An amateur may think that everything smooth out there. Being a model, what’s all the fuss about?

But, when the lights turn off, things may not be as glamorous as they seem.

You know what they say, there’s more to it than it meets the eyes, and that definitely makes sense here.

How difficult is to become a professional model? Is being pretty all that matters or there are other aspects equally or even more important than beauty? Is it a stressful job?

There are just some of the burning questions every young lady or a gentleman with the aspiration to become a model has in mind.

Sometimes the answer is rather simple and more than obvious.

However, there are many situations where prejudices and myths have a significant impact.

Those are mainly some ideas that those who are not familiar with the facts create and distribute. They have some beliefs that things work a certain way.

That’s why we investigated a bit, so to discover what’s out there in that big fascinating world of fashion stars.

Without further ado, here are …


The best way to discover the true meaning of this tempting profession is to get down to resolving all the myths that can be heard frequently.

There are indeed many of them, and they are the main „guilty ones“ for the wrong picture of how things really are.

1. All models are tall.

Absolutely not! Since the desire to become a model starts as early as in childhood, the first that adults usually say is „Wait till you grow up!“ If you happen to grow up to some average level, or even slightly below that- people desperately try to ruin your aspirations by telling you „No way!“.

The most important here is that you have a wider perspective of observing things.

If you want to be a catwalk model, okay, in that case, there are a certain height and weight requirements that a person has to fulfill.

But this is not the only option.

There are various other fields, for example, clothes or magazine modeling, commercial or photo shoot modeling and many more.

Who says you cannot be some of these?

Kate Moss or Aaron Frew are living proofs that height has absolutely no importance for becoming a big name in this industry.

2.  Models are skinny.

Once again, absolutely not!

Even though the first picture that may come to your mind is a tall and slim person, that’s just because your mind somehow naturally wants to picture things that way.

But being a bag of bones is not the only „wanted“ form in the industry.

The best possible example to debunk this illusion would be Marylin Monroe. She had neither of these two „requirements“, but quite the opposite, she was short and curvaceous!

And the best of all- she was loved and envied for the way she looked.

That’s because she had amazing energy and passion that made her look seductive and desirable.

After all, let us not forget that there’s a category „plus size“.

As a matter of fact, that voluptuous form is becoming more popular, as it reflects some natural and vivacious picture of a real model, not a skinny photoshop creation.

3. All models are young.

Imagine yourself at the age of 19 and just started thinking about a modeling career.

All you can see are so many successful teenagers at the age of 14/15 becoming superstars.

What else to do but start thinking about the retirement?

And you haven’t even given it a try?

This is the most common way to discourage a young person, by saying that he/she is already too old.

Okay, there are some modeling agencies whose focus may be teenagers, but there are plenty of others who are looking for candidates of all ages.

Even high fashion is in demand for not so young models, as certain collections are actually made for mature ladies/gents to wear them.

Moreover, there are many other fields such as health care, pharmaceuticals, and many more.

So, do a little research and you will easily find the branch which is in demand for grown-up models.

4. Every model needs professional photos.

That’s nice but not every newbie can afford it.

Hiring a professional photographer is rather costly for someone who is just starting the career or only thinking about giving it a try.

All you need are several simple but effective snapshots which will represent you at your best. These shots should give agents into whether you have the necessary potential to become a model, either fashion or commercial.

You know how people say „The camera loves me!“ That’s what we are aiming at.

Sometimes the agency is willing to pay for the first shoot if the model looks promising, but sometimes it’s up to a candidate to invest.

It’s very important that you are aware of your capabilities and capacities.

Be objective to yourself.

So, the portfolio you are going to submit has to look professional but doesn’t have to be done by a pro.

5. The agency will pay for everything if they like me.

Okay, maybe, but if you are one in a million lucky enough to look so extraordinary and unusual, that agencies believe you will bring them millions in a single day.

It’s interesting how myths are either too discouraging or unrealistically encouraging, always skipping that phase in the middle.

That’s actually the stage where all truths are hiding.

Even though there’s a lot of hype and misinformation, still try to be real. If you are of average look, but still believe that you have the needed potential, you have good chances that some agency becomes interested in you.

But that definitely doesn’t mean they will spend a fortune on you.

So, the best would be to be well-informed on all the additional costs that are common for the beginners.

6. All models have to go on a diet.

O yeah, you have to starve yourself, until you reach the limits where you could live with no food intake at all.

Don’t let prejudices fool you!

As you are probably aware, this profession is highly demanding.

There are no working hours, and there’s lots of sitting and standing.

Sometimes you have to spend hours under the bright spotlights in the very same pose for hours and hours.

And could a body withstand that without proper nutrition?

Of course not!

There are no strict diets, so a well-balanced and above all healthy nutrition is essential.

Even the strongest body can give in during those exhausting sessions, which is why one needs to eat well.

Just act as you normally would, that’s the best piece of advice!

7. Plus size models can eat whatever they want.

One may imagine being a model falling to this category is a dream came true.

