Marketing is a way for a firm to sell its products to consumers. It is a way for the product or service to be known to the market and be patronized by people. It is also a way of promoting the product or service, and when successfully done, it is a tool for a particular product or service to become established in a particular industry.

Marketing allows business firms to get creative about how they present the product to the market. During this phase, primarily, extensive research is made to know fully and understand what the market is like. In this stage is also where marketing research methods become useful.

There are several marketing research methods to choose from, but each method serves a unique purpose, and results may vary depending on what method is used. In this article, we will focus more on the method commonly used, which is the hall test.

Hall Test

Hall test is a type of a primary market research method where a large number of consumers are asked about their perception of a particular product or a service being offered. It is also where a firm calls a large number of people to test a product or service and afterwards share their opinion about it.

Firms that offer food products typically use this marketing research method to know directly what people think about their product and to deliberate on what plans to do in making the product better.

Conducting a hall test may be the easiest way for a firm to acquire results, but it also has its pros and cons.

These are the advantages of hall test:

  • It is cost-effective. Conducting a hall test would not require a firm to allot a huge amount of budget for such, since it will just take a short period of time for the researcher/s to acquire opinion and information from a large number of respondents.
  • It allows direct feedback. Hall tests enable the researcher/s to know immediately the opinion and feedback of the respondents as soon as the respondents try the product or service being offered. Through this direct feedback, adjustments can be done quickly and measures to make the product or service better can be prepared as soon as possible.

On the other hand, this is the downside of hall test:

  • It is not as extensive as other research methods. Since hall tests acquire feedback from a large group of people, there is no room for extensive questioning; if such is needed, a supplementary interview would be necessary.

Hall tests can surely be an effective and efficient way for a firm to acquire information regarding how their products or services offered is viewed by the market, but the effectiveness of such depends on the firm’s need for conducting the research. If a firm needs a more extensive and in-depth research, other marketing research methods can be implied. But if a firm needs immediate but ample research information at a low cost, hall test is the right method to use.