Fundraising is the act of collecting (or raising) money for a specific cause or reason. People choose to collect money for a variety of causes, often raising money for more than one cause. Popular charities and other fundraising beneficiaries include: disease treatment, youth organizations, homeless and disadvantaged people, religious organizations, sports team charities.

To conduct a fundraiser, there needs to be a plan regarding what format the fundraising will take, what will be done with the monies collected, and what the ultimate goal of funds may be. All of the information must be presented to shareholders and corporate shareholders. Fundraisers can include bake sales, walk-a-thons, cycling for long distances – the potential is limited only be the organizer’s imagination.

Fundraising has the dual purpose of benefitting a needed organization or cause, as well as creating a sense of purpose in the individual participating in the event. By getting involved in a cause or organization that someone feels a connection to, they are more likely to participate in generating revenue. The participant will generally enthusiastically share information about their cause and encourage others to work on the fundraiser as well.

The act of fundraising is typically regulated by very specific rules and regulations. Each country’s tax codes and rules are different in the process of handling money, how the money is reported and the benefits to the donor. With skilful planning, the donor can maximize their donation for tax credit; the organization can maximize the funds and the public benefits from the continued work of the organization.

Finding a cause that is important to the individual is essential in an individual’s search for meaning. Being able to participate in an event can forge friendships, provide the individual with purpose and provide a means for creative outlet.  Even long after any connection to an individual has faded, the individual will often continue to work on the behalf of an organization as a permanent fundraiser.