The development and maintenance of a certain point of view regarding a company is considered the public relations of the business. Specifically, the public relations of a company manages the flow of information between the customer (and public) and the corporation. Handling the public relations may be the job of an outside organization, or a specific individual within the company, and may require interaction with news agencies as needed. It may include the release of public announcements, speaking at industry conferences, working with press agencies and communicating with employees. The company decides on the specific message it wants the public to have regarding the business, and the public relations manager disseminates that information to the public in the most effective manner.

The public relations industry has evolved to include the use of multimedia tools. Internet campaigns, email marketing, blog posts and mixed media messaging ads are all part of the new public relations field. By managing the flow of information between the public and the company via technology, it can be included in a comprehensive approach to public perception.

Managing a company’s public relations can become imperative in the face of a public outcry due to misbehavior of company executives, legal maneuverings that affect a company or other crisis situations. Handled incorrectly, a company’s public persona can be permanently damaged. There are countless examples of companies that were the victim of bad press who could not recover. Company executives that mismanaged funds, products that caused damage or other issues that can have negative public responses can all be addressed with skillful public relations.

Public relations are an important part of a company’s marketing strategy. Rather than waiting until a crisis occurs, the wise company begins a campaign of positive public relations from the beginning. Using a combination of tools, the public relations specialist can effectively showcase a company in a positive light and help increase sales.