The potential of the human mind is unlimited. Our ability to condition our minds through routines, new experiences, and challenges can have a far more reaching impact on our end goals, our attitudes, and even our drive to succeed at everything that we endeavor to accomplish.

Somewhere Deeply Engraved in our subconscious (cerebellum), according to neuroscientists, makes 98% of our brain despite our conscious part (Cerebrum) being superior with the number of neurons 70000000000: 30000000000.

The vast network of synapses present in the subconscious makes it responsible for communicating thoughts and decision making to the Cerebrum to respond to them. These are some findings you may encounter until you realize how many theories exist. For instance, how Freud stopped using the term subconscious, and the term unconscious was adapted.

You probably believe you use only 10% of your brain. You are wondering what the relevance of the above is to accomplishing your New Year’s resolutions. I promise not to bombard you with more neurological theorems, so buckle up!

A firm decision to do or not to do something might be the first thing that pops up on your search engine when you look up ‘resolution.’ But does it stop at that definition? Does the description bring an HD resolution to what you will achieve as you go into the New Year?

Everything is constantly evolving, geared towards advancing ourselves in many life aspects, adjusting individual attitudes, self-actualization, and so forth. Everything that we continue doing.

Everything that we imagine, every alteration we make, every connection, and the network we build each day—the thought process, lesson, and every action that we purpose ourselves. Play an integral part in the broader scope of our ultimate success or failure.

We all know how crucial the right changes can be in making us better. Here are 15 New Year’s Resolution Ideas and How to achieve each of them.

You probably think 15 ideas are a little more than what you had set out to achieve in the New Year. Do not be alarmed; we all have something prioritized on our New Year’s resolution list, and I hope you find it on this list, that it adds more insight to what you are planning to achieve or gives you a guideline to at least build on this quest to better yourself.


You might have 5 or 10 resolutions planned for the New Year, all very important and highly prioritized, but nothing, I repeat, nothing is more important than your mental well-being.

According to the World Health report on mental health, one in four people will, at some point in their lives, be affected by a mental or neurological disorder. Most countries lack health policies geared towards mental health, and 33% of such countries only allocate 1% of their health budget to mental health.

Despite most mental illnesses being treatable and patients being able to live a life of productivity, most countries lack the three most commonly prescribed drugs to deal with conditions such as depression and epilepsy at the level of primary health care.

The statistics are alarming, and the emphasis on how important mental health is cannot be overlooked. To achieve more resolutions on your list, ease stress, seek therapy whenever burdened, stick to favorable sleeping patterns, hydrate regularly, meditate for mental clarity and wellness, detox with spa sessions, and compliment yourself.

Get off your gadgets as social media can sometimes send negative energies in your direction, improve your relations with people, understand different perspectives, and change your mind set by unwinding whenever necessary.

Prepare your mind as you set out on this new path of self-discovery into the New Year.


Healthy living is a lifestyle that promotes and improves general well-being for longer lives by lowering the risks of illness and mortality rates.

Because I want to live longer, I am definitely including healthy living as part of my resolutions.

But how do we achieve this?

By discovering new diets and meals that reduce health risks, making meal plans and changes, prioritizing health checks, eating more fruits and veggies. I came across a fun fact that blueberries and walnuts reduce LDL (Cholesterol), which poses significant health concerns.


Some synonyms for ‘habit’ like custom, tradition, and style can saturate the far-reaching effects of something defined as a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.

While perhaps some habits can be beneficial, most are detrimental.

Patterns usually pass under the guise of social flatteries in a gathering, a sense of style or class, or just a bold statement of quality and power.

Without overlooking the existing connections of habits developed because of mental health, we can agree that most started from a bottom curve and spiraled into chronic cravings. Some being responsible for fully blown health conditions. In the book the Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg.

He explores an in-depth approach into the Habit Loop, a neurological pattern that governs any habit. He explains how understanding three components; a cue, a routine, and a reward, can help determine how to change bad habits or form good ones.

The cue refers to the trigger, which develops the routine/habit/craze, which demands the reward. The ideology explores the possibility of breaking the loop through conscious efforts like replacing the routine to develop new habits and dispose of addictive and harmful practices.

While procrastination, a bad attitude, and being judgmental are harmful habits, the most potent threats are mainly smoking and alcohol intake.

