Platform as a service is one of the newest cloud based models to enter the world of programming and computer technology. Using the innovative storage of cloud based management, the platform is accessed by developers and used on their own computer systems to create new applications and tools.

Available to clients on a subscription basis, the tools to build applications and services are accessed through a web browser. Clients can pick and choose the tools that they need – only paying for the parts that are necessary and eliminate excess spending on irrelevant software. Typically, the client pays a fee for the use of the services in either monthly or annual installments.

Using PaaS can save client money. By utilizing cloud based platforms, the client does not need to worry about purchasing and maintaining hardware or physical infrastructure (the actual computer components and wiring, etc) that are needed to design their applications. No additional personnel are required to manage the system – it is all take care of in their “rental” of the PaaS – leaving them free to focus on the application itself.

With PaaS, clients can share the work over multiple locations – allowing developers around the world to have access to up to the minute versions of the platform. Anywhere there is an internet connection and web browser, the PaaS is available for use.

PaaS offers a secure method of design and structure to allow developers to create their application: the upkeep and management of the tools are managed by the PaaS provider – guaranteeing that the tools are the most recent versions available. No updates or new version purchase required – the PaaS is instantly upgraded.

Users of PaaS can include software developers, web developers and businesses. Software developers can use PaaS to develop software for use in either traditional boxed software or web-based programs. Web developers may use PaaS to develop, test and host their websites. Business applications include internal software development and testing.

In a nutshell:

PaaS providers supplies networks, storage, servers and necessary services to host or manage the client’s application. The client uses these tools to create software and manages the usage and configuration of the software.