Mobility is the core element of modern businesses, because it is necessary to remain competitive and relevant. Many of the businesses are still struggling to keep up with it. The quality of both mobile and web applications depends on multiple factors including budget, prioritization and understanding of the needs of an end user during the period of development.

Initial attempts of various businesses at mobile presence have tumbled for both customer and business expectations.

However, the solution to this dilemma is Mobile Backend as a Service. In the mobile and web applications’ development landscape, MBaaS is one of the most amazing additions for developers. Do you want to know how and why mobile backend as a service is an amazing solution for you? Let’s proceed below to know more about this:


Each mobile application is based on two major parts: frontend and backend. The frontend is meant for user-experience what we also call client side. This is the application’s user interface basically, with which we all interact.

While on the other side, the backend is what holds application’s logic, as well as database layers. It is also known as the server side. Backend is normally everything behind the surface that users don’t see. However, without backend services you can’t make your application functional.

Most of our applications are based on services including backend development, data and user management, push notifications, file storage, scalability, social media integration and APIs.

  • Mobile backend as a service is what hosts all of these crucial services. Generally, MBaaS is a cloud-computing architecture that allows mobile applications effective access to all of these resources.
  • MBaaS can help developers in extracting the server-side infrastructure completely and helps them to focus on delivering enhanced user-experience rather than spending their multiple hours in dealing with servers.
  • Even more, developers don’t have to be worried about the scalability and uptime of their application, because they can rely on MBaaS providers for all of these facilities with ease.

Therefore, with Mobile Backend as a Service, developers wouldn’t have to manage services like setting up cloud-based databases, user and server management systems, push notifications and much more. Because Mobile Backend as a Service can give you all this out of the box.


Are you planning to develop a brand-new mobile application? You need to do multiple things for this including server set-up and maintenance, preparing infrastructure for app scaling, database management, APIs building, deployment process and application security.

Besides these, you have to give your application users the ability to sign up and validate themselves, reset their password, receive app notifications, and much more. The list can be pretty extensive based on your application’s complexity. Even there are plenty of things that you need to start working on before even starting to develop your application.

However, when you are going to use Mobile Backend as a Service for the same application, the story will be different completely. Because MBaaS will take care of entire server-side functionalities for you in the best possible way.

  • With an effective MBaaS you don’t have to deal with server or app infrastructure, data or app security, database configuration, push notifications, etc.
  • With MBaaS things will be different completely, because you only have to look for an effective MBaaS provider, and include native SDK in every application.
  • Consequently, you will be able to save plenty of your time required to develop backend logic or setting up server-side services.
  • Not only this, MBaaS can also keep you from spending hours on managing or monitoring servers to host your application.


There are multiple benefits that make Mobile Backend as a Service solution the best for application development. However, here we have enlisted some of the most common ones to let you understand things in a more effective way.

Saves cost

With an effective Mobile Backend as a Service solution, the code needs to be written less as compared to traditional backend development techniques. Also, developers or organizations don’t have to spend much on managing their server or hardware to host or manage applications over time. Resultantly, the cost of app development can be reduced to a great extent.

Ready to use backend features

Mobile Backend as a Service solutions are effective to offer you out of the box features to integrate in your mobile applications with ease. Not only the integration process for these features is easier but scaling and upgradation is simpler as well. You don’t have to spend plenty of time and resources on these tasks.

IoT integration

At the present time, more and more business organizations are focusing to integrate IoT with their mobile applications. However, Mobile Backend as a Service solutions are meant to simplify applications’ backend, and this can make IoT integration much easier than ever before.

This will also keep the complexities of setting-up, launching and managing your infrastructure and let you integrate your applications with cloud-based solutions directly.

Saves time

One of the most amazing benefits that you can enjoy with MBaaS is less time required for application development. With an effective Mobile Backend as a Service, you can have all of the infrastructure required for your application development without any hassle.

Consequently, your application will be up faster than ever. It means that you can get a better ability to hit your target windows and can get advantages of seasonal trends, improved engagement and sales. Overall, you can rest-assured that your game is up effectively.

More focus on core business functions

If you don’t have to spend hours on developing backend functions for your application, then there is a good chance that you can get enough time to focus on more important business functions with ease.

With Mobile Backend as a Service, you can focus on what is more important while someone else is handling the backend functions of your application. It will ensure that you are delivering the highest quality of products constantly and this will ultimately help you to grow your business in a more effective way.


MBaaS solutions are becoming a key part of app development processes rapidly. These are offering multiple benefits for developers and organizations alike. If you are planning to develop a new application, then considering an effective MBaaS solution would be effective for you as well.

Author bio:

Amanda Clark is a freelance developer and writes about leading web app development companies. She is a goal-driven tech evangelist for five years, specializing in web and mobile development domains.

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