can I still follow your instructions and get a raise even if I am already ok paid and don’t really aim to be the ‘top-performer’?”

A: You can.
Nevertheless, the thing is that this course was created for people who are underpaid. Be it that they are objectively worth more or that they simply work for more than what they’re getting.

In this course, you can find a big section dedicated to the strategic increase of your market worth. If you are willing to dedicate to this goal, I am confident you will find this course useful.

On the other hand, if you feel fine with the current state of affairs and are not willing to dedicate to further improvements, this may not be the appropriate course for you.

Q: “How do I know this will definitely work?”

A: You don’t and I can’t promise you that.
I am giving you the means but you also need to invest something yourself and this is the part I have no control over.

If you think what I talked about above seems reasonable and you feel it talks to you, I am glad.

You may also want to check out some of the content on my page (Cleverism) and check whether there is something you can use there.

I most definitely cannot claim a 100% success rate but I can guarantee I am offering sustainable solutions which worked for hundreds of people who gave it a fair shot.

Q: “How is the course content delivered?”

A: Clever Salary Negotiation course is a workbook-based online course. When you register you will receive an enrollment email with your unique login information where you can work though all workbooks.

Q: “How long do I have access to the course?”

A: How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.

Q: “When does the course start and finish?”

A: The course starts now! It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish.


We've packed a lot into Clever Salary Negotiation, and I want to make sure that you not only get all that content before you fully commit to this — I want to give you 30 days to let it digest, try it out at your job, and make sure this is really working for you.

Try the entire Course. 30 days is enough time to go through the Course and its workbooks twice and then decide. If you don't LOVE it, I insist that you get 100% of your money back.

It's simple: Learn and try it for yourself. If the powerful tips and tricks don't help improve your life in 30 days, I want you to email me. Show me you did the exercises, and I'll give you all your money back.

This guarantee lasts 30 days, which completely covers the Course. That means you can try the ENTIRE Course and then decide if it's right for you.


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For this amount, you can afford a cheap trip or not the newest iPhone. OR you can invest money in your personal development and move up to a new level of income. And then one more, and another ... Or just fly over a whole span and increase your income by an order of magnitude. Everything will depend on your plans 😉

“In all honesty, I didn’t really expect much from this course. I tried many things (e.g. career coach) and read many books, but nothing really worked to push me to actually have that conversation. I was quite frustrated and basically just wanted to take this thing off my list and say I tried everything… In fact, I ended up using 90% of things I learned from it. For me, the game changer was that this course changed the perspective on my worth entirely. I got a functional script which helped me explain my contribution to the companies’ profit appropriately. The course helped me secure a raise of 10% (!). I totally recommend and trust me, I tried many things before trying this one.”
Joanna S.
“I really love that it’s super practical… I get bored easily and I hate theoretical explanations… Just tell me what to do! This course did and I ended up securing an amazing health insurance package alongside a promise my raise will be discussed again in the next 3 months. Not bad at all…”
Robert W.
“I used one of the scripts from the course almost word-by-word and secured a raise of $6’000. I did build up on my successes from the previous year but I feel that it was the confidence resulting from good preparation that won my case. So yes, you have to invest some time and you have to have some contributions behind you but THIS COURSE WORKS.”
Lazar T.
Special thanks for this course... The other company accepted my suggestion for a raise! 😀 15% 🙂 No, wait... 20%! I couldn't believe it 😀
Andjelija M.
Executive Assistant

Join Now and Increase Your Lifetime Earnings

Enroll in Course for $249
visa-master pay-pal
You can also pay in rates - only 3 Payments of $98

If you have any questions or concerns about the course, email us. We're happy to help you