Link exchange or reciprocal linking is the agreement between two websites to share hyperlinks with each other to increase page ranking and increase the number of visitors for both the websites.

The websites that agree on reciprocal linking are not competitor of each other but contain content which is relatable to other partner website. The viewers of one website click the hyperlink of the partner website, relating to that subject and then view the partner website too. Thus, the benefits are shared by both the webmasters.

This link exchange requires a special directory to be made on both the websites so the visitors to both websites increase. Administrations of both websites have to place a link on their websites for the partner site so it cannot be taken as a one sided agreement but a partnership.

The basic idea behind link exchanging is generating traffic by increasing one’s own link popularity by sharing links with as many websites as possible. This assures good ranking for the website and thus positively affecting the overall number of visitors to that site. This also helps websites to improve their position on the SERPs.

Link Exchange is now becoming an old idea.

However, link exchange has been shattered over the past few years. Few of the reasons are as follows:

Google has stopped increasing ranking following reciprocal linkage: No matter how strong your link directory is or how many websites have your link on theirs, Google ranking would not change.

Administration issues: Moreover, administration turns down exchange link offers and considers any such emails received as spam. So as a result of administrative issues creating link exchange by looking for potential partners and building link directories would all be futile.

However, the effort is still there and so are link exchange potential partnership opportunities.

Many websites are still following the old pattern: Making their traffic more susceptible to search engine algorithms and policy changes.

Few of the uses of link exchange are as follows:

Link exchange and its uses: It is still the best way to ensure consistent traffic to your website and increasing its popularity.

The key to successful link exchange is to have your link placed on a website which already is popular and has smooth consistent traffic rather than placing your link on website which itself is in the race of gaining popularity and strengthening its traffic.