One of the newest forms of advertising being utilized today was born out of a response to the rapidly developing mobile market. There are several forms of mobile advertising that have become popular: mobile web banners (ads displayed at the top and bottom of a web page), multi-media messaging service (MMS) ads, in game ads and ads that play while waiting for content to download. The largest form of mobile advertising is the SMS ad – the text message advertisement that is sent out by companies to loyal customers. These types of advertisements can be measured through click-through rates and impressions, or conversation rates such as click-to-call.

Some of the largest companies in the world are taking advantage of this relatively new method of reaching customers. Facebook recently launched their Facebook Audience Network. Facebook’s interface allows businesses to create their own creative ads. Facebook will take a percentage of the advertiser’s cost, leaving the rest for the publishers. Facebook Audience already has a large percentage of viewers who are interested in using their new advertising method, and it has only been released about 10 months. For the users who do not wish to receive ads such as the ones in Facebook Audience, there is an option to “Opt-out”.

The use of mobile advertising is convenient and smart. However, there is a danger in putting people off with the excessive use of advertisements that block the user from doing what they need done on their mobile application. By using the mobile advertising as a method of interacting with the customer, instead of aggravating them, your mobile advertising campaign can be an effective method of not only spreading information about your product. Testing your mobile advertising is so that it is innovative, appealing and works on a variety of formats is vital to the continued success of your advertising campaign.