While moderate alcohol intake, has health benefits to it, smoking and especially tobacco has proven to have no health benefits and are instead a predisposing factor to a variety of illnesses.

Are you looking forward to quitting a harmful habit? It sure isn’t easy, but it doesn’t mean it’s unattainable. For smoking and alcohol drinking, it has proven that coping mechanisms and recovery have been achieved mainly through functional, supportive networks such as support groups.

While you can make individual efforts, support groups ensure more accountability and commitment to taking affirmative steps towards quitting altogether.


You are probably reading this after your horoscope reading linked your zodiac sign with indecisiveness. Well, not to worry because I am a Libra and was battling insomnia and the urge to unearth the best way to be affirmative while reaching crucial decisions.

The 7, 8, or 5 decision-making steps you may have/have not come across are a fantastic blueprint. Identify the problem which requires a decision to be made. Gather relevant information first, starting with an internal assessment.

Identify options/alternatives with relevant external assessments/studies. Compare and contrast the options available, choose among the alternatives that outweigh the other regarding bringing positive impact, take action regarding the chosen alternative, and review the decision made and if it solves the existing problem.

While the steps are like the adoption of a new business model, they can be applied in real-life situations and set precedence for an exciting New Year.

Remember always to radiate positivity, attract optimism and exercise patience for effective decision-making and lasting impactful solutions.


The world, as we know it, is rapidly changing with time. It is about conforming to embrace the surrounding changes.

Be ready to accept change but put an edge on it. Evolve with technology, take advantage of increased work demands to increase productivity, and save on time management. Read while commuting, play audiobooks at the gym during workouts, and use lunch breaks at work. Anticipating change makes one more prepared to counter them.

Adaptability going into the New Year can be an additional incentive for success. Such flexibility allows one to integrate into the current situations and opens up room for more possibilities and opportunities. Foresight is the key to longevity.


You being strong, stems from having the desire to better yourself and building the staircase going up. A better version of self means doing things differently.

Whether you are planning to be more environmentally friendly or take part in leadership forums for the common good, you might have been exhausted in the previous year for lurking in the shadows, and you want to be more of a contributor.

Remember to be selfless in most works that you embark on, uplift others whenever they need it, be a team player, give back, spread kindness and compassion, be more thankful for every milestone achieved, spread kindness. Change you, change the world.

7. FOMO is a MOFO

Be yourself. Trends can stress you out; you don’t need unnecessary pressure going into the New Year, you need to surround yourself with initiatives that build you. Leave out anything that may cause you anxiety, trends included.

You can’t be everywhere. Its okay if you miss out on something, you must have been busy doing something more substantial. Stay in your lane; don’t feel pressured to be something or someone you are not.

Create unique ways of celebrating milestones, remember it’s not a competition, have a lot of fun in silence, like going to a gun range. Transform that FOMO into a weapon to conquer a fear you have been planning to get over, go bungee jumping!


One of the essential New Year’s Resolution goals a vast majority gear towards is body fitness. The mental conditioning required here is immense.

I have witnessed firsthand the power of self-belief and just doing it, just starting, reminding yourself of the fruits that lay ahead when you put in the work. My spouse had been for years always purposing to be more fit, but she was inconsistent. It is until she followed a strict plan that she achieved this.

The combination of fasting, ketosis, muscle toning, and exercising yielded results in under four weeks! A support group can be an essential step in having consistent workouts. It can be an online yoga class or participating in a ten-minute gym marathon.

Find something that challenges you outside your comfort zone for a good cause, sign up for charity runs, they are competitive, build your people’s skills, and get a certificate while at it!

Join a team for practice sessions after school or work, download apps that track daily progress steps and milestones. They are an excellent guide; you can access a series of resources about weight loss plans too. Condition the mind to achieve this, and you will love the results.


There are actual business steps on career advancement. The world has evolved, and if you were to follow that plan to the letter in a life full of sharks, they would just eat you up.

A more creative and unique approach will set you apart, plus the world is slowly embracing the out of the box thinkers of the new age. Be unique and smart.

Learn a new skill or a new language in just under a month. Update your resume or CV. Learn the techniques that have made business models thrive, search for tutorials, and be a step ahead, boost memory skills with intuitive games or YouTube channels, work more on brand visibility, and be seen.


