A Smartwatch? What Will They Think Of Next?

Smartwatch is a term for which there appears to be no commonly accepted definition. At best, one might refer to it as a multi-purpose device that’s generally worn on the wrist.

What Does It Do?

It goes beyond simple time-keeping function of traditional watches. It runs computer applications and can access email, sports, weather, stocks, horoscopes and a whole lot more. Some models run simply as a mobile operating system and would function pretty much like a media player for playback of video and audio files and FM radio with the use of a Bluetooth headset. Other models that have full mobile phone capability and other similar features can make and receive phone calls. Still other types have built-in features as a camera, accelerometer, thermometer, chronograph, calculator, compass, map display, GPS navigation, speakers, a rechargeable battery and a watch that keeps time.

What Is Its Technology Concept?

The wide-spread understanding of the Smartwatch concept is that it makes use of the wireless technology to communicate with your smart phone. It has the capability as well to communicate with a wireless headset, heads-up display, microphone, modem and other devices.

Variations Of Smartwatches

Some smartwatches would tend to lean towards a “Sports watch” functionality which comes with a “fitness tracker” similar to those GPS watches custom-made specifically for training, diving and outdoor sports. It’s got features that reflect the lap times and speed. It has a GPS tracking set-up, a dive computer, route tracking, a heart rate monitoring device, cadence sensor compatibility and compatibility with sports transitions that comes in handy with triathlons.

For smartwatches to work effectively with phones, they’ll have to work on different types of operating systems. Some are designed only for Android. Others work with Androids and iPhones. Most of these offer permutations of functions, where some serve only as a trigger to alert you when a text message or an email comes in. Others have the set up to allow you to read them. Still some smartwatches, depending on the manufacturer have social media functionality, and some offer calendar functions.

The Envisioned Growth Of The Market

The concept of the smartwatch is relatively new. But already, technology marketers see the industry growing tremendously. Experts are saying the market trend for smartwatches is poised to take off. From a worldwide shipment of some three hundred thirty thousand (330,000) smartwatches in 2012, it is expected to jump to some five million (5,000,000) by early 2015.

Part of this optimism is the great potential, various sectors of the industry envision spinning off from the concept. This can-be-worn computer trend could serve as a hub for other smart devices that are fast-getting to be popular among patients like the heart rate monitors and smart glasses. In other words this can evolve into integrated medical systems. An example would be that device used by diabetes patients who need constant monitoring of their glucose levels.