How to Build Powerful Connections with VIPs for “Skip-the-Line Access” Into the Private World of Unannounced Jobs, “Unfair” Perks and More

Introducing an exclusive course on proven NETWORKING and JOB HUNT strategies.

Skip the line and open the world of HIDDEN OPPORTUNITIES!

Don’t you get it? It’s not about what you do but WHO YOU KNOW.


Are you in for a professional mentorship, priceless career advices and the pool of unpublished and unannounced jobs?

A STRONG PROFESSIONAL NETWORK gets you all of this and MORE!

And a strong professional network can easily become your REALITY…

Well, you are probably wondering: “Who the hell are you?”

Fair enough…

Who are we?

We are Martin and Ana, and we decided to offer this course because we’ve both had great success while using these techniques to network and win valuable connections.

Same as you, we both grew up in a usual low middle class. Our parents did not have valuable connections, that could help us to get a better job.

Ana: On top, I moved to Germany on my own as I was 18 (with no friends here, and for sure, no business connections, that could help me later on), but this did not limit me to get a job at first league management consulting company (Oliver Wyman).

Martin: My parents always told him “Keep your heads down. Work hard. Never dream big…” But I didn’t want to follow the believes my parents gave me.

We meet us during our study and started Finance Club in order to network with Management and C-level executives. We went to (and organized) networking events in New York City, London and Frankfurt (Germany). We also reached out directly to top executives via LinkedIn and Facebook and repeatedly meet with billionaires, super successful entrepreneurs, world political leaders.

Our parents would this a little bit crazy (but in today’s world with the right approach, this is doable and you can get ahead in your career and business much much faster.

You would maybe ask: was it scary to talk to those people in a suit and tie as a student? Sure, it was! First, we were afraid and fell totally awkward reaching out to those classy people.

But through hundreds of iterations we finally learned how to spot the right people to network with, how to approach them and write effective messages that get results, and how to feel less awkward meeting those executives.

Changing our mindset from feeling awkward from reaching out to people has resulted in lucrative career opportunities, tons of business insights, several business ideas, and lots of friends (got to know people from multi-million dollar companies like Cloudera, SoFi, MapR, Flixbus). And this approach is nothing that is unique only for us – this is something you can learn.


  • You are an absolute BEGINNER when it comes to networking.
  • You don’t know THE PEOPLE.
  • You don’t know how to ‘CONNECT’ with anyone or what this concept even means.
  • You are an INTROVERT.
  • You have been in the business world for a long time and haven’t managed to grow meaningful relationships until now.
  • You feel there are NO GOOD OPPORTUNITIES on the job market.
  • You find the concept of networking ‘sleazy’ and don’t want to compromise your values.

Networking, networking, networking…

This word seems to be EVERYWHERE!

Know the RIGHT people, CONNECT in person or via LinkedIn, chitchat, INMAIL, get WHAT YOU WANT.

I know what you are thinking:

“Yeah right… easier said than done.

How do I get to KNOW these people if I’m not an Ivy League graduate?

I am not choosing people I surround myself with based on their professional background or whether they’d be useful for me…

I don’t want to become this sleazy, annoying little person that harasses people with constant distribution of business cards and inspirational talks.

What if I’m simply not a ‘social’ butterfly and in fact, don’t want to be one?

How can you network without these ‘social’ features?”

What if I really can’t be ‘that person’?

I totally get it…

I do because I, myself, had the exact same thoughts. I managed to shift my perspective around but we’ll get to that later…

Before I fill you in on my learning journey, let’s be clear on one thing:

Good professional network takes you places!

If you truly aren’t aware of this, you must be completely ignoring the situation on the global labor market today…

And the sole realization still means little.

I realized this a while ago but still couldn’t bring myself to overcome my barriers towards the very CONCEPT OF NETWORKING.

What is it that people mean by ‘NETWORK MORE’?

Know a lot of people?

Be chatty? Be super friendly?

Approach random people you don’t know asking them to help you?

Be arrogant and/or sleazy?

I just couldn’t align with these concepts.

I knew a couple of interesting people or people which could be potentially useful for me in a professional sense.

Nevertheless, every time I thought about reaching out to them, I felt ashamed and unsure.

I felt they would find me desperate or annoying if I asked them for help directly… I somehow felt no one will ever want to help me unless they believe I can repay them back.

