A recruitment letter is one of the wide range of HR-related letters. It is sent from a recruiter to a potential candidate who has the right qualifications for a vacancy the recruiter is trying to fill. The aim of this letter is to pique the receiver’s interest sufficiently enough so that the receiver considers applying for the position or at least recommends a peer who would be interested in the position.

Recruitment letters sent via email can be a great source of eligible candidates after a previous extensive labour market research is done to identify the suitable receivers of the recruitment letter.

Elements of recruitment letter

Recruitment letters can vary greatly between industries but having a correctly drafted recruitment letter template will save the recruiter valuable time and will make the process of sourcing candidates easy and fast. The key elements each recruitment letter should contain are:

  • Information about how the recruiter got familiarised with the candidate and/or obtained his/her contact details;
  • The reasons why the recruiter liked the receiver’s profile and why they believe he/she will be a good addition to the existing team of employees;
  • Basic information about the employer;
  • Short description of the job or other career opportunities within the organisation;
  • Instructions of where additional information about the employer/role can be found;
  • Call to action (if the candidate is interested) – e.g. how should the candidate schedule a screen call or asking the candidate to fill out an application form (usually attached to the recruitment letter); and
  • The incentive for the receiver to follow-up with the recruiter – explaining what the recruiter can do for the receiver of the recruitment letter.

A properly written recruitment letter should have a casual and inviting tone. It should communicate the recruiter’s eagerness to talk to the candidates so it must be highly customised. If it is a bulk email even if it is sent to the right candidate it might not make him/her respond to such email.