A podcast is a new type of web content which is created and published in audio format. Podcast is the short form of the concept that includes broadcasting your massage as an audio which is supported by ipod’s audio format.

Podcast is the developed and refurbished form of the radio broadcasting format which is mostly targed towards digital audience. The basic concept of such file was to record content as an audio but now you can find video podcasts as well. The general format of a podcast is wma, mp3, wmv and asf.

The basic concept of doing podcast is simple. You record your message or your content with a good quality audio recording software like Audicity and publish it on your website or in itunes (Apple’s own marketplace for selling audios) or soundcloud (Popular audio syndication website). The concept works similsr to a blog, but it is in audio format.

With the help of social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google plus), podcasting has become a great way to get your words out to the masses. The data derived from a study done by Edison Reseach on usability and acceptance of podcasting shows that the awareness level of podcasting among masses has increased by 100% from the year 2005 to 2013. Simultaniously, the number of people subscribing and listeing to podcasts on a regular basis has also increased from ∽10% to ∽30% within just 5 years of timespan starting from 2006. This is something that was not possible without the contribution of community podcasters (Group of people responsible for recording and publishing podcasts) and podcasting enthusiast.

Creating a podcast is very easy. All you need is a good quality microphone or a headset, a quality sound recording and editing software like Audicity, a good quality internet connection. These are some things that mostly comes with your new laptop and PC. You will find your free recoding software here (available for windows, mac and linux).

After you are done with recording your podcasts, you can publish and gain good quality listeners for your content by:

  • Posting them on your website and doing necessary SEO (Necessary activity to gain exposure and authority for your published web content)
  • Posting them on popular podcasting websites like Soundcloud and itunes for free. If you want, you can make your podcasts exlusive and provide excess for a minimum subscription fee as well.
  • Use Internet marketing tools like Social Media Engineering (A term popularly use to denote activitites related to social media marketing) and email marketing to gain more followers for your podcasts.