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The power of strong negotiation skills is relevant in all wakes of life and should never be underestimated. These skills can not only help you to keep your career moving forwards but can help you to take advantage of the numerous opportunities presented in everyday life.

Negotiation skills play an important role in both formal and informal day-to-day interactions. If used correctly, they can aid in building better relationships, delivering solutions that are not only effective but also long-lasting, as well as helping you to avoid future conflicts.

Throughout life, you will come across conflict in some way, shape, or form. The ability to solve them in the most beneficial and time conscious manner is the key to successful negotiation. There are various other elements and key skills that go into being a strong negotiator.

If you are interested in becoming a fine negotiator or are looking to improve your negotiation skills, then have a look at the following 9 online courses available for you to gain insights into the tricks of the trade.


Join Chris Croft and Udemy today on this Successful Negotiation course in order to master your negotiation skills with some helpful tips from an expert.

Chris Croft is a management trainer, speaker, and successful author. He is one of the UK’s leading trainers, offering a wide variety of courses. He is passionate about providing education in a fun and practical manner. He has ensured that this course is not only memorable, but also entertaining and immediately actionable.

The course covers 2 hours of interactive content that will teach you everything you need to know about negotiation. You will learn clever new tactics that will allow you to negotiate effectively in both business and personal situations. You will also gain the confidence and mental strength to put these negotiation skills into practice.

This course is currently one of the bestselling courses on Udemy at the moment with over 30,800 students already enrolled. Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity to master your negotiation skills and join by following the link below.

What the reviews are saying:

“I like and absolutely recommend this course, which is seemingly easy but actually very logical, especially someone has sorted for you. All the principles are applicable and helpful, if well practiced, not only in the work but everywhere in your life. Furthermore I like the native and clear pronunciation from Chris as well as the narration of stories happened to him in the way of chatting but definitely appealing.” – Chen Wang

“When I’m at work, I am able to listen to music and podcasts while drawing plans. This class was extremely easy to follow along to without any video, and the stories had some great lessons in them. If you feel like being inspired to fight for every penny you’ve got, this is the class for you.” – Cameron Hughes


Looking to master your negotiation skills and improve on your business prospect, employability, and corporate potential? Then look no further, because John Academy has you covered in this Advanced Negotiation Skills course.

John Academy is an affordable and engaging e-learning study platform that are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality learning materials. You will learn through tutorial videos and supplementary materials provided by leading industry experts.

Over the duration of this course, you will learn the details behind the negotiation process. This will allow you to gain the negotiation skills and strategies needed to succeed in any challenging commercial environment.

This course is open to anyone over the age of 16 from all academic backgrounds. All that is required is a positive attitude and keen willingness to learn. Check out what John Academy has to offer by following the link below.


Join this awesome negotiation skills course on Udemy today and gain access to the skills used by successful firms such as Tesla, Oracle and various others.

This Negotiating: Learn Negotiation Skills in 70 Minutes course was designed to upgrade your negotiation skills in a fast and efficient manner. In just over an hour, you will learn skills such as pro-social framing, interactive bargaining, claiming value, as well as deal creativity and subjective value.

By the end of this course you will have the skills to lead negotiations and collaboratively make deals and structure relationships between not only people, but organizations as well. The course is packed with loads of activities to help you learn skills through practice of real-life scenarios.

Your instructors are Davis and Ludell Jones, both respected individuals at Eazl. Eazl is a world-renowned business school who provide courseware content to the likes of Harvard University, Tesla and the World Bank, just to name a few. They both have years of experience in various fields and have an accumulation of knowledge to share with you. So, what are you waiting for?

What the reviews are saying:

“The course was detailed, explanatory and engaging. The real-life examples selected were appealing and relatable. I also appreciated the excellent quality resources. Thank you!” – Indu

“Brilliant course. Very insightful and delivered by a really engaging tutor! I’m a lead systems engineer and wasn’t sure how relevant the course would be to me at the outset. However, in addition to learning some business awareness, I can really see how adopting some of these strategies is useful in my engineering workplace too. For example framing things as interests rather than issues, even when discussing technical details (some boring) with colleagues and customers.” – John Fane Kjaer Vernon


E-courses 4 You have put together a negotiation skills course that was designed and created to give you a deeper understanding of negotiation and the skills it requires.

By partaking in this course, you will gain an understanding of the various phases of negotiation, the tools you can use to negotiate effectively, and various ways in which you can build a win-win situation for all of those involved. You will also develop the confidence needed to not settle for less than what you think is fair.

