In simple words, online gaming is playing games over an online network connected through the internet. Although, the inception of internet and its usage has become rampant only recently, online gaming was made possible before that through modems and hard-wired terminals. Over the years, this has cultivated into a fast-growing, multi-billion dollar industry, engaging millions of people the world over in a one of a kind experience.

Online Gaming Platforms

There are many ways you can play online games. All you need to do is be connected via internet or other such networking services to some other. Now, you can even connect to a different platform to play with another participant while previously, being on the same platform for both players was mandatory.

Perhaps the most common online gaming platform would have to be the computer. There were internet gaming cafes when internet was not affordable for every household to have. Now you can play online games with friends on the internet on your laptop. You might need to have a very good graphic card and a bigger RAM for high-tech games to play smoothly.

Gaming consoles like Xbox and Play Station are another way you can play games online. This is perhaps the most sophisticated platform of all to play online games and is also comparatively expensive. The online gaming experience enjoyed during a session on a console is unmatchable because of the high technology and the better graphics.

Ever since the advent of smartphones, online gaming has been made possible on the go as well. A phone might not be able to handle very complicated games but will provide with a decent online gaming experience.

Benefits of Online Gaming

Online gaming is said to have a positive impact on the overall personality and character building of a person. It has been established that people who play such interactive games are more likely to act efficiently during any crisis/disaster, natural or otherwise. Moreover, some games might help in improving memory and natural reflexes. Online gaming also allows you to be more social since you are playing opposite a real human being. Furthermore, intellectual games that require strategies can be quite educating.

Famous Online Games

While platforms like Facebook have popularized online games such as Farmville and Candy Crush, serious gamers have been crazy about Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, Resident Evil, Need for Speed, etc.