Search engine ranking position (SERP), bluntly speaking, represents a rank of the searched word, or a group of words (phrase, company name, inquiry, etc.) in the internet search engine results. The rank itself represents either a page number, indicating that the results are on a given page in the search results, or an absolute position in the order of results.


There are three main components of Search Engine Ranking Positions (SERP);

  1. Actual search query – it represents a series of words the user types into the search box of the search engine. It usually consists of most important words user thinks he will find in the search results, which are commonly called keywords.
  2. Organic Search Engine Ranking Position results – it represent results which do not equal Actual search query word-for-word, but a combination of words used in actual search query and words gained by algorithmic calculations from related news articles, videos, advertising, social media, backlinks, etc. Only words from highly related articles are taken into account during selection process. The higher number of click through links for a link, the higher is the probability for it to be found on upper search ranking positions.
  3. Paid Search Engine Ranking Position results – this category represents sponsored links, or advertisements, for which websites pay to search engine companies to put their links in the first results. They are relevant to user’s actual search query, but they don’t necessarily represent the best possible answer for the given input query.


High search engine ranking positions means that the company trying to sell something is going to show among the first results while the customer is searching online. Research has shown that more than eighty-seven percent of people don’t even go further than the first three pages when searching on most popular search engines – Google, Yahoo and Bing. Considering that, search engine optimization is a must when trying to be among the higher Search Engine Ranking positions (SERP). Making companies and brands more noticed is the basis of merchandising and the very reason why people pay for commercials. If the product is more noticed it will sell more, meaning it will make more money for the seller. High ranking on search engine results are not the easiest way, but most definitely are one of the most noticeable ways to get the product recognized on the market.