The course is broken down into twelve learning modules and will take approximately 6 to 8 hours of study to complete. You will have full lifetime access upon enrollment and should be able to access all content anywhere, at any time. E-courses 4 You allows you to track your progress with their specialized Learning Management System as well as having access to unlimited support services.

This is definitely a must-do course to enhance your negotiation skills.


Gain deeper insights into a tried and tested step-by-step negotiation process that will give you all the tools you need to get that salary raise you deserve.

This action-packed Clever Salary Negotiation course offered by Cleverism is aimed at helping you to achieve the mindset and knowledge needed to raise your salary and enhance your cash flow. Each day that you aren’t negotiating your income, you are losing out on thousands. In the long term, this equates to millions that could have been earned through compound investments. This course was designed to prevent just that.

The course is broken up into 3 major modules that cover salary negotiations and some bonus sections. Across these modules, you will learn valuable skills such as how, when and where to initiate negotiations, how to get your employer to consider you irreplaceable and worth the extra cost, killer argument techniques you can use to seal the deal, and so much more!

If you are looking for better opportunities for yourself and your pocket, then enroll today and receive a 30-days money back guarantee. These 30 days allow you to work through the content in order to determine if this is the right course for you. Make the smart choice today and follow the link to this course below.

What the reviews are saying:

“In all honesty, I didn’t really expect much from this course. I tried many things (e.g. career coach) and read many books, but nothing really worked to push me to actually have that conversation. I was quite frustrated and basically just wanted to take this thing off my list and say I tried everything… In fact, I ended up using 90% of things I learned from it. For me, the game changer was that this course changed the perspective on my worth entirely. I got a functional script which helped me explain my contribution to the companies’ profit appropriately. The course helped me secure a raise of 10% (!). I totally recommend and trust me, I tried many things before trying this one.” – Joanna S.

“I used one of the scripts from the course almost word-by-word and secured a raise of $6’000. I did build up on my successes from the previous year but I feel that it was the confidence resulting from good preparation that won my case. So yes, you have to invest some time and you have to have some contributions behind you but THIS COURSE WORKS.” – Lazar T.


Most administrative professionals have to make use of negotiation techniques on a regular basis. Join Lorman today and gain valuable insights into various negotiation skills needed to get the most out of any administrative setting.

This Negotiation Basics for Administrative Professionals course covers 88 minutes of in-depth learning over which you will gain some of the best tips and techniques that you can apply to negotiation situations. You will also learn some powerful negotiating methods and skills to aid you in performing with greater confidence and competence.

Lorman are dedicated to offering you world- class training and have been doing so for over 33 years. By partaking in this course, you will have the tools needed to succeed in business and as a professional.


John Academy recognizes that negotiation forms part of a fundamental aspect of success and are bringing you the perfect course to learn how to do so effectively.

The course was designed and created for individuals looking to enhance their negotiation skills and abilities for everyday life. You will gain access to some of the most important negotiation strategies used and you will learn how to apply them effectively. You will also gain some guidance on how to build more positive relationships through negotiation.

The only requirements are a good understanding of English, numeracy, and basic ICT skills. Learners are also required to be over the age of 16. Other than that all are welcome and encouraged to join.


Yale University is offering this awesome Introduction to Negotiation course through Coursera. The course is aimed at helping you to become a better negotiator.

In this course you will gain the knowledge and skills of negotiation through a framework that analyses and shapes negotiations. This framework allows you to develop principled arguments that can be used to successfully persuade others. You will also gain insights into some advanced topics such as, negotiating when you have no power, negotiating over email, and the role that gender differences play in negotiation.

You will put your skills to the test by engaging in negotiations with other students. These negotiations will be based on case studies that can be found amongst common situations of business and everyday life.

The course will take approximately 29 hours to complete and is available free of charge. So be sure to enroll today by following the link below.

What the reviews are saying:

“Very enlightening course. Loved the material and the way it was given. Learned a lot from the cases were asked to do. Highly recommended for improvement in the workplace as well as personal life!” – Razan L

“Certainly participating in this course was a wonderful and very enriching opportunity, all classes as well as videos, printed materials are of the highest quality, with brilliant methodology and easy teaching assimilation of Professor Milton Steinbach.

It is gratifying to be able to take a course of such importance at an institution that is among the best in the world!” – Hudson d M Q

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