Perhaps the most effective form of marketing, pull marketing is the process of pulling customers to your company. By generating a quality relationship with customers, they are more likely to seek your company out, creating more sales opportunities and improving company profits. There are several key elements to creating a winning pull marketing strategy. The first element is to provide excellent customer service. By establishing the company as a source of customer service like no other, the customer is drawn back to your business. Create a memorable experience. Focus your energies on the items and services that the customer is looking for and using. Pull marketing allows a company to maximize the things that are already being done in order to attract customers.

Pull marketing campaigns are based on the idea that the customer wants to buy what your company is offering. Pull marketing is effective because it is used when a customer has a need. Pull marketing seeks out what a customer needs, and then helps them get it – even if it means that you don’t benefit from the interaction. Ultimately, the next time a client has something you offer, they will remember the assistance you provided and come to you.

Pull marketing is also used when a company wants to create a demand for a product. Through social media, strategic store placement and blogs are a way to drive consumer demand and interest in products. Unlike push marketing which is focused on the product, pull marketing is focused on the customer. When done correctly, pull marketing can generate interest in a product before it has even been released to the public. Market research is vital for creating a pull marketing campaign, and the results can be impressive. Using pull marketing as a part of a comprehensive marketing strategy can give a company a multi-faceted reach.