A smartphone is a mobile phone that has an advanced level operating system and delivers high-level computing and connectivity features. Smartphone’s operating system comes with incredible data storage and file transfer facilities. Operating system’s sophisticated applications let users perform dozens of computing functions just at the click of a button. The basic features that distinguish a Smartphone from a normal mobile are its high-resolution touchscreen, WiFi connectivity, browsing features, more storage space and RAM.

How Does a Smartphone Work?

A smartphone uses cell phone network technology, which is classified into generations. A Smartphone operates based on 4G technology. This technology instigates high-speed data transfers. Smartphone’s advanced operating system manages the hardware and software resources. The operating system helps users download and install multiple applications on the mobile device. The incredible combination of the phone network technology and operating system let users multitask effectively. The Bluetooth technology of the Smartphone lets the phone link up with other nearby devices like a printer, computer, scanner and headsets. With the help of a wireless signal, a Smartphone can connect to a public email account, or even with a business’ server to receive emails anywhere.

Incredible Smartphone Uses

The advanced computing features help users save time. You don’t have to access a desktop to view and edit the important business documents, edit photos and videos and check updates. Smartphone has important social media and affiliated sites, like Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, YouTube as Mobile Apps. So accessing all these sites gets easier. Social networking and being close to friends and family become effortless. Smartphone’s high resolution 3.5” or 5” screens provide a wonderful reading experience. Many of the Smartphone Apps like WhatsApp and Viber can be used for free messaging and calls. Additionally, the quality of camera and the video recordings of a Smartphone are far superior to the regular mobile phones.

How Does Smartphone Help a Business?

A smartphone also has great contributions in business growth. Many businesses, especially the small business owners use the diversified features of a Smartphone for the growth of their businesses.

The first and most important benefit of having a Smartphone is that it assures faster connectivity and response. For a small business owner, staying in touch with its prospective customers is very important. So the dynamic Smartphone features let the businesses connect with the customers fast and resolve their queries. This improves customer service and helps businesses attract new customers gradually.

Second, Smartphone Apps like Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn help the small business owners keep track of the progress of social media campaigns. Also, Smartphone allows the convenience and flexibility to respond quickly to consumer disappointments and concerns on these social media platforms. So, it can be said that a Smartphone also helps in online reputation management.

Mobile video Apps like Skype, Google talk and Tango let team members hold an emergency virtual meeting easily. Sharing important business files is extremely easier through Apps like Dropbox.

Salespeople can quickly access important presentations on this smart device in their cars. They can browse Google for some last minute research. So Smartphone and its incredible features actually assure ease of use and provide incredible business growth opportunities.