A slogan is a unique, distinctive phase and sentence that is used as a catch phrase to promote a cause. While slogans were mostly used by political group at some point of time, but these days it is mostly used by advertisers as a medium for promoting a products USP (unique selling proposition) to the its niche market (group of people who are desperately searching for that product and has the perfect buying intention and ability).

From the marketing aspect, a slogan can have various functions. By learning this function you will be able to use slogans on a broader aspect and will be able to create or increase the effectiveness of your company slogan by a lot.

Promoting benefits: The highest use of slogans used in marketing promotion is to promote a product or service’s Unique selling proposition. The slogans are used to make the phase unique so that it leaves a long term impact on the target user market.

Creating distinction: Slogans are also used to state clear distinction between a product and its competitor’s product. This practice is highly common in the automobile industry. A common fact about such this type of slogans is that they change every time a new campaign comes up. Although the genuine slogan or tagline of the product remains the same.

Clear definition: When a product intends to target a completely untouched target market with their product which brings a completely unique and new benefit or functionality in the market, they tend to use clearly defined slogan. This kind of slogans is challenging to create but it’s done successfully creates a strong place for a product in the market.

Building credibility: Slogans are also used to build credibility in the industry. This is really popular in the medical and safety industry where the credibility of the product is more important than its brand parity (brand value) or its extra benefits.

Emotional appeal: Sometime slogans are created to create an emotional appeal on the customer market. Such examples can be found on social activity campaigns and in organizations which are currently working on a humanitarian level for the greater good of humankind. This kind of slogans tries to build a more human connection with their target market using its slogans.

What people think about a company and its products strongly depends on the slogan, it uses to promote itself to the masses. So, it is very important for a business entity to spend a good amount of time to come with the perfect slogan to promote their product in a perfect way.