A sales kit is a case or folder that contains data about a product, a service or a company offering the commodity on sale. A sales kit basically contains promotional content aimed at increasing sales and raising awareness about the brand. Sales kit is also referred to as sales support material and it can be customized to specific clients or be generic. Information in a sales kit may be in form of:

  • Audio/video tapes
  • Models
  • Samples
  • Brochures
  • Demonstration kit
  • Literature

A sales kit can be customized for various prospects and it helps a company to explain its business, its products on offer and point out how different it is to the competitors. Since a sales kit basically works to raise brand recognition, proper packaging is essential. The sales kit of most companies is a professionally developed carrying size envelope that bears the company name and logo.

Possible contents of a sales kit

  • Sales letters – a sales letter is a basic component of the sales kit and it is used as a basic sales pitch. In cases where there isn’t a specific target customer in mind, it is quite generic, but if there is a specific customer in mind, it might be customized to contain certain attributes.
  • Company brochure – brochures included in sales kit usually have company information on them. This includes company history, vision, mission and accomplishments. It may also include information on the company’s industry experience, location, capabilities and business history.
  • Products brochure – this kind of brochure will contain detailed information about the products or services offered. That information may also include manufacturing processes, level of customer service offered as well as the kind of customers being sought.
  • Sales sheet for product/service – when a consumer shows interest in a specific product, then this piece of document is used to persuade the prospective client to purchase by showing the features as well as benefits of that particular commodity.
  • Industry or customer specific sales sheet – this is a customized sales document that is aimed at a specific industry of prospective customers. It tells of services that can be offered as well as highlight the know-how in a particular field.
  • Sales kits will vary depending on what the company deems necessary to promote sales. Some may include positive press releases about the company or its products while it is not rare to find customer testimonials, news on awards as well as digital sales representations.