A philanthropist is a person who believes and practices actions that are intended towards the greater good for humanity. In our society a philanthropist is called a person who donates a mentionable amount of money to clubs, organizations and groups who are working for the greater good of the humanity. While most rich people have the intention to get awards or some sort of recognition for their contribution to help mankind, a philanthropist does it for his own self-satisfaction. While some critiques state that a philanthropist also does charity to gain reputation in the society, but contrary to that statement, most philanthropist does what they do for the love of doing it. They don’t only donate money from their own account, but they also inspire others to think beyond the box and come forward to do greater good for the human kind. It is also a mentionable fact that as most of these philanthropist is established businessmen, they do not donate their money as a part of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

If we look into the origin of the word Philanthropist, it is made up of Greek word ‘Philos’ and ‘Anthropos’ which stands for a loving man. According to the Greek words, Philanthropist is a person who posses a greater love for the human kind. The Greek term of the word states that a philanthropist does not have to be a rich person as to the original meaning of philanthropy lies in the intention of the individual to do greater good for the love of it.

The first philanthropist well known philanthropist in US history is the founder of Carnegie Steel Company, Mr. Andrew Carnegie. During his lifetime, he has donated over $340 million US dollars to various groups and causes who are working towards making the world a better place to live. To commemorate his loving spirit of human kind Carnegie Hall was built, which is currently working to help various humanitarian causes to succeed.

Other top famous philanthropist include Warren Buffet and Bill Gates. Mr. Buffet has donated more than $200 million dollars to establish educational organizations and participated in various occasions to help the group to get more exposure for their cause. Mr. Gates, founder and Former CEO of Microsoft and current Director of Bill and Melinda Gates foundation are working with both national and foreign groups of help people take the advantage of technology and also to have a better life.