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Quarter life crisis, QLC for short is a potential killer that should be avoided like the plague.

It can bring about a low self-esteem and debilitating thoughts about yourself. In short, QLC should be understood and conquered because ignoring it could lead to an early grave.

I apologize if this sounds like an exaggeration.

It is not!

All these information about QLC are not in a bid to instigate a fear in you, but to sensitize you to the subtle dangers of QLC and give you reasons to give it your rapt attention and overcome it.

There are some important facts you need to know about QUARTER-LIFE CRISIS. Questions like:

  • What is it QLC?
  • What age group is likely to age to experience it?
  • What are the phases of QLC?
  • What are the signs of QLC?
  • What are the benefits of QLC?
  • How can I permanently overcome QLC?

You might find this short introduction on QLC very interesting.


Wikipedia describes Quarter Life Crisis as a period when a person starts to feel worried and unsatisfied about his own life because of the stress-related progression into adulthood.

It is a stage in life when one feels lost in life’s existential limbo.

You know what you do want, but you are not exactly certain how to get them. You get confused and don’t know exactly where you stand in life.

Basically, a quarter-life crisis is a time of exceptional solution-seeking on how to get better in life. The QLC victim is usually keen and determined but after much defeat on the battlefield over and over again, he ceases to fight.

QLC is caused by a lack of fulfillment. People become unhappy when they remain unemployed despite their excellent performance in college.

Some have a job they are dispassionate about and passionately anticipate Fridays. Some have to work two or more jobs just to get more money. QLC is caused by an unhappy or unfulfilled life.

Often times one of the greatest cause of these occurrences is comparison—a typical routine with regards to comparing yourself and your achievement with the lives, vocations, and connections of people around you.

“Individuals think about their 20s as an opposition,” says Penelope Trunk, a prime supporter of Brazen Careerist, whereby asking; what should I Do with My Life?


QLC is increasingly common.

As we age, the tendency of experiencing QLC increases because we begin to care about what the world thinks of us.

QLC occurs most commonly in people of about 26 years and nine months of age. Most people suffering from QLC are in their mid-20s to 30s.

Perhaps, the reason is not far-fetched. After getting an education, young people begin to answer real-life questions. The music ringing in their ears plays one word with different tunes — survive! The first thing they hear every morning is “get a job”, “start a family”, etc.

Sometimes, QLC may come visiting just when you feel you have everything under control and in order when all of a sudden, you hear that subtle whisper in your ears telling you about how clueless you are about your life.

66% of youths in the 25-to-35 age range experience QLC. Specialists depict QLC as a feeling of frenzy that your life isn’t the place you would rather have it to be.

QLC can be a pain in the ass, as you may have found. The good news is that 80% of people report feeling better after facing QLC.


There are three main signs that point and unveil a quarter-life crisis:

  1. Doubting your choices up to this point
  2. Lacking a sense of direction in your life
  3. Trying to change the path of your life

But these 3 can birth diverse of excruciating questions for you, most times, rhetorical.

  • You feel like you should be further along than you are now-your profession, your connections, your self-improvement, and your funds.
  • You frantically need to feel sure about yourself, whoever “yourself” truly is.
  • You can’t choose whether you ought to pursue your passion or seek after the profession you got your degree for (and now you don’t even realize what your passion is)
  • Your companions are beginning to change and you feel a profound feeling of misfortune
  • You attempt to “do everything, “because you feel regretful for being so ineffective.
  • You’re attempting to better yourself and be a better adult, yet you feel kept down by your parent’s desires.
  • You still care excessively much about what individuals think about your life decisions.
  • “Am I going to feel like myself once more, when is life going to feel like it should?” Is something you inquire consistently.
  • You’re reading this article at this moment because you Googled: “Quarter Life Crisis
  • You get yourself repulsed and constrained from going to church in the meantime. You approach God for help one day and after that, you’re shouting at him the following day
  • You surf the web in such a great time at work each day that you finally hit a point where you don’t realize what else to scan for.
  • Making a financial plan is totally crippling.
  • You have no clue where to go for answers. Or then again even, how to locate the correct inquiries.


Indeed quarter life emergencies are genuine (Wikipedia said as much, buddy).

You might be experiencing one of the crises at this point. Bad as QLC sounds, there are numerous benefits attached to it.

Some of these benefits include;

1. Self-Reflection

Quarter life emergency causes you to ponder on life. It helps you to look within.

This experience encourages you to figure out what you have preferred and despised. This time of reflection helps you to acknowledge what you should have done better to be happy. This could mean radical changes like going back to school, switching employments, or field of expertise.