And at that point…

I truly felt I don’t have too much to offer. I was still kind of fresh in this big, bad business world.

Things started changing when I noticed many of my college pears and friends experiencing rapid career growth and incredible life changes.

To me, it seemed this happened OVERNIGHT.

They were all great people, but even being extremely judgmental, I wouldn’t consider myself worse than any one of them. They had their strengths, I had mine, but generally speaking, I considered all of us to be of a more or less similar rank.

So I had this impression regarding us being equal and yet, they all seemed to get everything I only dared to dream about.

What was the deal? Why was I STUCK while they flew high?

I decided to catch up with one of my colleagues who happened to be one of the ‘lucky ones’ and check what I was doing wrong…

Our discussion escalated rather quickly:

“Dude, it’s all about WHO you know… Do you want me to talk to my supervisor about you?”

As easy as that…

And that wasn’t even the most surprising part.

He ACTUALLY talked to his supervisor in the next two days.

They discussed my profile and whether there would be a place for me in their company!

Long story short, my career took off in a totally unexpected direction… And things started changing in the most fantastic way.

I was stuck for months and all it took was one coffee and my CV IN RIGHT HANDS…

This revelation blew my mind.

In my new place of work, I met new people and started connecting more and more.

For the first time in my life,

networking started feeling… NORMAL.

I wasn’t even thinking about it… It felt natural to talk to, meet with and stay in touch with people of interesting profiles which could benefit my professional development.

And wow. This brought some REAL RESULTS.

When I needed advices… I knew I could get some great ones ASAP.

If I needed referrals, I knew how to ask (and get) them.

If I needed to conduct an informal interview on a certain company or topic, I conducted it naturally and stress free.

It didn’t happen all of a sudden or immediately but over time…

Nevertheless, at one point, I realized the FULL POTENTIAL OF NETWORKING.

Up until then, I accepted staying in the dark by being afraid to connect with right people.

I realized…

Being good truly wasn’t GOOD ENOUGH.

And realizing the full potential of this incredible skill, I STARTED IMPROVING it willingly!

Not only that, I decided to share and spread this knowledge further…

And now I want you to think about this as well…

How is it that some people always get those amazing things happening for them?

LinkedIn update: ‘Congratulate person X on promotion’.

Instagram posts showing fantastic team events.

New jobs, mind-blowing salary, incredible co-workers, career changes, work life balance…

Some people just seem to have it all, don’t they?

But HOW do they GET THERE?

I kept asking myself the same question over and over again…

Do they simply ASK for these incredible things?


Is SUCCESS simply INEVITABLE for some people?

And questions that follow:

“How do I get to be a part of this chosen group?

When will somebody start noticing my greatness, coil personality and all the hard work I am doing?

When will I finally GET IT?”

And this here is a million dollar question…

Do you have a PLAN to GET IT?

An actual, bulletproof strategy that will help you get where you want to be?

And then…What’s with that waiting for somebody to notice you?

It doesn’t work that way!

Realize it:


And plus…

Why do you PREFER TO WAIT?

Wouldn’t it be better if you simply placed yourself in the spotlight and TOLD THE RIGHT PEOPLE JUST HOW AWESOME YOU ARE?

That be said, have you ever actually thought about..?


What one RIGHT person can do for you?

Ok, so we all know having cool friends is nice but speaking of it in a PROFESSIONAL CONTEXT…

Have you ever thought about the difference one ‘RIGHT’ person could make for your career?

Let’s see…

Why do people insist on networking so much?

What is it that a ‘good connection’ can do for you?

People often talk about connections without actually realizing its full potential…

I got curious and asked some people from my circle on their thoughts on this topic.

These are some of the thoughts I gathered…

“A connection should help me get a job, right?”

A plain explanation but indeed…

A good connection can help you land a JOB OF YOUR DREAMS.

But how does this work exactly?

Will a good connection conduct a JOB HUNT for you?

Kind of… But not the way you think.

“A connection should pass on my CV to some interesting people in the industry.”




Is there a better way to land an amazing job?

A good connection knows where to place you; they know what you are after…

They have YOU IN MIND when an interesting internal opportunity comes along.

They will not hesitate to put your CV OUT THERE!

And it doesn’t end here…

A good connection can fill me in on interesting INTERNAL OPPORTUNITIES I would otherwise never know about…”

True that!

A good connection means always being one STEP AHEAD in front of everyone else.

