Lead nurturing is the process of developing a relationship with potential customers. The process takes place specifically in each step of the sales funnel and through every step of the customer’s journey.

Lead nurturing is meant to raise the profile of the business in the eyes of the potential customer, thus increasing the possibility of the customer buying its goods or services. In addition, lead nurturing emphases on marketing and communication efforts on listening to the needs of potential customers, and answering any questions they might have.

How lead nurturing is done

For a business to effectively develop any significant leads in today’s marketplace, which is buyer-driven, it must establish and nurture buyer relationships with a strategic lead scoring system. Then it should fill out that framework with a well-developed content marketing plan.

Generally, lead nurturing begins when a business has a potential buyer’s contact information, and when it can personalize the communication with the customer. The process can be as simple as sending occasional emails to keep the client updated about new products or services, price changes amongst others. On the other hand, complex lead nurturing processes involves educating the customer about the benefits of a particular product or service and customizing adverts to motivate the potential buyer to purchase the product as soon as possible.

Today, lead nurturing has become an essential part of an effective marketing strategy, particularly when a business is developing relationships with prospective customers across different channels. Today’s prospective customers do not become buyers at once, but they require marketing over time as they get more insights about the product and build trust with the business.

Lead nurturing has assisted marketers to maintain a steady communication with customers across all channels and throughout the entire sales cycle. Additionally, it helps the marketers in addressing the gaps between the time when the leads first interact with the customer and when the customer is ready to buy the product.

Every marketer needs to understand how the lead nurturing works. They require a definitive guide to lead nurturing which covers everything needed to start using lead nurturing to increase revenue growth.

Every marketer needs to:

  • Develop a lead nurturing strategy;
  • Learn how to nurture leads across all the channels;
  • Segment lead database;
  • Select the suitable content for every lead nurture track and target audience;
  • Use testing and optimization to get the best value out of lead nurturing; and
  • Determine and explain the ROI if lead nurturing.