Teamwork may be defined as work carried out by individuals working collaboratively with each other to accomplish a common goal and subordinating their personal importance to the team’s objective and overall productivity. Each member in the team has a specific responsibility (ies) towards achieving the team’s end goal. The individuals in the team would endeavor to co-operate with each other, sharing their individual skills and offering constructive feedback.

Teamwork Processes

Teamwork-related tasks or activities depend on the organization and project or goal. However there are three key processes that are characteristic of any type of teamwork, with each process incorporating particular actions:

1) Transition Process – This process happens prior to the beginning of a new project.

  • Mission analysis
  • Goal specification
  • Strategy formulation

2)  Action Processes – They take place when the team is finishing essential tasks.

  • monitoring milestones and goals
  • monitoring systems and processes
  • coordination
  • team monitoring

3)    Interpersonal Processes – They take place when the transition and action processes are in progress.

  • conflict resolution
  • motivation and configuration development

What Makes a Successful Team?

In addition to sacrificing individual importance, successful teamwork calls for team members to have:

  • A common intention and clear objectives
  • A common work attitude
  • The essential resources and skills to get the task(s) done
  • Support for team members and trust in them
  • Willingness to be accountable for team actions
  • Readiness to share information
  • Perseverance in the midst of conflict

With respect to the manager, he should not be too actively involved in the team. The individual team members must develop the traits of resolving their problems themselves and of coming to decisions without interference from or any need to rely on their manager or management.

Research on Teamwork

According to research, teamwork works better if an individual has a close person as his team member. This is owing to the production of Serotonin, a chemical which according to certain researchers, maintains mood balance and the lack of which, leads to depression.