In the world of computers and Information Technology, Tablets (or Tablet computers) are a relatively new type of computers that are internet-enabled and work in much the same way as a smartphone. They come with touch screens and downloadable apps.

Although these tablets are capable of running work-oriented applications, most people use them for entertainment while on the road or when out of their homes.

It was with the introduction of Apple’s iPad sometime in 2010 that tablets were mass-produced and mass-marketed. This led to the market entry of various competitive brands like Samsung, Google, and Amazon, but it was Apple that dominated the market and continues to dominate it today.

Should I Be Getting A Laptop Smart Phone Or A Tablet?  

If you are in the market for a device you can work on comfortably without worrying about the length of time it is in use, you’ll most likely be better off with a laptop, especially so if you need to store large files. Otherwise, a tablet will work just as well as a smartphone.

What Exactly Does A Tablet Do?

A tablet is a very convenient, handy device you can bring with you practically anywhere, any time… at the supermarket, at a drugstore while filling prescriptions or at the corner coffee shop, while enjoying coffee with friends. It is simple and easy to use, turns on quickly and provides quick access to the internet or your apps.

In addition to its capability to have apps downloaded pretty fast, tablets have a huge range of other functions, from drawing graphics to games and word-oriented activities like Word or Excel.

What follows are several of the most common ways tablets are used especially by the younger adults:

  • Tablets come in handy for reading books, magazines, and newspapers.
  • It’s also used for surfing the internet in search of certain information or data or simply for browsing the web.
  • It’s used too for playing different games with engaging, challenging features.
  • Catching up on some missed TV shows and programs.
  • It’s used for communications, sending out and receiving emails.
  • Making video calls.

The Features Of A Tablet

Unlike the earlier touch screen devices which were driven by a stylus, today’s tablets utilize touch screens that are known as multi-touch. This is what defines tablets today. They come with interface features, a flash memory with a wide storage capacity, an “instantly-on” booting, USB, and keyboards that are Bluetooth-based. Some other models of these tablets may have 3G mobile features.

Since the market introduction of these tablets in 2010, they have used a processing system which makes the battery last longer. It has also been designed to generate enough power for browsing the internet, doing some minor production work as well as playing and enjoying mobile games.

As was done with smart phones, tablet apps are made available and distributed online and not packaged as a boxed commercial software. Known as applications stores, they provide a core set of catalogs and a one-click purchasing and updating system.