A recruitment management system (RMS), also known as: online recruitment system and applicant tracking system (ATS), is a software platform with multiple modules that is designed to manage every stage of the recruitment life cycle from one centralised place.

More specifically, RMS automates and facilitates the processes related to collecting applications from new candidates, reviewing them and hiring new employees.

Benefits of using a recruitment management system

There are many benefits of using a recruitment system, but the major being that these systems automate the recruitment processes. By doing this, using RMS saves the time of the recruitment managers by optimising their efficiencies, it saves costs of the business owners by reducing processes and it helps management to make the best decisions by capturing important recruitment data. RMS also increases vacancies closure rates through filling the positions in shorter timelines.

Recruitment managers can easily track all vacancies in the system, check their current status and assign candidates to vacancies. This gives freedom and flexibility to the recruitment professionals to work from a remote location away from the office.

RMS is a tool that enables companies to design custom recruitment-related workflows, to access multiple databases, as well as to do collaborative recruitment and social media integration.

Capabilities / functions

The recruitment management system helps the company management capabilities to do the following:

  • Requisition management
  • Requisition approval
  • Automated job postings to career sites
  • Career sites management
  • Resume management
  • Pre-screening and assessments
  • Communication with candidates (recruitment-related emails templates)
  • Interview scheduling and management
  • Integrated background checks and pre-employment screening
  • Digital offer letters creation, approvals and sending to successful candidates
  • Managing employee referral program
  • Searchable centralised candidate database
  • Comprehensive reports, analytics and dashboards
  • Data security – it protects recruitment data against theft or loss.

Using recruitment management systems will modernise the recruitment methods and improve the output of companies using them regardless of their size. They are a must for modern recruitment agencies and HR consultants.