AdSense is a program made by Google which allows companies to place interactive ads for targeted groups. The program is designed in a way that everybody wins – the company has the ability to place relatively non-expensive ads, the web site owners can earn by displaying those ads, and, of course, Google earns in that way. From many services that Google offers, AdSense is the one that makes the most money.

Types of Google AdSense?

Besides putting the ads on someone’s website, the company that wants market this way has several other options:

  1. content – the textual ad is often inserted between the regular text on the website, image may be placed somewhere where it will look natural; the ads are placed on websites carefully chosen by Google algorithm so they mach the niche and potential readers
  2. feeds – the ad is placed on the appropriate place in the feed and it is always in the form of image
  3. search – when certain keywords are entered in the search box, the ad comes up as the first result of the search; it is visually separated from regular results
  4. mobile content – the same principle as with the website content, only on mobile versions
  5. domains – ad is placed on domain name which is not yet developed

How can website owner benefit from Google AdSense?

There are many techniques which can be used in order to increase the amount of money one can earn with the help of Google AdSense. Three of them are pointed out:

  1. using content marketing and other strategies to generate more traffic
  2. having a website with quality content which pays out the most
  3. stimulating website users to click on the ad by talking about it in the content

The significance of the content can easily be noticed. Google has developed its algorithm in such way that it stimulates having quality content, because website with original and useful articles have the chance to earn much more money than those without any strategy and plan.

Can Google be tricked?

Many have tried to hack the AdSense structure and Google always catches up quickly and bans those users. Because of many websites built with only one goal – to make money from AdSense – the worth of quality content increased and originality is an imperative today. Websites with duplicated content or bunch of keywords piled together and put online are no longer seen as legit by Google.