You are a model but can eat whatever you want because the job requires you to do so.

Well „the one“ with such ideas is definitely the one with no idea how things work at all.

For them, things may be even harder than with some thinner models.

The goal is to keep the proper shape, without becoming obese.

Again, that means the nutrition has to be well-balanced.

After all, those models are hired for the precise measurements the possess, adding or subtracting them may ruin the figure.

8. A pretty face is everything.

You see a model on TV or in a magazine and they all look so darn perfect-eyes and lips so full, eyebrows and nose with no faults, high cheekbones.

As if a Greek God or Goddes is right before your eyes. If you don’t look the same, there’s nothing to look for in the industry!

Hey, have you heard of photoshop, makeup, and numerous useful tools? „Perfect face“ is just an illusion, something that’s widely spread as the only acceptable for one who wants to be a model.

However, there are many successful stars who are into the limelights precisely for some tiny flaws they have such as moles, eyes apart, high forehead and many other details.

Think of them as some trademarks.

Something that makes you specific and unique, something that you could be recognized for.

Anything can become a trend and look glamorous and enviable if the industry decides so.

As we said, those tools can come as handy as well.

9. Modeling is a glamorous profession.

If you take the final product to measure things, then, yeah, it’s all about glamour.

But if you try to look beneath the surface, you will see many other things.

It’s actually a hard job, the one which requires dedication and a strong will over years and years. Sometimes it is more demanding mentally than physically.

In order to achieve the final stage look so breath-taking, a model has to spend countless hours covered in a heavy-duty make-up.

And that’s just one aspect!

Let us not forget the hairstyle, as well as constant prodding and poking with needless as they are trying to determine the perfect size of the outfit for you.

And when all that’s done, it’s actually only the beginning, because from that moment on you have to look gorgeous and conquer the world.

You must admit that when the moment comes, glamour is perhaps the last thing that comes to your mind.

10. Modeling brings tons of cash right away.

Let’s put things this way- you have just finished faculty or whatsoever, and someone offers you the highest paid position in the richest company in the world?

Chances are like one in a billion. Hard work and lots of effort need to be put.

One usually starts with an average salary, and as time goes by, the amount of money may increase, of course, if well-deserved.

The very same logic goes for modeling.

Even though you may get the impression that they have so much money that they don’t know what to do with it.

They may get extravagant designer clothes as compensation for some photoshoot sessions.

But, that won’t pay bills, rent or food, after all. Even the best of them have hard times sometimes.

11. Models always keep all the clothes they get.

How about a sneak peek into any model’s closet? Yeah, one simply doesn’t know what to do with so many Vera Wang, Gucci, Prada, and whatnot.

Perhaps, if you happen to be in any model’s dream.

Things are way different in reality.

As soon as the presentation is over, the shoes and clothes are packed off, and the model gets to keep something old, damaged or something they don’t even like at all.

Only the names who already mean something in the industry receive gifts from time to time. That way designers keep the good publicity for their brand.

12. Models only have beauty, no brains required.

O yeah, they are nothing else but porcelain dolls. What you do is place them in lovely surroundings, and they remain silent and beauty forever.

Being a model requires much more than being a generic beauty without personality.

They are all very different, from those who are indeed just party girls to those who are doctors, businesswomen, moms, grand moms and similar.

It often takes that unique energy which matters above all.

And of course that it is important that they are smart enough to be capable of having a normal conversation.

There are so many interviews, TV shows where they will be guests, therefore they have to have some communication skills and brains.

13. Models are all about addictions and disorders.

All the professions similar to this one have numerous pros and cons.

If you take a look at the things from the darker side, you will see anorexia, bulimia, drug intake and numerous other bad aspects of this glamorous vocation.

But don’t look at the things all black or white, because they definitely aren’t.

There are some models which simply cannot keep up with that demanding tempo, and that results in bad eating habits or drug addiction.

On the other hand, when you spot a model with fine skin and healthy look, and that certainly reflects positive living habits.

Numerous myths out there and now that they are finally revealed, it’s all so different.

As a matter of fact, it seems that all we used to know about modeling is actually wrong.

Keep in mind that each and every model is a story for itself, and there are many factors which will have a significant impact over one’s personality and behavior.

But, do know that it’s a demanding vocation and not everybody can sustain all the pressure that comes with it. We could say that only the strongest ones survive.


Now that you have all the myths busted, do you still have the aspirations to become a model?

If the answer is positive, then head on with these useful bits of advice we prepared here.

They are equally essential as the myths we described.

1. Love the job strongly and devotedly.

If the words „It’s showtime!“ sound like magic to you, if you feel thrilled and excited upon appearing before the audience if you have no fear when the camera is on-congratulations!

You have the necessary initial motivation that plays an important role when deciding whether this profession is suitable for you.

Knowing all the stress that comes along, but still be ready to deal with it and become a model is a huge thing.