Imagine getting INCREDIBLE JOB OFFERS and INFOS ON FANTASTIC POSITIONS without them ever been made public or posted anywhere…

Knowing what others don’t and having a CHANCE TO SHINE while competitors are still in the dark!

That be said… GOOD JOBS are still out there (but more than 60% of jobs are NEVER published online!).

The thing is they usually don’t reach you until it is too late!

A hot information on internal openings plus a few praising words from your connection? What you get is MAGIC.

And believe me on this one…  A praising introduction from a right person can SKYROCKET your job hunt and well… career in general.

Speaking of career…

Have you ever faced  DIFFICULT PROFESSIONAL QUESTIONS / DILEMMAS and didn’t know whom to reach out to for advice?

“Should I quit my current job and take a risk of moving to a less safe but more profitable industry X?”

“How much longer should I wait before asking for a promotion at my company?”

“Should I enter cooperation with person Y?”

“Should I move from city A to city B?”

When it comes to tricky professional questions, friends from your private circle don’t bring you too far…

Not because they don’t want to, but because they don’t have the knowledge and expertise YOU NEED in that particular situation.

And this is where a good connection comes to play…

How fantastic would it be to have a PERSON who actually KNOWS what you are going through and can give you a summary of key steps to success?

A person you can trust with GOOD JUDGEMENT?


All essential if you want to be sure you are making the right career move…

So, ok…  When forced to truly think about it, majority of people I asked had a pretty decent idea about what a good connection can do for them.

Nevertheless, this same majority stated they do NOT HAVE SUCH CONNECTIONS.

But this is still FINE…

I didn’t have an instant network either… I worked hard to build it!

That be said, my next question was…


Some of the responses I got…

“What do you mean?”

“You mean like, who do I stalk next? No, thank you.”

“I know it would probably be useful, but I just don’t know how to approach those ‘important’ people. I mean, how do you approach someone at Google? And ok, I can send a message, but they will never ever respond so what for?”

“Strong network is something you get from your parent or at least, at the university. Me being a lower middle class guy + community college graduate? I don’t raise my hopes up…”

“Spare me… That is another name for having people who owe you favors. I’m not there yet.”

“No, no I don’t. I tried asking people for help at certain points but it never really paid off.”

As you can see, their replies weren’t exactly optimistic…

IN SUM, not one of the people I asked had a DEFINED NETWORKING STRATEGY

They all had at least an idea about benefits of networking, however, refused to come up with a way to improve their skills in this area…

Rather strange, don’t you think?

I wanted to understand hidden motives behind this behavior and realized that all of these answers can be grouped into three large categories of EXCUSES…


Excuse #1. It is pure luck… I simply don’t know the right people.

Hmm… Ok.

But why don’t you try meeting such people?

Or reaching out to such people?

You are sure they won’t respond? They have better things to do and more important people to help?

You feel UNWORTHY of their time?

All these thoughts, excuses, explanations… They are in YOUR HEAD.

Right people are out there, easily accessible and very often, very ready to help.

It is YOU who is BLOCKING YOURSELF from reaching out to them due to 1) self-constructed feeling of unworthiness and 2) laziness and lack of motivation to do this well.

Excuse #2. I am truly bad at networking.

Many people are… but that doesn’t change the fact that it is a SKILL which can be mastered.

Just like any other skill, it requires time, learning and most importantly, PRACTICE.

You feel uncomfortable walking up to someone and introducing yourself on an Alumni event or a job fair?

You prepare your elevator pitch, you dress for success, you target the right people…

Are there rules and tips you can use to prepare in all these aspects perfectly?

OF COURSE! And I promise you: these tips and tricks can be mastered by anyone.

You will have to dedicate some time to master these things but most importantly…

You will have to push yourself to make the first step and approach people over and over again.

And you will have to continue pushing yourself until you start feeling comfortable about this whole networking story.

It may take a while…

It may feel as if you are constantly improving your networking skills…


The most important part?

Realizing that POOR NETWORKING SKILLS is not a legitimate excuse.

Excuse #3. I refuse to be sleazy and will not compromise my values.

I hear you… This was my main issue as well.

“This is your lucky day! My name is X and I am just the person you need… Let me give you my card.”

We all know these people and yes, they are plain ANNOYING.

But bear with me for a second:

Networking doesn’t have to be this way.

