Mailing list is a list of subscribers who have enlisted themselves on a particular list by doing opt-in to a specific offer from with their emails. The importance of having a good quality mailing list is so important that affiliate marketers and internet marketers states that “the money is on the list”. But professional marketers tend to defer with this phrase.

According to Pro IMs (Internet marketers), money is attainable only with the list that is built with subscribers who have the right intension and right buying mentality towards the offer of the offerer (Individual or blog that is promoting the offer). That is the called the perfect mailing list or niche (highly focused) subscribers list which has the potential to generate money.

To build the perfect mailing list, you need to ensure certain areas about your list building campaign. Here they are in a sequential manner:

  1. Offer: You need to have a good offer so that it can encourage people to opt-in into your mailing list. Offer can be expensive somewhat expensive like a paid software or merely a free e-book. The type of offer depends solely on what the offerer wants to do with the subscribers in the long run.
  2. Web form or landing page: To build a good quality email list, you need to have web form built into your website in a way, so that a potential subscriber can easily subscribe to your email list. You should always have the form over-the-fold (first screen of website a visitor would see without scrolling down). You can design your web form with PHP and CSS or if you are using WordPress as your website CMS you can easily create beautiful opt in-forms (specific forms use for higher opt-ins) with quality WordPress plugins.
  3. Auto responders: Auto responders are third party vendors who provides automated service to mail and nurture your list in a timely manner. Although some of them are paid, but to get the best out of an auto responder go for the paid ones.
  4. Email templates: To keep your subscribers warm (keeping them interested about your offers), you need to send them emails by using your signature email template that will help you to create authenticity and reliability among your list. It is very important to do so as an internet marketer as more reliability will help you to get higher response from your list as you start selling different products to them.