2. Work, work, work…and it seems there’s no end to it.

If you ask any superstar for an honest opinion, he/she will tell you that it’s similar to working in a mine.

This means equally exhausting.

It takes 16 hours or more, be it day or night, to be active. Sometimes you will find yourself running here and there in order to get the job, but that’s the way things work.

Particularly if you are a newbie. And even after all that rush, you still need to look fresh and charming.

If you think you’re strong enough to handle that, then give it a try.

3. Define yourself.

The way you project yourself will reflect on the photos. Believe it or not, even if you feel slightly insecure, the very feeling will be visible in the photos that were just taken.

That’s why you need to give your best to pull out all the charisma, positive energy, charm, sexiness and other powerful ingredients which will leave photographers and the audience speechless and breathless.

Besides all the mentioned aspects, being photogenic is also very important, as the one will be in front of the camera.

Just to make one thing clear, it’s not about being „ideal“, but about being yourself. After all, what is the definition of „being ideal“?

Ask five designers and you will get ten different answers.

Regardless of age, height, facial features, all that matters is that the model is a self-confident one.

The one who strongly embraces all the virtues and flaws about her/himself.

4. Be intelligent.

Think of this profession as running a company. You cannot be a successful name if there are no brains in you.

Perhaps you can, but that will last for a short period of time. No-one says that all the models have to be philosophers or super smart scientists, but having good communicational skills and brightness is very important.

Knowing how to survive in a big world of sharks requires intelligence after all. Otherwise, you will get eaten alive.

5. Be extrovert.

Being a model means constant meeting with new people, experiencing a new situation, so if one is shy, that will bring no good at all.

The first time is always the hardest, but as soon as you break the ice, things will go smoother and smoother with each new situation and challenge.

It’s also a matter of practice and experience, but having the guts, in the beginning, is also essential.

6. Make sure self-esteem is always around.

This could be a tricky one. We could tell you that it’s about being an egomaniac occasionally, but we risk the wrong deductions that may come from your side. It’s not about being high up in the sky, but using this as a motivation when things seem to difficult to handle.

Use it to pick yourself up when times are hard, that’s what we mean. If you know yourself, this one will be an additional secret weapon to help you survive in this crowded industry.

7. Let the ambitions motivate you.

Even though there are examples where a person instantly became an acknowledged and successful name in the business, those are the exceptions.

Similar to hard-working, ambitions are the ones to lead you and inspire you to give the best of yourself.

Or even more than that, if the situation requires so. This is the journey with numerous setbacks on the way, and is determined to succeed is what helps overcome those.

8. Organization is everything.

Unless you establish this positive habit on time, you will end up in millions of duties to fulfill not knowing where to start from.

And it’s not only meetings and sessions we are aiming at, but finances and your body above all.

As we said, this profession is highly demanding and often very exhausting, but that should come as a motivation for you to maintain your body and health in a good shape.

9. Be in control.

We have described and busted the myths regarding addiction and food disorders. If you want to avoid those, you need to have strong control over your health and emotions.

Make sure all the vital aspects are well-maintained. Moreover, find some activity which relaxes you and takes time to enjoy it. Let that be your quiet refuge from all the fuss.

That way you will acquire all the necessary strength for any upcoming situation.

When the lights turn off, you are just a vulnerable human being like all of us, and knowing how to grow your strength is a great virtue.

10. Self-starter.

In the very beginning, you are the one in charge of your own career and success.

That’s why being well organized and determined are must-haves.

Start from the professional aspects of your life, then health and your habits in general.

Try to make a list of all the positive and negative elements that are part of you.

Learn how to grow good ones and how to eliminate the bad ones.

Now that you have this ultimate guide on how to become a successful professional model, the next step is introspective. Go step by step and see if you have all of these qualities that are an integral part of being a model.

Be prepared for anything and everything, and check things from time to time.

Being objective to yourself is definitely one of the hardest things about this profession.

Whoever is able to do so, success is closer than you can imagine.


As you could see, this is definitely a multi-layered profession with numerous advantages and disadvantages.

One needs to be knowledgable on them if he/she wants to enter the industry and fulfill the dreams instead of letting them become the worst nightmare.

We hope that our guide on myths helped you solve numerous doubts and prejudices that inevitably come with this vocation.

As you could see, practically every thought and belief that is widely spread about being a model is wrong.

If you don’t look things beneath the surface, you will end up deceived by those wrong facts.

That was, after all, the purpose of our debusting, to help people get a clear insight into how things in the industry work.

Moreover, we gave you the „recipe“ with all the necessary ingredients to follow if you are really serious about entering the modeling industry.

Be reasonable and make sure all of these elements work.

The logic goes like this: if a single part is broken or damaged, the whole machine will malfunction. Looking things this way significantly helped when determining the right approach.

Now that you know all the myths about becoming a professional model and the facts can really bring you to the starts, what is left is to say good luck!

It’s not an easy road, no one said it will be, but it’s worth the shot!

Myths About Becoming a Professional Model

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