This can’t even be considered good networking strategy anymore…

It can feel natural… It can be personal… It doesn’t have to be over-the-top-arrogant and sleazy.

What if a person you wish to approach was someone similar to you?

What if you got a referral from a person more a friend than a ‘connection’?

What if you could feel free reaching out for advice to someone you met via LinkedIn without feeling uncomfortable?

Can networking be DECENT?

Can it feel… More PERSONAL?


And let me feel you in on a couple of secrets which may explain my reply better…


SECRET #1: You don’t need EVERYONE in your network.

That is one reason why it can actually be REAL and MORE PERSONAL.

People usually imagine successful networking as +500 connections on LinkedIn and constant, every day emailing…

It seems impossible because, well, IT IS.

Nobody can maintain that many connections…


You don’t need to know everyone… Just a few KEY PEOPLE which will help you to your CAREER GOALS.

Sure, everybody could prove useful one day but that is not the point here…

To build a STRONG NETWORK means to focus on the RIGHT PEOPLE.

People that will get you places, be meaningful contacts in the context of your field, area of expertise or company you wish to work for.

Don’t even imagine approaching 100+ people a day and sending template emails…

This simply is not a right way to go.

LESS IS MORE and in this context, this statement continues to be completely true.

SECRET #2: Professional connections: It’s not about friendship but it can/should feel personal.

A professional connection is not your friend.

You are connecting on a basis of mutual professional benefits.

You are both hoping to gain something…  Maybe not instantly but in the long run… Definitely.

Does this exclude the possibility of a friendly, respectful relationship?

Absolutely not.

You should be reaching out to people you find genuinely successful.

People you wish to be like or those who did or know something you don’t.

When thinking about your connections from this perspective…

Is the prospect of mutually beneficial yet respectful relationships still SO UNREALISTIC to you?

I wouldn’t be so sure…

SECRET #3: People are rarely born with a good professional network…

Trust me on this one: It is rarely a given.

You have to work for it and at times, it can feel like a hard work indeed.

Tricky part?

Networking doesn’t only involve relationship building but their maintenance as well.

It takes TIME, it takes ENERGY and it takes KNOWLEDGE to do it right.

Any good news about this one?

Pretty much everyone has to go through the exact same hustle!

By putting some extra effort into it, you can make sure to have a pretty solid network even without preconditions such as Ivy League education or influential friends checked.

If you excel in the skill of networking, you can be sure your background; circle of friends or heritage won’t be a stepping stone for you.

If you know how to market yourself properly, nobody will care about those irrelevant things anymore…


Do you?

Many people still don’t really get it…

It is not a matter of IMAGE!

Who cares about the number of your connections on LinkedIn or the number of people you talked to on the last corporate event?

NO ONE, apart from, maybe, you.

What is it that matters?

Let’s take a look at your TIME.

The time you are wasting by looking for your dream job in the wrong direction…

The time you are wasting waiting for replies which never come.

The time you are wasting by not getting key information or advices.

The TIME you could be saving by having a right person at the right place.

Let’s talk MOTIVATION.


Sending applications and failing…

Being GOOD, or even GREAT, yet UNNOTICED.

Stuck at the job you hate…

Stuck without a job?

Despite all the hard work you invested and keep investing every day.


And you won’t like this one either…

(Often times) being GOOD isn’t good enough.

You will still need people to pay attention to your hard work and the quality of your work.

Following long term rejections and denials, motivation can be hard to recover.

And even if you succeed…

The whole process takes up so much of your ENERGY…

Energy which could otherwise be directed towards a meaningful JOB HUNT or actual SMART CAREER MOVES.


It means a waste of good chances…

Missed opportunities and future YOU COULD HAVE.

So my question to you is: why don’t you save yourself some trouble and try being AHEAD OF THE GAME?


Imagine emailing only three or four people telling them about the career change you are planning while asking them about potential opportunities they’d have for you…

Now imagine getting three or four friendly replies that same day.


All replies containing interesting opinions, advices and information YOU CAN ACTUALLY USE.

One of these people wants to refer you; the other one already sent you an internal job opening to die for.

Feeling of unworthiness? GONE.

Shyness? WHAT FOR?

Confidence? CHECKED.

You are good and there are people who know how to appreciate that.

They have your back whichever professional path you decide to take…

When in doubt… You know you have good people to reach out to and feel confident you will be advised well.


Not at all.

This is where successful networking gets you.


