Human resource development refers to the training and development of employees in a bid to increase their skill set, education, knowledge and abilities. It includes career development, tuition assisting, performance tracking and development, employee training, coaching and mentoring. Other HR development programs include identification of key employee and succession planning as well as organizational development.

Majority of new recruits have the basic requirements to qualify for the job but don’t have the required skills to effectively accomplish it. Some may have the necessary skills having worked in a similar position elsewhere but still lack the values attributed to the present employer. That is why Human Resource Development starts when an employee is recruited to a certain job position and it is a continuous process throughout an employee’s career. There is always space to develop further.

Human resource development has been advanced to become a way of attracting and retaining top talent. Job seekers want a job place where they can grow both personally and professionally.

Types of Human Resource Development

There are various forms of Human Resource Development including job shadowing, on the job training, online training and compliance training.

  1. On the job training involves an employee being impacted with required knowledge and skills to perform a task while performing that task.
  2. Job shadowing is similar to on the job training only that in job shadowing an employee observes another employee performing the job so as to acquire the necessary skills of doing the Job too.
  3. Professional development involves attending job specific seminars and training. These can be organized by a firm or be industry wide
  4. Organizations have been going amok with online education; organizing for their employees to undertake shirt informative courses on the internet. Some companies award certificates upon completion of courses.
  5. Compliance training involves training the worker to understand and follow the governmental rules and regulations they must work by.

Advantages human resource development

There are several perks associated with human resource development, both for employees and their employer:

  1. Though HR development, a company can get the most superior workforce it can and this will go a long way in accomplishing company goals.
  2. Employees become more adept at their jobs and this translates to higher productivity, higher efficiency and lower rates of accidents.
  3. HR development equips employees with necessary skills and qualities to take over superior post of increased responsibility instead of hiring from outside the company
  4. A good HR development program becomes a way of attracting and retaining top talent. This will enable the company to compete favorably in the job market.