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Scientists Debunk the Myth That 10,000 Hours of Practice Makes You an Expert

Can a magic number define your expertise or really make you an expert at anything? A 1993 …

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Security Guard Resume: Examples, Template & Complete Guide

Even though we have a lot of laws and regulations today, there is still a lot of crime and mischief …

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Forget Job Security: How to Take Ownership of Your Work and Design a Better Life

There are lots of things that define a person and who he is. For some, it's their personality, …

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Sales Manager Resume: Examples, Template & Complete Guide

So, you chose to chase a career path in sales? Well, good for you! Not only does every company need …

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5 Entrepreneurs Who Started With Nothing – and 3 Lessons to Learn

Have you ever imagined yourself as a successful entrepreneur, who has everything? A good job, a big …

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Police Officer Resume: Examples, Template & Complete Guide

If you are on the lookout for an admirable career choice, law enforcement just might be your cup of …

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How to Create a Growth Mindset as an Entrepreneur

WHAT IS A MINDSET? A mindset is a set of beliefs, assumptions, the views that a person (or a group …

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Paralegal Resume: Examples, Template & Complete Guide

Do you know a person who said that looking for a perfect job was easy? No? Well, we do not know …

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The Biological Reason to Practice Gratitude

Imagine a day when everything seems to be going wrong. You overslept. You put salt in your coffee …

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