One RIGHT PERSON can make all the difference!

The best PROFESSIONAL ADVICE you could ever hope for?

INTERNAL JOB OPENING forwarded before ever posted on job portals?

Referral at the right time.

Kind words to attract attention  and highlight your achievements…

All of this…

YOU ARE LOSING ALL OF IT by not working on your networking skills.

Simple as that…

But ok…

You still don’t know how to do it, right?

A legitimate excuse?

What if I told you…


Of course there is…

Everybody who knows something started working on this crucial skill a long time ago.

So what are YOU waiting for?

Are you ready to deep dive and start mingling around like a pro?

Have doors opened for you and get an “all-in” access to the world of opportunities?

Are you ready to rethink your ways and communication skills?

…To work on your self confidence and strategy?

If the answer to all of the above is YES, you are in the right place.

Let me introduce you to a course which will teach you how to:

  • Target key people you should be connecting with.
  • Learn how to initiate a conversation/correspondence.
  • Learn how to place yourself as a valuable connection.
  • Highlight your achievements in an interesting and engaging way.
  • Ask for career advices, favors and referrals in the right way
  • Uphold and nurture connections you created.
  • Get a hold of most successful job hunt strategies.
  • Get a job or a desired career change in a faster and more efficient way.

Sounds interesting to you?

Let us get familiar with concrete aspects of this course…


Networking is the key and the formula for success exists.


Generated with Avocode.

This course delivers it to you by breaking massive knowledge into tiny, simple steps which ultimately get you to the desired goal.

After going through these materials, you will…

  • Know how to identify exactly those PEOPLE THAT CAN HELP you based on your PROFESSIONAL ASPIRATIONS. I don’t want you to waste either yours or other people’s time and the key to success is called TARGETED APPROACH which is why I break down the search process for you A to Z.
  • Know how to initiate an engaging professional correspondence with both, people you already know and those you don’t know at all.
  • Know and learn how to use different search and connection tools depending on your profession and preferences.
  • Know EXACTLY what to SAY in different situations and with different connections and learn how to draft and deliver a perfect ELEVATOR PITCH. First impression MATTERS and you don’t want to mess it up!
  • Stop hiding your worth and start feeling confident telling people just how AWESOME you are.
  • Learn how to nurture your relationships… Networking never stops but you shouldn’t neglect existing relationships either. You don’t really want good people to forget you, don’t you?



How to SPOT MORE DREAM JOBS by using these proven job search strategies

Generated with Avocode.

In addition to the Clever Networking Formula, there is also a BONUS workbook which guides you through the best job hunt strategies.

You will learn how to:

  • Determine your career goals and why this is CRUCIAL in the context of a job hunt.
  • Perform efficient search on employers (potentially) relevant for you.
  • Perform efficient search on people which could be useful for you.
  • Know how to utilize relevant online JOB BOARDS in the best way possible. Hours of meaningless search and 100s of unsuccessful applications sent? Pointless and you will soon realize why this IS NOT A WAY TO GO.
  • Learn how to work with RECRUITERS. Where and how to find them, how to approach them and how to perform a search working with them.
  • Learn hot tips which will help you actually get something out of JOB FAIRS and other social events of this kind.
  • Understand NETWORKING in the narrow context of a job hunt and why having hot connections gets you further than any other job search method…

But before you get all excited about new connections and jobs smiling at you, I just want to be clear on one more thing…

This course is not for everyone.



  • You are opened to rethink your ways, tactics and things you think you know.
  • If you are willing to dedicate some time to master this course.
  • If you work in a rather typical setting, not as a freelancer or self-employed.
  • If you are ready for some constructive feedback and self-criticism.
  • You are willing to work hard and are actually motivated for the next big step.


  • You are not opened to changes.
  • If you want instant results.
  • If you are a freelancer, artist or self-employed.
  • If you cannot bear criticism and don’t want to reflect on your actions and behavior.
  • Are ok with where you currently are and are not sure you want to go an extra mile.


Q: What if I really, really hate networking?

A: It’s ok. Nobody really enjoys it that much…

Especially not if you imagine it as sucking up to tens of different people while distributing business cards at a boring event. Who wouldn’t hate this?

I just want you to understand that it doesn’t have to be this way… It can be a lot more human, it can feel personal and you surely won’t have to compromise any of your values or principles.

