Every company or organization strives to make itself appear different than its competitors. A logo forms the basis of a company and gains immediate brand recognition for it. Be it color, shape, name or monochrome whatever the company chooses continues to define it throughout. A logo is therefore the single most important thing that any company has to work on regardless of the size or type of business they are operating in. It plays a significant role in gaining immediate public recognition.

Importance of a logo

A well designed easy to observe logo forms the foundation of a company’s marketing strategy. The target market of the product should be able to recognize the brand just through its logo at a glance and for this reason the market executives should pay close attention to the logo. People remember what they see and what they can easily remember. For instance, if a common man is asked what comes to his mind first upon seeing red and white together he will immediately recall Coca Cola rather than the Japanese flag. So the logo of any company should be such that anybody can easily relate to it. Moreover, logos should be comprehensive. They should contemplate with the company.

Even though there are a number of fonts, designs, colors and graphics available to make logos but the marketing team should only concentrate on the ones that match with their product or service. A computer software company will have graphical hi-tech logos while a pesticides company will go for more geographical logos. This will help maintain brand loyalty as customers will have the respective logo etched in their minds so that they keep coming back to get the same product.

Effects of a well-designed logo

Logos should be such that the mind share of the target market should trust the logo. This will have a direct effect on the sales and marketing of the company. Once the company starts extensive marketing, customers will begin to register the logo in their minds upon every time they encounter it. These logos are found everywhere: business cards, streamers, bill boards, documents etc. So it is highly important that the logo is professional and should not have an outlook of an amateur business.

Impact on businesses which fail to understand the importance of logos

However, many small businesses fail to understand the importance of logos and have similar but not identical logos for their company. Using dissimilar logos for branding of the same product do not gain brand loyalty and bring an overall bad reputation for the business. Logos are the graphical representation of a product and its company all around the world and for this purpose they should be carefully designed because once marketed they cannot be changed.