The word invention when used as a noun, refers to the process of discovering or inventing something that never existed before. The word also represents something or a new form of idea which is new to the human mind.

The individual or group of individuals who are responsible for the invention is noted as the inventor(s). The individuals are the unique noble minds who have changed the world with new set of thoughts and new mechanisms for a smooth life.

It is not necessary that an invention have to be totally unique. If there is a development on an existing idea and if the new development is so useful that it changes the way we looked at the previous concept, we can state the new development as an invention as well.

The process of copyrighting an invention so that no one can steal its ownership from the inventions inventor is known as patent protection. By having a patent protection, the inventor archives the legal certification to sue anyone who illegally claims, sells or uses the invention to that persons own need without taking the permission of the inventor. Other benefits of acquiring patent protections are:

  • Using the invention and it’s concept to do business for profit.
  • Achieving the legal rights to sell the concept of the invention and the IP (intellectual property) of the invention to other party
  • Licensing the use of the invention to other party for a limited amount of time.

Depending on the types of invention, one can apply for any of the following patent to secure his right as the inventor.

  • Utility patent: The utility patent provides rights to an inventor to claim the ownership of the utility or the usefulness of his/her invention. In simple words, he holds to authority to decide the usefulness of his invention on any specific provided terms.
  • Design patent: Design patent makes an inventor the rightful creator of his designs. With a design patent it is legally established that any individual who wish to use the invented design concept have to take permission from the inventor or needs to pay the inventor his/her desired fees before getting the permission to use it.
  • Plant patent: Plant patent is a special type of patent which is given to an inventor who discovers or invents new type or variety of plant which is not mentioned as a discovery until now. This type of patent is normally useful for 20 years or so. The provision and limitation provided to the inventor will have to renew after 20 years from the day when first document for the plant patent was signed.