You can find your own networking strategy and by doing this, it will start feeling natural. You may still continue being an introvert with social communication being an intense challenge for you in general but there is really no reason why you shouldn’t be able to master the skill of networking even with these built in obstacles limiting you. It’s just a matter of effort.

Q: I am totally average. Can I still hope to have a strong network?

A: That ‘average’ qualification was made by you. You may be better or worse than some people in certain things but looking at a bigger picture, we are all average in some way or in comparison to someone.

That be said, there is absolutely no reason why being average should be holding you back from growing a strong network or at least working towards this goal.

You will not be noticed instantly and you will definitely have to put some effort into learning how to recognize right people, how to approach them, how to get them interested but all of this is more than doable.

So yes, even if you CONSIDER YOURSELF to be average, there is a way to a successful networking.

Q: How does this course work?

A: This course is an online course meaning that it can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

Following the purchase of materials, you will be able to come back to them anytime and revise your knowledge. There is no expiration date.

As for the learning pace, it is entirely self-paced. You yourself decide on your progress and how fast you wish to go. It may take one week or one year before you are able to say you mastered this knowledge or before you start seeing real results.

The more effort you put into it, the faster your progress will be, but there is absolutely no deadline whatsoever.

Q: How is the course content delivered?

A: The Clever Networking Formula course is a workbook-based online course. When you register you will receive an enrollment email with your unique login information where you can work though all workbooks.

Q: Does this course work if I am still a student?

A: Yes. Networking does not have a start and/or expiration date.

As a matter of fact, the sooner you start growing a strong network, the better.

As for strategies and steps presented here, they perfectly work regardless of your current professional status, that being of a student, junior or an experienced professional.

Q: What if I don’t know who my target connections are?

A: I will help you learn how to identify your key people.

This is not as easy as it seems because there are many factors to be considered. Your area of expertise, level of experience, your professional desires, who you already know and even, your character.

Nevertheless, in this course I teach you what to focus on and this way, you will be able to quickly identify people who can be useful for you.

Q: What happens if I neglect my professional network for a while?

A: Falling behind can happen, just as with anything else in life. You should strive to uphold your network but if, for some reason, you neglect it, there are certainly ways to pick it up.

Networking never stops and just as this course, it doesn’t have an expiration date (you’ll have lifetime acces to the course).

I will teach you how to nurture, pick up on your connections and how to come back as a winner.

Setbacks are a part of life and I don’t see why you should give up on your network because you were absent for a while.


I went from working in wholesales to being an engagement manager in 4 months. It only took one InMail to the right person. That's easy and yet, before this course I never knew how to do this. I finally got someone to actually see all of my strengths and qualities and got much further than I ever hoped I could get.
Anna M.
I hated the concept of networking… This sleazy, strategic person… That just wasn’t me. And in all honesty, it still isn’t how I am. But this course is not about being sleazy… It is a about creating meaningful relationships and learning how to highlight your strengths. It helped me realize that my problem wasn’t the fear of being annoying, but rather fear of not being good enough. My self-marketing skills got a proper boost and I managed to get a job of my dreams in an extremely competitive industry with a help of one right person only.
I only wish I found this course sooner before wasting 6 months of my life on unsuccessful job hunting. It took me ONE MONTH after going through these materials to target 5 key people and get invited to an interview in a top marketing company. I wasted a lot of my time and I highly recommend you to be wiser. It is about WHO YOU KNOW.
Sabrina M.

What do you know? I would never say I could talk to people stress free and actually feel comfortable telling them about myself and my achievements… Yet here I am. I am now approaching people on a regular basis… I see someone who did something I find interesting on Linkedin and I approach him/her. I ask them about it, I learn, I develop and this won’t be stopping. I don’t shy from asking for help or advice either and so far, this approach only got me amazing results…


We've packed a lot into Clever Networking Formula Workbooks, and I want to make sure that you not only get all that content before you fully commit to this — I want to give you 30 days to let it digest, try it out at your job, and make sure this is really working for you.

Try the entire workbooks. 30 days is enough time to go through the workbooks twice and then decide. If you don't LOVE it, I insist that you get 100% of your money back. It's simple: Learn and try it for yourself.

If the powerful tips and tricks don't help improve your life in 30 days, I want you to email me. Show me you did the exercises, and I'll give you all your money back. This guarantee lasts 30 days, which completely covers the workbook. That means you can try the ENTIRE workbooks and then decide if it's right for you.

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