There are lots of advantages to self-reflection. Self-reflection holds you accountable to yourself. You begin to see that you can do much more than you ever imagined.

2. New Outlook

QLC gives you new eyes to the way you see yourself.

It helps you improve on what image you had of yourself and you begin to see new potentials every day.

During this period, you may begin to ponder on how your standpoint lines up with everyone else around you.

What’s more?

That is something to be thankful for if this new knowledge and revelation are used for its purpose –self-improvement.

Understanding that life isn’t going as planned sparks the fire in you to find out the source of this shortcoming. You get to rethink or alter your vision and action plan.

You start to get a correct definition of your existence. I remember vividly when I sat on the stairs as a kid planning to have it all together by 25. I was young and naive and 25 seemed like the right age to be hitched, have the ideal occupation, and be an official grown-up.

Things happened in a flash, and then I turned 23. After some painful reflection, I understood that I was not going to have everything in perfect order in 2 years. I wasn’t doing my dream job yet and there was no lady.

3. Growth

Experiencing QLC encourages you to grow up. It teaches you to be autonomous and make some difficult decisions.

You might have to change your clique or do something you’ve been putting off. It helps you to reshape your life and find out the things that will help you make a difference every day.

This, in essence, enables you to alter the course of your life.

To grow, you must ask yourself some difficult questions. Questions like:

  • What do I think about?
  • What’s not working in my life?
  • What does appear to work?
  • If this isn’t working for me, what may?

If I did not wind up in a real predicament, I would perhaps have never reflected on my life and dreams, ambitions and goals. I wouldn’t have been a business director in my well-cut suit, etc.

My life too would most probably not have the importance which it has now. QLC held so many benefits for me! It showed me the loopholes and made me rediscover myself in such a satisfying way.

4. Redirection Via Emergency Call

We dial 911 in an emergency. Needn’t we call for some help from our higher centers?

A crisis requires quick consideration and so does QLC.

It requires bolstering from individuals who’ve been down that road or are in it with you. You have to out everything else on hold and face the creator– you!

You are all of a sudden on a mission to save your own life. The warrior within you is called out from its sleep to do what it knows how to do best — saving you.

During this period, you begin to divert your strength and vitality to things that matter, things that keep you strong. You’ll have the ability to decide what needs your attention and what does not.

5. New Opportunities

Insane as they may appear, experiencing QLC could give you new eyes to see the opportunities that have always been waiting for you.

When the world you know comes smashing down around your ears in an over-submitted, overwhelming and non-productive way, think of it as an attempt to size and locate the new best for your life.


Nobody really likes QLC. It is armed with nasty bugs that should be exterminated.

You have definitely read this far to find a lasting solution.

Now is the time!

These are undeniable facts that helped me scale through the inevitable times of QLC with powerful words that will immediately increase your credibility.

1. Don’t Compare

Comparison is one of the major causes of QLC. Perhaps you signed in to a social media and saw joy everywhere. People had every good thing that you lacked. You have thoughts like “if only I had a child”, or ” if only I had this kind if weeding” or “I can’t believe this young lady is a doctor!”and perhaps you sobbed well into the night.

Ted of ClapHAM talked about the dangers of comparing in a powerful video called “DON’T COMPARE AND DESPAIR”. You need to remain concentrated on your ideas, run your own race and attain your own goals.

Comparison is poop.

It’s absolutely alright that you will never have the capacity to accomplish another person’s life.

That is not your motivation.

Your motivation is to experience your own happiness at your own time.

2. Discuss It, Refuse to settle for less

Many people feel embarrassed to admit feeling stuck.

They all go around playing the ‘life is swell’ card at mixed drink gatherings and weddings.

Life is not always rosy.

We have all felt somewhat crappy at some point in life and kept it all to ourselves.

Instead of talking about it, we play assumed scenes in our head of what others might think of us. Sometimes, all we need is talk to someone we love the problems we face.

Don’t feel humiliated by how others seems well while you’re stuck. You’re not the only one going through this process.

Chris Adam of Poswolsky talks about refusing to settle for less and crushing the quarter-life crisis in this powerful video:

Be determined to overcome the obstacle and talk about it. You don’t have to discuss it with everybody—make time with your closest companion or with people you love.

If there are no results you might require some new people in your life. You can go talk with a holistic mentor! We sure have some expertise in that kind of stuff.

When you share a problem, you feel relieved. Since you’re determined to overcome the QLC, you should discuss these insidious sentiments keeping you down.

Get them out of your framework by speaking all it is that you feel. Be heard. Be approved. Believe me, you’re not alone.

