SoLoMo (social, local, and mobile) represents a number of technologies that are employed for marketing and advertising strategies. Broadly speaking, it is the synergy of collaborative and current technologies that help businesses to leverage the use of technology for enhancing their sustained competitive advantage. Consumers in the digital age are shopping for products through the use of social media. They are searching for products locally while using mobile devices to perform such activities. The advances in mobile computing devices has helped in the growth of SoLoMo.


According to recent surveys, 97% of consumers are using the Internet to search for local businesses. Moreover, 72% of consumers express satisfaction at online reviews and 60% of consumers will use social media as a tool for their shopping preferences. The above statistics are fantastic as they demonstrate the growing importance of SoLoMo in the business environment.  Successful businesses are now moving rapidly to use SoLoMo for their marketing strategies. As a consequence, businesses have an active presence on social networks and registered on location-based sites. Finally, businesses are launching dynamic promotional campaigns in order to leverage SoLoMo for their long-term business needs.

Developing a SoLoMo Strategy

Businesses can develop a SoLoMo strategy by creating a long-term social media strategy. Social media is a tool that helps businesses to interact with customers and engage them through the use of innovative approaches. The content shared on social media acts as the key to enhancing brands and creating awareness in consumers. Thinking locally is important because affinity and proximity help to drive sales and create awareness among the consumers. Businesses must be able to leverage their key competencies in order to provide localized services to their consumer segments.  A mobile-optimized website and mobile apps can be investments that can yield significant benefits for businesses. The mobile users are considered to be the most lucrative segments in the business industry since they are willing to act on advertisements.


SoLoMo is a part of the overall business strategy that can yield significant growth and development. It should not be used in isolation. A multiple integrated marketing and promotional strategy that takes into account various approaches will result in higher levels of success and growth for businesses as they focus on long-term growth. Marketing has now evolved into an integrated and collaborative approach as technology is integrated with local preferences that help to achieve the goals of the organization.