Can you use social discovery techniques for an impressive marketing result? Before we talk about that, we should try to have a clear understanding of what social discovery is.

Social Discovery Defined

The term “social discovery’ refers to a technique of discovering information about a person, product or place through the social networking platforms or social sharing websites. Of course, technology has a huge contribution to this. We use internet and different websites to share our views, product reviews and recommendations. People who shop online usually look for these feedbacks and recommendations to get an understanding about a product and its performance. So, internet and these social networking websites help people discover information about products and services.

This is why some experts define social discovery as a process to get information based on reviews, input and advices that other people share online. When a person goes shopping on the Amazon platform, he/she prefers to see the reviews shared before making a purchase. It makes them confident and helps to make a better buying decision.

Marketers also take advantage of this trend to get information about the prospective consumers. They get an idea about what consumers like, dislike or what are their interests. The internet and the depth of information that it provides have a huge potential for the marketing industry.

How Brands Take Advantage of Social Discovery?

There are many social discovery communities that have become few of the biggest sites on the web these days. To name a few, we can talk about sites like Pinterest, Tagged, Twitter, Stumble Upon, Reddit and Tumblr. Millions of people come to these sites daily looking for helpful information. Although many consumers come here to share reviews and recommendations, brands also use them as a platform to introduce their product. They use these websites to promote their products in a friendly and social environment.

Can Social Discovery Influence the Purchase Behavior of the Consumers?

Information shared on social media sites can be accessed fast and by a huge number of people. Nowadays companies hire social media experts to take care of social media marketing especially. Any bad revives, complaints or disappointing remarks on the social media page of a company can hugely damage its reputation and drive away people. And this implies that the social discovery networks have the potential to impact the purchasing behavior of the buyers.

A Social Discovery Network Explained

LivingSocial is an example of a social discovery and cataloguing network, which allow its users to review and share information about their favorite books, television show, games, music, movies, beer or restaurants. Moreover, they’ve recently launched an iPhone app that will let its 7 million users have access to its catalogue that has almost 100 million items. The members of this site can access the profile and catalogued items of their friends while shopping online. You can also rate and review a book, music and video game.

Social discovery communities now let users have access to a huge pool of database. If a business uses these social networks wisely, it can reach billions of potential buyers, influence them to buy its products and gradually achieve a huge marketing success.