The term Productivity Day may have various interpretations. Generally, it refers to a special day set aside to honor productivity. There is a World Productivity Day where people from all over the globe celebrate productivity in their own special ways.

That aside, there are other countries too who have national productivity day(s) which they observe. And lastly, there are internally celebrated Productivity Days for some organizations too.

The World Productivity Day

20th June is a day set aside for a worldwide recognition or celebration of productivity and this is popularly referred to as the World Productivity Day. On this day, there are various forms of activities that take place and the social media is flooded with news of various activities across the globe.

There are two main reasons for celebrating this day.

  • The first reason is; for organizations and people who feel they have not been performing well enough or somewhat unproductive to take up the challenge to do better and improve their productivity level. It is expected that this new improved level of productivity which they may attain should be maintained and carried through the rest of the year. In other words, it is a day which underperforming workers or institutions should regard as a turning point.
  • The second is; for organizations or workers who believe they have achieved a great deal of success or high productivity to sit back and celebrate their achievement or better still to use that day as a partial holiday where they resign from doing any tedious work. Rest is known to increase workers’ productivity so many organizations use this day to refresh their workers. Some even organize recreational tours and excursions.

During the World Productivity Day, companies who offer productivity improvement services embark on very strong promotional activities. These companies know this is the day where media houses will talk about various matters related to productivity improvement and they view this day as the best opportunity to advertise their products and services to make their presence known.

While some dealers and suppliers of productivity enhancing tools organize various seminars and programs for their users and prospective users, others also try to exhibit generosity to their users. Some productivity consultancy firms offer free online lessons to new and prospective clients.

National Productivity Days

In some countries, there is a council in charge of productivity. They decide the date for the National Productivity Day. Every country has its own way of celebrating National Productivity Day.

Likewise, the date for national productivity day differs from country to country. India is known for their strong observance of their National Productivity Day which falls on 12th February. As a matter of fact, they celebrate a national productivity week.

Organizational Productivity Day

Aside the World Productivity Day and National Productivity Days, some organizations have their own productivity days. Whiles some organizations observe an annual organizational productivity day, others have a weekly, monthly or quarterly productivity day.

On these days, they bring in special professionals to train and teach employees new techniques and skills that will improve their productivity.

In other organizations, a productivity day simply means a rest day. They believe when workers have enough rest, they are able to recover properly from fatigue and this improves workers’ productivity.