I know I have been waiting to see this. Savings! So sweet, yet so hard. How do you do this effectively and optimally?

Why not save up for something?

Have a reason; it could be an event, an appliance, a vacation, a significant getaway into the tropics sun kissing the sky on a white sandy beach with wild berries on the walkway and coal walking at night with the native Buddhists, sounds good right? Check out how coal walking works.

Then save up! It could be a gaming console in the electronics section at that downtown corner store, pad fitted with extended grips for Mortal Kombat or FIFA session.

Saving is hard work, the amount of sacrifice one has to put in can sometimes be unbearable, but the nature of the results doesn’t require more emphasis than it has already. We all want to do something exciting and worthwhile, so we must be ready to go the extra mile to make this all possible.

Shortcuts can be long, tedious, and unnecessary compared to how fast you could have achieved the process by following procedures. Commit and get it done!


Okay, the economy can suck sometimes. And you want to go coal walking for sure. First, identify and find what you are passionate about outside the current work environment. Are you in a position to do something extra and enjoy your salaries?

Track down where to start, join a group with similar interests, and it will lead you to new opportunities or ideas on where to find them. Do not be afraid to ask for help. Sometimes your next big client is your next-door neighbor or that manager that organized team-building escapades at your firm, engage the essential people, and the people you look up to for success.

Learn from their stories, how did they overcome adversity amid all odds. How were their people skills, and how did they build networks? How did they become successful, learn from that, and be keen to search for new opportunities, engage with everything around you? Your success is usually just next to you, waiting for exploitation into full potential.

Volunteer, you will learn, though it could mean zero stipends for a few months. Some incurred costs are life tests. Beat the system with wit. Smart is the new gangsta!


I have never heard of enclothed cognition until today.

Everyone wants to look good. Is it a new pair of shoes? An expensive fur coat? People have different senses of style. Find what style suits you, your character, body type, and your budget.

Plus, it is a natural self-esteem booster, a confidence builder that can give you a voice. You can become a big brand just by design and style. Go back to savings and revisit how you can make all of this achievable.


It doesn’t have to be a trip to Hawaii. Have you explored your whole country?

Get in tune, go to local events, and make social connections. You can meet new people, learn new experiences, and be adventurous.

Go to a local gun range, see your aiming skills, go skydiving or bungee jumping, and identify a GP karting track in your area and drive away, it’s so exciting and exhilarating! Try it!


Bring all your ideas to life, if you had planned to write a book, make music, read more, code more, take a class, redecorate your new house with artistic wallpaper fittings, make your home more fragrant, tidy, beautiful.

What’s stopping you? Push yourself beyond the limit to achieve great heights as you venture into the New Year. Put in the work. Sleeping all day won’t put bitcoins into your e-currency adventures. Make it work. Bring it to life.


Make a step to check on your loved ones regularly, use your free time and weekends, improve relationships, nurture real friendships, watch less TV, and visit more to bond.

You won’t make any memories with your family by being absent.

You may have planned to do a lot of things, but you must make the first step which is starting it. Make time count for the essential elements that family can surround us with, even if things have been rough. Make steps to know what has been happening.

Still, thinking 15 New Year’s Resolution is hard to achieve? How many do you find valuable? How many are you willing to try going into the New Year? Who wants to be my accountability partner? I hope this article provided much-needed insight.


Resolve – Purpose yourself to getting things done, condition your mind with positive energy throughout the process

End year recap – what worked? What failed? Can I pick up from here? Do I need to start over?

Start – the determiner, the drive; this is the ultimate decision to making everything a success, don’t overthink it, think over the many times, you have wanted to do this.

Own up – it won’t be a smooth ride, you may falter or pause, you may feel tired, you may think it’s unachievable, but it’s not, own up to the process, every intricate detail.

Lay Down a Plan – understand the flow, start overcoming challenges, set timelines, cross out achievements with each step.

Uniqueness – find your way of doing things this New Year, make your template.

Time – the most precious commodity in getting things done, save on time.

Innovative – find fun ways of getting things done, incorporate what you love doing with what you want to get done

Order of Priority – a lot to do, but which is more important? Prioritize.

Never Lose Focus -multitasking is good but not efficient in most cases. Be a master of the craft.

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