When you feel stuck and depressed, you can meet with people that might help whether you know them or not.

3. Stop ‘blaming’ yourself

The past is past. Never let it define your future. Sometimes, thoughts about what you could have done better plague you every day. They go off like alarms.

You know, oops, I could have gotten that job, I could have made more profit, etc.

These thoughts are debilitating and only dampens your morale. Quit whipping yourself for these apparition achievements you were supposed to accomplish and move on.

Don’t get stressed over the past. The future is much brighter.

With constant deliberate practice, you’ll learn to see the bright side of life. You need bliss. So, offer yourself a reprieve, and let these ghosts vanish.

No more “ought to have”. You are going to have much more when you have inner peace.

4. Do Some Self Inspection

Look within. Do you really know who you are? Do you truly know your worth? Have you thought about it? Where have you allowed others define your life?

Many people think they know who they are but after some deliberate thought, they find out otherwise.

To become acquainted with yourself, you have to spend more time alone asking yourself the difficult questions.

Carry out personality tests or whatever tests you can get your hands on. These personality tests go a long way to helping you identify who you are.

They help you fibs out what you love and what you despise. When you focus all your energies on what you love, you will achieve it.

Note: These tests don’t DEFINE you, they only help you find out where to begin. They also give you knowledge of your unique qualities and also slight shortcomings.

Sometimes you may feel stuck, but don’t worry. Finding yourself is a process. After taking these tests, check the outcome, and we could help you find yourself.

5. Envision Your Dream

Welcome to cloud nine. It’s time for the super fun stuff.

You need a meaning to life.

Have you ever traveled deep into your own world? Have you taken a mind’s journey to what you wish your world really is?

If no, perhaps now is the perfect time for you to begin!

Amazing things happen there!

Set apart time to envision your ideal life and do it somewhere quiet. Let every chain that binds you to break. Let your imagination loose and think without bounds.

Where do you see yourself in five years? Write it down and start working toward it.

Now, compare your vision of the best you with the identity tests you just took. Did you find similarities? Do you have some qualities or habits that will take you to your ideal? What new habits or qualities do you need? What habits do you have to break?

Now, you have to find the path to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

6. Make Search

Since you already have your idea of an ideal life, something you are truly passionate about, it’s now time to inquire about how to arrive at it.

Perhaps during your inner searching, you envisioned yourself to be proficient in a field?

That’s great! It’s now time to look into some accreditation or graduate projects. Make your vision of an ideal life your obsession.

Surf the Internet, read books, meet with individuals who have achieved what you want to achieve and gain some experience from them.

Once you hold this idea in your head, the universe will work to see it come true.

Be specific and clear about what you want.

This is because of the more specific you, the less distraction you’ll find on your pilgrimage to your ideal life. Have fun along the way!

7. Get Support

It could be difficult trying to change your life all alone. You can certainly do it better if you have someone to hold you accountable.

This is an ideal opportunity and moment to share the cheerful things of life. Share your dreams, your passion.

Get the needed fuel. Give your loved ones a chance to help you. They can help you go farther than you ever imagined.

Getting a coach figure is also a great idea! Find someone who you admire, someone who has much interest in you, someone more experienced than you.

Hear them out. Accept some exhortation. Let them give you tasks to complete. It might seem a little awkward at first but with time you’ll be glad you did!

8. Put Yourself Out There

Have you inquired, imagined and talked about those great things you want to achieve?

Right now is the time to give it a try. Put your everything into it!

Have you always loved to be an author? Well, at this is the best time to write. Put a few words down on paper, and submit them to publishers. Begin a blog.

Have you always loved taking pictures? Take a few shots, send them to your favorite photographer, or post them on Facebook.

Do you want to be a medical attendant? Select a class and purchase a couple of books. Also, on the off chance that you need an accomplice throughout everyday life—you gotta go out and meet one.

It doesn’t make a difference how huge or little it is, simply make a move to make them move. After you a few attempts, it will feel increasingly great.

Out of the blue, the rec center isn’t as scary. Working out is really fun, not frightful. Keep the word progress resounding in your head and let it be your motivation.


QLC has no power to hold you down or overcome you.

Even if you’re right in the middle of the QLC, can you feel the change within you? You’re growing!

Don’t be overwhelmed by the call of this crisis, it’ll only make you lose focus and defeat your purpose.

This is the time to re-think, re-evaluate, re-strategize, and re-do. Focus and turn your quarter-life crisis into a quarter-life catalyst. Lots of love!

Powering Through Your Quarter-Life Crisis

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